Top 10 Posts For November 2017

The controversy about Rocket Stack Rank overtook all others and resulted in last month’s most-read Scroll. The unfortunate title of a Windycon panel, developments in the Peter S. Beagle/Connor Cochran litigation, and efforts to make Tolkien a saint, were some of the top non-Scroll stories.

Top 10 Posts for November 2017

  1. Pixel Scroll 11/26/17 I Can’t Believe I Pixeled In Front Of The Dean Of Science Fiction
  2. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #19
  3. Pixel Scroll 11/13/17 And So Pixels Made Of Sand Scroll Into The Sea, Eventually
  4. Mari Brighe: Statement on Windycon 2017 and the “Tutti Frutti” controversy
  5. Pixel Scroll 11/28/17 Peering Into The Scrolloscope, I Perceived The Pixels of Mars
  6. Pixel Scroll 11/6/17 All Of The True Pixels I Am About To Tell You Are Shameless Scrolls
  7. Pixel Scroll 11/5/17 I’m The Pixel Of Scrolls. What Were You The Pixel Of Again?
  8. Pixel Scroll 11/2/17 Contraterrenean Homesick Blues
  9. Pixel Scroll 11/15/17 Or All the Scrolls With Pixels
  10. Pixel Scroll 11/23/17 Secondfox Scrollbit In My Pixelmoth

Top 10 Non-Scroll Posts

  1. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #19
  2. Mari Brighe: Statement on Windycon 2017 and the “Tutti Frutti” controversy
  3. Horror Writers Association Bans CA Suleiman from StokerCon
  4. Participant Says World Fantasy Con Program Audience Still Struggles With Diversity Conversation
  5. Beagle and Cochran Issue Statements About Authorship
  6. Tolkien: An Unexpected Sainthood
  7. Rocket Stack Rank Issues Apology, Hullender Off Locus Panel
  8. OMNI Is Back
  9. 2017 Novellapalooza
  10. Hey Amazon, How About Doing These Lord of the Rings TV Shows?

Top 10 Posts For October 2017

Tail end of an internet mob or a polite and sensitive commentary – you decided, in comments on this month’s most-read Scroll. And coverage of efforts to advance J.R.R. Tolkien’s sainthood attracted enough readers to break the logjam of Scrolls and propel that post into October’s Top 10.

The most read posts last month were:

  1. Pixel Scroll 10/29/17 Please Remember To Scroll Your Pixels In The Form Of A Question
  2. Pixel Scroll 10/25/17 Blue, Blue Pixels Behind The Stars, Yellow Scroll On The Rise
  3. Pixel Scroll 10/17/17 If I Have Scrolled Further Than Others, It Is Because I Stood On The Pixels Of Filers
  4. Pixel Scroll 10/23/17 A Long Scroll To A Small Angry Pixel
  5. Pixel Scroll 10/24/17 Harry Pixel And The Undeserved Scroll
  6. Pixel Scroll 10/21/17 Stars in My Pocket Like Scrolls of Pixels.
  7. Pixel Scroll 10/1/17 And Lockjaw The Teleporting Bulldog (Played By A Bunch Of Pixels)
  8. Tolkien: An Unexpected Sainthood
  9. Pixel Scroll 10/16/17 Three Times Pixel Filer Dreamed Of The Marvellous Scroll
  10. Pixel Scroll 10/27/17 Dark Scroll Crashes, Pouring Pixels Into Ashes

Scroll-Free Top 10

  1. Tolkien: An Unexpected Sainthood
  2. Steve Davidson Counters NBC’s Announcement of Amazing Stories TV Revival
  3. Atwood Wins Peace Prize of the German Book Trade
  4. Dian Crayne (1942-2017)
  5. Is Discovery Unloved?
  6. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #17
  7. 2017 Recommended SF/F List
  8. Milt Stevens (1942-2017)
  9. Amazing and NBC Kiss and Make Up
  10. The Worst Movie Golden Bracket: The Finalizeling

Top 10 Posts For September 2017

Contentions over Dragon Con and the Dragon Awards vaulted several Scrolls and other posts into September’s Top 10 – including Chris Barkley’s column of advice on how to fix them. Jerry Pournelle’s death notice was visited by many mourners. And less predictably, other topics like the launching of the Bodega company and its perceived threat to local shops lit a fire under the discussion on other days.

