Top 10 Posts For August 2014

Ordinarily the announcement of the Hugo winners itself is a top post, but this year what everyone really wanted to know was what Larry Correia thought about the winners – in particular, not being one of them.

Otherwise, the most popular report from Loncon 3 contained Francis Hamit’s photos from the masquerade. Another post with his final take on the Worldcon was also widely read.

Here are the top 10 posts from August 2014 according to Google Analytics.

1. Hugo Statistics Dress Sad Puppies in Black Armbands
2. Somewhere Puppies Are Smiling
3. A Bouquet of Masquerade Photos From Loncon 3
4. Get Those Old People Off My (Artificial) Grass
5. The Chess Lives of Fritz Leiber and George R.R. Martin
6. Cosplayer’s Injuries Were From Fall
7. Talking Past Each Other
8. Ellison’s Counselor
9. Arlene Martel (1936-2014)
10. Final Notes on Loncon 3

Top 10 Posts for July 2014

Crime and punishment could be the title of this post, though each word relates to a different event.

Cosplayer assault was a deadly serious concern at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, with parents asking the public for help in learning what happened to their hospitalized daughter, and police arresting a suspect the same day.

Unresolved charges of harassment against Jim Frenkel from last year’s WisCon proved to be a time bomb. Frenkel returned this year and in the aftermath the committee announced a ban, but under terms that provoked an uproar about the decision making process.

There was barely room to squeeze in lighter material, such as the July 4 story about three fans who skipped the last day of the first Worldcon and ended up seeing Lou Gehrig make his retirement speech.

1. Jim Frenkel Banned By WisCon
2. The Comic-Con Police Blotter
3. Yanks MZB Birthday Tribute
4. Nominee Withdraws From 2014 World Fantasy Award
5. Today’s Birthday Boy 7/7
6. Are You A Kefuffleholic?
7. Breendoggle History Wiki
8. On This Day In History 7/4
9. Elise Matthesen Speaks Out About WisCon
10. SF’s Second Best Novels

Top 10 Posts for June 2014

This month the internet generation discovered the Breendoggle of 1964. While it had been documented online by Stephen Goldin years ago and repeatedly in fanzines since the original event, some blamed their failure to encounter the information earlier on a fannish conspiracy of silence. However, everyone was forced to re-examine whatever they thought they knew when shocking new ground was broken by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s daughter, who responded to the latest discussion by revealing she had been abused by her mother.

Meantime, hope was dashed that missing film historian John Cocchi would be found alive. Michigan fan Kathleen Conat passed away. And a memorial for the late Michael Pell was dedicated by coworkers and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Here are the Top 10 most visited posts for June 2014 according to Google Analytics.

1. Yanks MZB Birthday Tribute
2. Breendoggle History Wiki
3. Hugo Nominated Fauxzines
4. Brookline’s Awesome Box
5. John Cocchi Missing
6. John Cocchi (1939-2014)
7. Kathleen Conat Passes Away
8. San Diego Comic-Con Pushes Back on Harassment Policy Petition
9. Somewhere Puppies Are Smiling
10. LAPD Names Mailroom for Pell

Top 10 Posts For May 2014

When a post attracts a lot of readers I always hope it’s for a good reason. That would not be true of this month’s #1 post.

Seven Days In May responded to a comment on an article by John C. Wright left by someone using a well-known name that was not his own. Unfortunately, I took that name at face value and nearly got several writers upset with each other.  Once I made a correction and apologized, things worked out better than they could have. But in the words of Stephen King, for three days it was like File 770‘s space on the internet was marked with an orange traffic cone and crowds of people were looking for the dead body.

In contrast, I felt great when io9 linked to my retelling of how Isaac Asimov’s mistake announcing one of the 1971 Nebula Award winners resulted in Gene Wolfe writing three sequels to “The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories.” That was an excellent day.

News reports about contentious issues in the sf field fill the rest of the list. As many a writer has pointed out, interesting times are not the most pleasant to live in.

Here are the Top 10 posts for May according to Google Analytics.

1. Seven Days In May
2. Asimov Still Holds The Record
3. Archon 38 Cancels Bolgeo As Fan GoH
4. A Lawful Alignment
5. Bolgeo Ouster Triggers Backlash
6. Wright Quits SFWA, Torgersen To Follow
7. USA Today Weighs In On Hugos
8. John Cocchi Missing
9. Why The Evidence Should Be Examined
10. Libertarian Futurist Society Makes Retro Hugo Endorsement

Top 10 Posts for April 2014

So many bloggers used my checklist of Larry Correia’s “Sad Puppies” recommendations that made the Hugo ballot as a convenient starting point for their comments that it became the most-viewed post in the history of File 770. It has surpassed by thousands of pageviews the ever-popular graphic of Sir Terry Pratchett’s coat-of-arms (which owes its record to being periodically rediscovered by Reddit.)

Kerfuffles, obituaries and the Hugo nominee announcements supply the balance of File 770’s ten most-viewed posts for April 2014 according to Google Analytics.

