10 thoughts on “2020 Hugo Ceremony Livestream Will Be Open To All

  1. For UK/Ireland peeps, that’s midnight Friday/Saturday, for most of Europe 1 a.m. Saturday. Well, I didn’t want to go to sleep anyway!

  2. FWIW, Masquerade just started – one of the first events I’ve watched live through the con’s website rather than over Zoom.
    And folks worldwide are having massive problems with stuttering and lag (as am I) – and that’s only open to con attendees.

  3. @Lis Riba: Same thing with the Retro Hugos & Vogel awards before. They said they’re working on resolving the issues with the Masquerade, which presumably/hopefully means with their streaming in general!

    I really, really hope they fix it for the (contemporary) Hugos because folks really want to watch & comment live on that. Rewatching pre-recorded Masquerade entries is one thing, but for the Hugos . . . ugh, I hope they get their streaming stuff sorted out!

  4. Gratz to all the winners! Commiserations to everyone else! Hope you all have a lovely time in the virtual parties or a very nice night’s sleep!

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