  1. 2017 Dragon Awards
  2. Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/3/17 The Alpha Ralpha Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/16/17 We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun, ‘Til Her Daddy Scrolls The Pixel Away.
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/9/17 The Map Is Not The Epic Fantasy Just As The Pixel Is Not The Scroll
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/5/17 For Sale: Baby Pixels. Never Scrolled
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/12/17 There Are As Yet Insufficient Pixels For A Meaningful Scroll
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/17/17 You Cannot Move This Pixel. It Is Still Used By A Scroll On Your Computer
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/4/17 Little Miss Muffet Sat On A Pixel. Along Came A Scroll.
  10. Pixel Scroll 9/11/17 Can He Bake A Pixel Pie, Charming Mikey?

And here is the Scroll-free Top 10…does there seem to be an echo?

  1. 2017 Dragon Awards
  2. Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)
  3. Best Series Hugo: Eligible Series from 2017
  4. Women Hurt By Chairs, Bottles Thrown From Dragon Con Hotel
  5. Announcing: The Worst Movie Golden Bracket
  6. Source Materials About the 1989 Hugo Controversy
  7. When The Received Wisdom Is Wrong
  8. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #16
  9. Why Amazing Stories Isn’t Back on NBC
  10. Take A Knee Playing Out in SFF Media

Top 10 Posts For August 2017

Relatively few fans would have looked at last month’s number one post, “Livestream Hugo Ceremony on YouTube,” if the livestream broadcast had actually happened as planned. When it didn’t, thousands of fans wanting realtime Hugo results began combing the internet for them. Quite unexpectedly, Hampus Eckerman’s comments about the winners made here while he was sitting in the Hugo audience turned into one of those traffic centers. (And, boy, did the blog ever creak and moan!)

The antics of the Dragon Awards administrators helped fill the rest of the Top 10, garnering a lot of ugly publicity by refusing to let any nominees bow out, then changing their minds, and finally, sending some of their cronies into shock by talking the writer they poormouth the most into staying on the ballot.

  1. Livestream Hugo Ceremony on YouTube
  2. 2017 Hugo Award Winners
  3. Dragon Con Refuses To Let Authors Withdraw from Dragon Awards
  4. Scalzi Withdraws from Dragon Awards
  5. Dragons, and Puppies, and Innocent Bystanders, Oh My!
  6. Pixel Scroll 8/11/17 “Scrollpathy for the Pixel” By The Scrolling Stones
  7. Pixel Scroll 8/20/17 A Pithy Pixel Portion Produced Promptly
  8. Pixel Scroll 8/13/17 The Filers On The Hill See The Scroll Going Down, And The Eyes In Their Heads See The Pixels Spinning Round
  9. Pixel Scroll 8/12/17 Of Shoes, And Scrolls, And Sealing Wax, And Pixelated Kings
  10. Pixel Scroll 8/8/17 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Scrolls Of Summer

And here is the Scroll-free Top 10, though this was one of the rare months when it’s almost unnecessary.

  1. Livestream Hugo Ceremony on YouTube
  2. 2017 Hugo Award Winners
  3. Dragon Con Refuses To Let Authors Withdraw from Dragon Awards
  4. Scalzi Withdraws from Dragon Awards
  5. Dragons, and Puppies, and Innocent Bystanders, Oh My!
  6. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #13
  7. Dragon Awards Reverse Decision: Littlewood Withdraws, But Scalzi Stays
  8. Worldcon 75 Ends With Some Interesting Numbers
  9. Dragon Con Safety Advice From Delilah S. Dawson
  10. What The Dragon Awards Will Never Be

Filer Meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro

Courtesy of Eric Wong, here are photos of Thursday’s File 770 meetup at Belge Bar & Bistro in Helsinki. (The last shot is from the place’s own website.) Identifications to come, hopefully.