1. Somewhere Puppies Are Smiling
2. Wright Quits SFWA, Torgersen To Follow
3. USA Today Weighs In On Hugos
4. William H. Patterson Jr. (1951-2014)
5. The Invisible Fanwriter Hugo
6. Larry Correia’s Vulgar Blog Post – His Word
7. 2014 Hugo Nominees
8. The Quiet Man
9. Tribute To Bill Patterson
10. 1939 Retro Hugo Nominees

Top 10 Posts for March 2014

Arguing that fan Hugos ought to be voted to fans, I started a homemade kerfuffle that drew even more attention than Jonathan Ross’ brief reign as Loncon 3’s Hugo ceremony MC. Now that I know the idea is so controversial I’m glad I brought it up before the nominating deadline.

March wasn’t all feudin’ and fightin’ – we had our share of fun, too. File 770 ran two Bradbury trivia quizzes – “Up Among the Stars” and the self-satirizing “Tough Trivia Quiz.” (Not that controversy-seekers didn’t get their money’s worth — we discovered the Wikipedia misidentified its supposed photo of the Hollywood Brown Derby.)

Here are the Top 10 posts for February according to Google Analytics.

1. The Invisible Fanwriter Hugo
2. Loncon 3’s Hugo MC Withdraws
3. Negative Worldcon Bidding in the Internet Age
4. Broadway’s First “Black” Phantom (Of the Opera)
5. File 770’s Idea of a Tough Trivia Quiz
6. Larry Tucker Funeral on 3/7
7. Up Among the Stars
8. Best Professional Artist Trivia Question
9. Tarpinian: 2014 Paperback Collectors’ Show
10. Puppy Love

Searches That Bring People To File 770

WordPress tracks search terms that deliver hits to this blog and I have to say the connection is not always obvious to me. Today’s winning entry in that line is —

  • why did william shatner notwearunderwear in star trek

That it registered here means someone found a promising item and clicked through. And if I want to know what they hit I could repeat the search myself. Except I’d hate to discover I really did write about this at some point. I’d prefer to think I never have…

Top 10 Posts For February 2014

Kerfuffles and obits fill most of the Top 10 this time.

Dave Truesdale’s petition, either against censorship or against corporate oversight of the SFWA Bulletin depending upon your predisposition, was signed by some of the biggest names in sf and set bloggers on all sides foaming.

Less visible to English-speaking fans was the outpouring of resentment via Weibo (a social media tool popular among Chinese speakers) about negative comments on the Beijing Worldcon bid – including those attached to File 770’s post on the topic. The post also got a lot of hits right after February 15 from people wondering if the bid filed by the deadline to make the mail ballot – which it did.

This month fans also mourned the loss of two popular artists, Mark Rogers and Bhob Stewart, and longtime Minneapolis fan Blue Petal.

Here are the Top 10 posts for February according to Google Analytics.

1. Petition Targets SFWA Bulletin Oversight
2. Mark Rogers (1952-2014)
3. Blue Petal (1950-2014)
4. Bhob Stewart (1937-2014)
5. 2013 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot
6. Beijing in 2016 Worldcon Bid
7. Pern (tag)
8. Mall Cops Give Steampunks Bum’s Rush
9. Question Beggars’ Opera
10. Hope Alive For SF Author Stamps

Ink For The Dead


Photo of Shirley Temple from the Shirley Temple’s Storybook episode “The Princess and the Goblins”.

I am interested to see File 770 is not the only sf/fantasy news outlet to pass on reporting Shirley Temple Black’s death this week. As of this writing, Locus, Ansible and SF Site News have had nothing to say about it either.

I wonder what readers of SF Site News and File 770, in particular, think about this omission? Our two sites habitually jump to report the passing of far more obscure Hollywood types who once worked on a $200,000 horror movie or had bit parts in genre TV shows.

Shirley Temple movies were rich in fantasy in the psychological sense, some even had dream scenes and exotic costumes, but they didn’t contain fantasy elements like witches, wizards, dwarves, supernatural magic and the like. Her studio refused to loan out the child actress to make The Wizard of Oz. She never made a signature fantasy film of her own.

However, as an adult she hosted Shirley Temple’s Storybook (1958-1961), and Random House published four collections of fairy stories branded with her name. I watched those shows as a kid! And when did I ever need any more excuse than that to mention someone?

I confess there’s no rocket science involved in File 770’s editorial decisions about whose obituaries are run.

Top 10 Posts for January 2014

More people wanted to read the allegations against Mary Poppins than Larry Correia. On the other hand, Mary Poppins didn’t return fire….

Incredibly, this is also the second consecutive month without an obituary among the most-read posts.

Here are the Top 10 Posts for January according to Google Analytics.

1. Mary Poppins, Murderess?
2. Beijing in 2016 Worldcon Bid
3. Larry Correia’s Vulgar Blog Post – His Word
4. 2013 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot
5. Pern [tag]
6. Myke Cole To Appear at Library of Congress
7. Carol Carr’s Collection
8. Traumatic Tuckerizations
9. Nice Is Nice
10. Harlan Ellison on The Simpsons 1/12