2021 Pegasus Awards

The 2021 Pegasus Awards were announced on October 30. The Pegasus Award is presented by the Ohio Valley Filk Fest (OVFF) for excellence in filking.

Enjoy the sound clips of the nominees here.


  • Second-Hand Heaven – Lawrence Dean


  • Nessie, Come Up – Dr. Jane Robinson *



  • Rhiannon’s Lark
  • The Faithful Sidekicks


  • Lawrence Dean


  • I Built A Time Machine – Eric Distad


  • Tiny Kraken — Rhiannon’s Lark

(*) Name usage confirmed by Dr. James Robinson.

9 thoughts on “2021 Pegasus Awards

  1. lurkertype: So they’re deadnaming people now?

    Yes? No? Read the Hall of Fame entry for Robinson here. It’s a tangled web.

  2. The “Classic” category is for works created in the past, and in this case it was written before Dr. Robinson transitioned. But it’s my understanding that the appropriate way to refer to the author is by their current chosen name, regardless of what their name might have been when the work was originally created.

    Thanks for changing that, Mike.

  3. JJ: I think you’re right. I went back over the Pegasus Awards site to see if there was some rationale for what they did — and I came away with the impression they seem very confused about what they’re doing in handling that history. In any case, using the name the person uses now seems correct to me, too.

  4. I heard from Dr. James Robinson who says the songs were written by Dr. Jane Robinson. So I restored the original listing with a footnote.

  5. So I restored the original listing with a footnote.

    The listing has an asterisk, but the note itself has a bullet instead of the second asterisk, which made it a little more difficult to see the note (but I perservered and worked it out.)

  6. Thanks. My phone wasn’t showing me the first character in the left margin and I hadn’t seen the footnote was treated as a bullet under the previous item. Should be right now.

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