Update: Hampus Eckerman identified the Filers in the first photo, going clockwise around the table: Björn Eckerman, NickPheas, Heather Rose Jones, Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, Kendall, Chad Saxelid, Greg Hullender, Jonas Eckerman.

Change of Time for Filer Meetup

By Hampus Eckerman: Because of the room situation at Worldcon 75, it is possible that the planned time of a filer premeet before the Hugos would effectively keep all filers from getting seating for the Hugo ceremony.

So the premeet is moved to 18:30, still at Hampus’ Halloween exhibit. We will not wait for longer time than at most 15 minutes, and most likely less, so be there on time. (This is a warning Hampus especially issues to himself as he was the late to the last meeting because of Pokemon hunting.)

So new time at 18:30. See you there!

Top 10 Posts for July 2017

People steamed about the Shadow Clarke jurors who felt A Closed and Common Orbit was unworthy of being shortlisted for the Clarke Award, combined with others annoyed by the low number of European creators represented in NPR’s list of “100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels,” united to drive the Pixel Scroll for 7/12 to the top of the charts for July.

The non-Scroll with the most views was the World Fantasy Award shortlist — because File 770 was first out of the gate with the press release.

Top 10 Pixel Scrolls

  1. Pixel Scroll 7/12/17 All The King’s Centaurs
  2. Pixel Scroll 7/17/17 All Along The Scrolltower Pixels Kept The View
  3. Pixel Scroll 7/6/17 Microcosmic Godstalk
  4. Pixel Scroll 7/19/17 By The Pixel Of Grayscroll!
  5. Pixel Scroll 7/9/17 Silver Threads And Golden Pixels Cannot Mend This Scroll of Mine
  6. Pixel Scroll 7/3/17 Hokey Tickboxes And Ancient Pixels Are No Match For A Good Filer At Your Side, Kid
  7. Pixel Scroll 7/18/17 Fahrvergnügen 451
  8. Pixel Scroll 7/23/17 Whenever We File Out, The Pixels Always Shout, ‘There Scrolls John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!’
  9. Pixel Scroll 7/20/17 Be Vewy Quiet – I’m Hunting Pixels
  10. Pixel Scroll 7/22/17 On The Fifth Day She Scrolled Five Tidbits About Ray Bradbury

Top 10 Non-Scroll Posts

  1. 2017 World Fantasy Award Nominees
  2. LASFSian Dwain Kaiser Killed
  3. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #10
  4. 2017 Chesley Award Winners
  5. Jordin Kare Passes Away
  6. Worldcon 75 Publishes Member List, Issues Clarification About Public vs. Private Names
  7. Thirteenth Doctor Revealed
  8. Worldcon 75 Explains Print Publications Policy
  9. Alan Dorey (1958-2017)
  10. Upending the Hugos:  New Awards Categories That Should Have Been Added A Long Time Ago

Top 10 Posts for June 2017

The sealion den was File 770’s most-visited exhibit last month, receiving the greatest number of comments (466) since September 4 last year — a day people had a lot to say about the inaugural set of Dragon Award winners.

The 6/20 Scroll was the second-most read post, benefitting from two unrelated discussions in comments, responses to Sarah A. Hoyt’s new statement about the future of Sad Puppies, and opinions about how smokers are treated.

The Brust/Shetterly post, of course, also was the most-read non-Scroll, far surpassing “Saying No,” which had little repeat business because comments were locked.

  1. Steven Brust’s Fourth Street Fantasy Remarks Generate Heat
  2. Pixel Scroll 6/20/17 Hugos And Dragons And Campbells Oh My!
  3. Pixel Scroll 6/12/17 Avoid The Green Pixels, They’re Not Ripe Yet
  4. Pixel Scroll 6/25/17 One Click, My Bonny Pixel, I’m After A Scroll Tonight
  5. Saying No
  6. Pixel Scroll 6/8/17 The Pixel Who Circumnavigated Filerland In A Scroll Of Her Own Making
  7. Pixel Scroll 6/26/17 Tyme Scrollfari, Inc. Scrollfaris Tu Any Pixel En The Fyle
  8. Pixel Scroll 6/16/17 There’s A Scroll In The Bottom Of The Sea
  9. Pixel Scroll 6/7/17 Pixel Me Your Best Shot, File Away!
  10. Pixel Scroll 6/6/17 Scrolltime For Pixels

Top 10 Without Scrolls

  1. Steven Brust’s Fourth Street Fantasy Remarks Generate Heat
  2. Saying No
  3. 2017 Hugo Finalist Review Roundup
  4. 2017 John W. Campbell Memorial Award Finalists
  5. Fans Demand Facebook Lift Its Ban on David Gerrold
  6. BookExpo Shrinkage
  7. 2017 Locus Awards
  8. Voting Opens for Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF Readers’ Choice Award
  9. Adam West (1928-2017)
  10. ComicMix Gains Partial Victory in Dr. Seuss Lawsuit Over Literary Mash-Up

Saying No

Early this week Jon Del Arroz was on his Facebook page denying that he misrepresents what people say about him here, that he stalks Filers as well as others on other social media to harass them, and gaslights them about it after he’s done it (even when it’s something he openly planned on Gab, see screencaps here and here). And in his FB comments section the amateur hour was in progress, with people stepping all over themselves trying to get in a fresh shot at me and this blog. Larry Correia was watching this and had a “Here, hold my beer” moment. The discussion wasn’t filthy enough, or vicious enough, or about him enough — and whatever it lacked, he was going to supply.

Correia followed that act by making the lowlights of his FB contributions into a post on his blog. I feel that needs to be addressed because he’s been writing about me like that for a couple of years and can be expected to continue.

Ultimately Correia remains enraged at me today because four years ago, I was one of the people (as were some of you) who said no to him when he wanted to help himself to the Best Novel Hugo. Not that I could actually stop that from happening, but when I started covering as news what Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies, and everyone else had to say about the controversy (in their own words, with links to the rest of their posts), I had an impact by facilitating the growth of a new community of people who wanted to talk about these issues — most of them opposing the vandalism of an institution they had spent years building up.

In 2013, Correia had decided that someone with his sales figures and blog readership, who had twice had a book on the New York Times bestseller list (for a single week) deserved a Hugo, and started organizing his readers to make it happen. He didn’t think of the members of fandom as his neighbors or colleagues; he approached it like the raid culture of ancient times where you go and steal somebody’s cattle if you think you can get away with it. Despite all of the agitation he stirred up among his followers, he got only 101 nominations and failed to make the ballot.

Larry knew that since the previous summer’s raid hadn’t worked out as well as he’d hoped, to sack Troy, he would need more boats and warriors in 2014. He wrapped his nomination campaign in the flag of the culture wars. Literary awards don’t fire people up, but political motivations do. He called on readers to nominate himself plus selected friends and editors as a way to ”stick it to those SJWs”. His book made the final ballot with the third-highest number of nominating votes (184) and lost to Ancillary Justice. Two hundred votes is enough to do any amount of damage to the Hugo nominating ballot — but after two years of effort by a bestselling author, it doesn’t seem like much of a number.

In 2015 Correia gave the project to Brad Torgersen, his Patroclus, who couldn’t wait to don Larry’s armor and lead the Sad Puppies 3 campaign. Torgersen put together a slate composed of both willing and unwilling writers (with some demanding to be removed), and spearheaded his campaign with a series of abusive political tirades against the Worldcon voters. However, his band of award pirates soon discovered that the Agamemnon of their scenario was really Vox Day. His Rabid Puppies slate blanketed nearly all the Hugo categories, and his followers dictated the 2015 ballot. Larry Correia’s latest novel was one of the things on their slate, but despite three years spent jacking up his readers and colleagues to get him this award, at this point he refused his nomination, went back to his tent, and let everyone else go forward without him.

