A Milestone

It only took seven-and-a-half years. As of today File 770 has 100 followers, people who are signed up to be notified whenever there is a new post.

It’s still a modest number but not as modest as before I started the puppy roundups. Then File 770 had about 25 followers.

Photo Experiment


Eamon and Evan Elders as Sheriff and Son - CopyAs I said in comments, ALL the Dublin photos emailed to me looked sideways on my computer. I “fixed” them all the same way.

While it varies according to what browser and hardware people are using the fix doesn’t always result in them displaying correctly.

The photos were taken on two different types of iPhones.

The photo above, one of those cited as a problem, was taken with an iPhone 4. I have tried rotating it, then saving it under a different name than on the file sent to me. While I don’t expect that to work, who knows?

Does it look right on your browser and phone/computer? And what are you using to view it?

Top 10 Posts for July 2015


Never can say goodbye love…. The Hugo controversy roundups ended with the July 6 edition but you all kept the party going by adding comments to that post for another three weeks.

Thanks to Kyra’s book brackets, the community finally migrated to the daily Pixel Scrolls.

Here are the Top 10 posts with the most hits in July according to Google Analytics.

  1. To Your Scattered Kennels Go 7/6
  2. With Six You Get Sleigh Dogs 7/2
  3. Roverfield 7/5
  4. Ayes Wide Mutt 7/3
  5. Atlas Barked 7/4
  6. Pixel Scroll 7/30 Gonna Scroll the Bones
  7. Pixel Scroll 7/26 – The Answer, My Friend, is Scrollin’ in the Wind
  8. Is The Tor Boycott Working?
  9. Pixel Scroll 7/27 Riffing on AD&D
  10. Pixel Scroll 7/21

And I present a bonus list of July’s ten most-read non-Puppy, non-Hugo posts.

  1. 2015 Eisner Award Winners
  2. 2015 World Fantasy Awards Ballot
  3. Renee Alper (1957-2015)
  4. Signal Boost For Danielle Wolverton Search
  5. Wolf’s Empire Is On The Way
  6. Sasquan Reaches 10,000 Membership Mark
  7. 2015 Best American SF/F Contributors Named
  8. Disguising the World Fantasy Award
  9. All Roads Lead To San Diego This Week
  10. Connie Willis Medical Update

A Puppy Epilogue

By Mike Glyer: When the crowds watching the roundup in Times Square saw the last tag scroll off the news ticker (“…Lis Carey…”) there was complete silence for a moment.

Then an ancillary in the throng of unnervingly ambiguously gendered people lifted her voice and led everyone in singing, “May auld acquaintance be forgot….” People linked arms and swayed. Tears ran down their faces.

Mike watched Google Analytics until the Real-Time overview showed the first person had clicked on the roundup. After that she tabbed the edit page and checked the proper names again. She knew Jon F. Zeigler didn’t like seeing her name misspelled, and Laura could never understand why Mike always messed up “Tegan” yet seemed to have no problem with Gjovaag.

When that was done Mike stepped aside to let the carpenters through. Under the watchful eyes of a Smithsonian Institute curator they chopped the File 770 banner art free of its moorings at the top of the page. It fluttered into the arms of JJ and Kurt Busiek who rolled it up and hermetically sealed it in a case for shipment to Washington D.C., where it would be stored beside the Ark of the Covenant.

The band began to play. Commenters of every nation paraded into the stadium behind their national flags, smiling and waving. Simon Bisson, who had expected to carry the Isle of Jersey flag by herself, was surprised that some Alabama fans were eager to help.

When they passed the reviewing stand, Mike reached into a display case and gave Kyra and Alexandra Erin each a Hugo Award. Mike said how proud she was of the way they upheld the highest traditions of fannish humor. They hesitated until Mike reminded them she could easily spare a couple — she still had 48 more.

Meanwhile, Meredith served the cake Rachel Swirsky’s agent had sent to thank everyone in social media for giving “If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love” the third-highest Q-score after Shakespeare and the Bible, and gaining her client a new $3.4M contract for her next short story.

Soon Lee asked Peace Is My Middle Name for an autograph. Taking back the signed album she was pleasantly surprised to learn Peace’s first name was Love and her last name was Hope.

Simon Bucher-Jones won the swimsuit competition. Kary English was voted Miss Congeniality.

As Brian Z and Tuomas Vainio sat on the slopes of Mount Doom watching for eagles, Tuomas asked, “I wonder if we shall ever be put into songs or tales?” Brian promised they would, “Because I intend to write them.”

The Imperial Star Destroyer aligned with the airlock. The seals blew and the door flew off in a cloud of white smoke. All the trolls whose first comments had never made it out of moderation were loaded aboard lifeboats and fired toward the surface of Tatooine.

Then Mike woke up. She wasn’t back in Kansas. It hadn’t been a dream.

[Hat tip to Ian Frazier’s “The Last Segment.”]

Top 10 Posts For June 2015

Activity in June was so intense that 19 of last month’s posts now rank among this blog’s 25 most-viewed of all-time.

The reason is the huge amount of dialogue in the comments section. Five posts drew over 1,000 comments.

“Lord Foul’s Baying,” the June 14 roundup, is not only the month’s top post but trails only the photo essay about the Bradbury house teardown as this blog’s most-read entry. It collected over 1,300 comments. The attraction was a large number of varied and popular discussions carried on simultaneously: Ray Blank sounded out the crowd about a Qatar Worldcon bid, both Brad R. Torgersen and John C. Wright participated in the debate, and others answered  “Who’s the author you have most of on your shelves?” That was also the day Tom Kratman left the building….

Once again I have prepared two Top 10’s, the second having nothing to do with Sad Puppies.