File 770 covered that story and became a place people gathered to discuss it, and correspondingly became a lightning rod for Larry Correia’s wrath. In the past two years, whenever my name or this site’s name is mentioned in comments on his blog he can always be counted on to erupt in a spew of obscenities about me — in fact, one of his followers regularly injects my name into the conversation just to see him go off. And that same spirit controlled what Correia said on Facebook, and wrote in his post. Likewise the blizzard of comments from Correia’s followers, filled with playground taunts and references to Japanese pornography and prison sex. And these things can be expected to continue because of his example and that they’re encouraged in his comment community.

I have a temper of my own, but one thing I learned early in my fanwriting career is that bad language is a dead-end — if somebody tells you what you wrote is bullshit, and you tell them, no, what you wrote is bullshit, you’re both still there and still have to think of an actual response. So while I am a graduate of middle school boys Phys. Ed. and have tried all the innuendo out for myself, there’s nothing to be gained by reciprocating. And I’ve been reminded that losing my temper doesn’t make me smarter, as witness my attempt to use Alexa stats to demonstrate that I have more web traffic than Correia, when it should have been as obvious to me that number isn’t any good as it is to everyone else. But I have decided to make this statement, because I also know from experience that when someone is trying to bully me and shut me down, I need to speak up. Which brings us back to where this story began four years ago.

No comments will be taken on this post. Your continued participation here is all the encouragement I need to continue.

Top 10 Posts for May 2017

Filers reaction to a linked essay by Eric Raymond at the Libertarian Futurist blog veered into a long and heated debate about the government of the Shire, all adding up to File 770’s most-read post in the month of May.

Worldcon and Hugo-related news dominated the non-Scroll Top 10 — although fan interest in Camestros Felapton’s parody about my favorite alt-marketing specialist lifted it into third place.

  1. Pixel Scroll 5/11/17 I Got Two Pixels When I Scrolled The Bones
  2. Pixel Scroll 5/1/17 Heigh-Ho, The Derry-O, A Pixel We Will Scroll
  3. Pixel Scroll 5/15/17 Scroll Sat Alone On His File Of Stone, And Pixeled And Godstalked A Bare Old Bone
  4. Pixel Scroll 5/19/17 And He Beheld White Scrolls And Beyond Them A Far Green Pixel Under A Swift Sunrise
  5. Pixel Scroll 5/2/17 Pixel Packing Mama, Lay Your Pixel Down
  6. Pixel Scroll 5/8/17 I Saw A Pixel Filing Through the Streets of Soho With A Chinese Menu In Its Scroll.
  7. Pixel Scroll 5/28/17 No File For You Till You Scroll All Your Pixels
  8. Pixel Scroll 5/21/17 What A Strange Pixel — The Only Winning Scroll Is Not To File
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/16/17 Will No One Pixel Me This Troublesome Scroll?
  10. Pixel Scroll 5/18/17 For I Am A Bear Of Very Little Files, And Long Scrolls Bother Me

Top 10 Without Scrolls

  1. Worldcon 75 Releases Hugo Voter Packet
  2. 2016 Nebula Awards
  3. If You Give Del Arroz Publicity
  4. Worldcon 75 Membership Report
  5. Where to Find the 2017 Hugo Finalists For Free Online
  6. Another Fan Artist Disqualified from Hugo Ballot
  7. Clash Over Cultural Appropriation Spawns Opposing Canadian Awards
  8. Arthur C. Clarke Award 2017 Shortlist
  9. It Was Forty Years Ago Today, Princess Leia Taught the Band to Play
  10. Measuring the Rabid Puppies Effect on the 2017 Hugo Ballot