Here are the month’s leading posts according to Google Analytics:

  1. Lord Foul’s Baying 6/14
  2. The Dogcatcher In The Rye 6/17
  3. The Twilight Bone 6/10
  4. A Whippet of Earthflea 6/18
  5. Plan K-9 From Outer Space 6/16
  6. The Hound and the Fury 6/22
  7. The Day the World Turned Pupside Down 6/15
  8. The Castalia of Fu Manchihuahua 6/11
  9. The Scarlet Litter 6/21
  10. The Hammer of Tor 6/19

And here is the puppy-free Top 10:

  1. Novelettes Left Untouched in Revamped Best Saga Proposal
  2. Life During Wartime (Stories for the Dog Days)
  3. New Draft of Best Saga Proposal
  4. Baen Holds Vote For Best MilSF of 2014
  5. 2015 Locus Awards
  6. Hugo Award Rocket T-Shirt
  7. Snapshots 151 Bacardi
  8. 2014 Nebula Award Winners
  9. My Father, And The Brontosaurus
  10. A Heinlein Roundup

Tracks of the Puppy

Readers have been hard at work inventing new Hugo roundup titles. They often have to ask — Has this been used before?

To encourage their work I have made a list of all the titles in this series and will continue to update it as we go along.

So far it contains all the MAIN titles. When I have time tomorrow I will make another list of the subtitles.

Top 10 Posts For May 2015

Juliette Wade transformed the Hugo controversy by her public account of withdrawing from the Sad Puppies slate and her no-nonsense answers to Brad Torgersen’s response in comments.

If anything, the discussion has gathered momentum since then – six of the month’s top 10 posts were from just last week. So as I did before, I have prepared two sets of Top 10 posts, the second having nothing to do with Hugos, Sad Puppies and related topics.

Here are the month’s leading posts according to Google Analytics:

  1. An Account of Juliette Wade’s Withdrawal from Sad Puppies 3
  2. That Hell-Hound Train 5/20
  3. The Effect of Puppy Rays on Fan-in-Spokane Rocketships 5/26
  4. Howl’s Moving Castalia 5/24
  5. Canterbury Tails 5/27
  6. Disney’s “101 Nominations” 5/25
  7. The Bark Between The Stars 5/29
  8. The Paw of Oberon 5/4
  9. To Sail Beyond the Doghouse 5/19
  10. The Collar Out of Space 5/28


And here is the puppy-free Top 10:

  1. 13 Is A Lucky Number For Scalzi — So Is $3.4M
  2. Tanith Lee (1947-2015)
  3. Two Roads Diverged in a Scarlet Wood
  4. Brianna Wu on CBC’s The National
  5. Baen Free Library Grows
  6. Snapshots 150 The Sesquicentennial
  7. Gentlemen, Be Repeated
  8. 2015 Campbell Award Shortlist
  9. Kotzker Advice
  10. Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro Debate on BBC Radio 4

Top 10 Posts for April 2015

An announcement that April’s Top 10 consists entirely of Hugo- or Sad Puppy-related posts can only lead to charges of bloc voting, so I also have generated a second “top 10” of posts having nothing to do with those topics.

Here are the month’s leading posts according to Google Analytics:

  1. Sasquan Replaces Two Ineligible Nominees on Hugo Ballot
  2. Entering the Lists
  3. Two Hugo Nominees Withdraw Their Stories
  4. Flow My Tears, the Sad Puppy Said 4/26
  5. Kate Paulk Uncovers a Conspiracy
  6. Send In The Puppies… Don’t Bother They’re Here 4/28
  7. Four and Twenty Puppies Smoked in a Pie 4/20
  8. All The Colors of Kibble 4/8
  9. I Sing the Puppy Electric 4/29
  10. The Demolished Puppy 4/27

April’s number one post is also the second most-viewed post of all time on this blog, behind Viewing the Remains of Bradbury’s Home.

Here are the top 10 non-Hugo, non-Puppy posts:

  1. There Will Be War, Again!
  2. Art Widner (1917-2015)
  3. Benjanun Sriduangkaew Update
  4. 2014 BSFA Awards Announced
  5. 2015 Locus Recommended Reading List Appears
  6. Bujold Novel Among 11 New Baen Acquisitions
  7. Is Your Club Dead Yet?
  8. Recalling the First World Science Fiction Convention
  9. Monster Hunter Tales Anthology Announced
  10. The Game of Fashion


Top 10 Posts for March 2015

You know what they say – nothing is inevitable except death and Sad Puppies.

The passing of Terry Pratchett triggered a surge of internet activity so great in extent that a five-year-old post with an image of his coat-of-arms became the second most-read thing on this blog in March – exceeded only by readership for a tempestuous debate about the neverending Sad Puppies campaign.

Holly Lisle’s resignation from SFWA drove two other posts into the Top 10 as people vented about her associating a loathing for income tax with SFWA’s intent to obtain public grants.

Several long-lived controversies also resurfaced this month. WisCon finally drew a conclusion about a harassment complaint that had been open for two years. Benjanun Sriduangkaew decided it was a good time break a self-imposed silence, George R.R. Martin having just endorsed the author of an investigative report about her for the Hugo. And Chi-Fi’s chairman provided fresh examples of the public relations cluelessness he first displayed as a rookie in 2014.

Here are the top 10 posts for March according to Google Analytics.

  1. Paulk Proclaims Puppy Party 4
  2. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
  3. Lisle Resignation Follow-up
  4. WisCon Issues Report on Lemberg Complaint
  5. Benjanun Sriduangkaew Counterattacks
  6. Peggy Rae Sapienza (1944-2015)
  7. Holly Lisle Resigns from SFWA
  8. Chi-Fi Keeps The Fie In Sci-Fi
  9. Your Emergency Holographic 2015 Hugo Short Fiction Reading List
  10. Gen Con Threatens To Move If Indiana Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill