File 770 Turns 8

Happy birthday CROP

The File 770 blog is 8 years old today, and this is the first time I have ever celebrated — an idea I picked up from The Book Smugglers last week.

James H. Burns has written a special column for the occasion, and I am going to commemorate our epic bracket competitions from the past year.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their creativity in comments and posts. Help yourself to a slice of virtual cake!

Top 10 Posts for December 2015

In 2016 I may have to rethink the Top 10. The Scrolls are always top-rated because they are by design the town square where everybody gathers to talk. Sometimes an exceptionally large number of hits only means that bracket voting was in progress in the comments!

  1. Pixel Scroll 12/6 From the Mixed-Up Pixels of Mrs. Basil E. Frankscroller
  2. Pixel Scroll 12/15 Mother Pixel’s Littul Scrolls
  3. Pixel Scroll 12/18 Voxura vs. Scrolljira
  4. Pixel Scroll 12/17 We Also Walk T. Rexes
  5. Pixel Scroll 12/10 Plan Whine from Outer Space
  6. Pixel Scroll 12/21 Rudolph the Scroll Nosed Reindeer
  7. Pixel Scroll 12/20 Grandma Got Run Over By a Filer
  8. Pixel Scroll 11/30 The Doom That Came to File770
  9. Pixel Scroll 12/28 The Android Who Was Cyber-Monday
  10. Pixel Scroll 12/8 When Blogs Collide

Scrolls excluded, these were December’s 10 most-viewed posts.

  1. There Will Be War Volume Ten
  2. Your Star Wars Spoiler Discussion Goes Here
  3. Puppygate on Tonight’s Jeopardy!
  4. Libertarian Star Wars Special
  5. Citations Provided
  6. Star Trek Beyond — Official Trailer
  7. CBS Sues To Block Axanar Trek Movie
  8. That Sweet, Little Old Gollum
  9. Syfy Airing Sci-Fi: Can You Believe It?
  10. Your Retro Jovian Award Winners

File 770 #165 Available

Another New Year’s Eve tradition — ring out the year with the fanzine version of File 770.

Click here — File 770 #165, [5MB PDF file]

With a cover by Steve Stiles, the issue features these original articles:

  • One Month a Grand Master by Larry Niven and John Hertz
  • The Rotsler Winners: Personal Musings by Taral Wayne
  • John Hertz’s Westercon Notebook, a report of the 2014 convention
  • Red Letter Days, Taral Wayne muses about the calendar

Plus reprints of three popular articles:

  • The Man From U.N.C.L.E by James H. Burns
  • My Father, And The Brontosaurus by James H. Burns
  • Viewing The Remains of Bradbury’s House by John King Tarpinian

Top 10 Posts for November 2015

The decision to quit using Lovecraft’s likeness on the World Fantasy Award was by far the most-read news item last month, and S.T. Joshi’s complaints about it were such a comment magnet that a post about them cracked November’s otherwise Scroll-filled Top 10.

  1. World Fantasy Award To Abandon Lovecraft Bust
  2. Pixel Scroll 11/15 Scrolled Acquaintance
  3. Pixel Scroll 11/1 Rank Election
  4. Pixel Scroll 11/12 Vampire Elf-eared Zombie Shape-Shifting Warriors Of Gor
  5.  S.T. Joshi Rails Against Ending Use of Lovecraft Bust on World Fantasy Award
  6. Pixel Scroll 11/5 The Scrolls of His Face, The Pixels of His Mouth
  7. Pixel Scroll 11/11 Let it scroll on, full flood, inexorable
  8. Pixel Scroll 11/2 Unstable Molecules: For Starship Captains Who Shift Shape, And Get Overly Personal With Hedgehogs and Fondue Pots
  9. Pixel Scroll 11/8 Five If By Scroll
  10. Pixel Scroll 11/16 Time Enough For Hedgehogs

And here is a Bonus Top 10 of the most popular non-Scroll posts.

  1. Getting the Last Word First
  2. Do My Homework!
  3. Mari Ness Posts World Fantasy Report and a New Personal Policy
  4. Accessibility Issue at World Fantasy Con
  5. Genre Movie Scores Dominate Annual Hall of Fame Poll
  6. The Jocular Joshi
  7. SFWA Releases Nebula Suggested Reading List
  8. Scooby in Long Island
  9. Orphaned Rover Still Available After Auction
  10. Free Collection of Stories Eligible for 1941 Retro Hugos

Top 10 Posts For October 2015

The internet was enraged over a supposed boycott of Star Wars VII for having a black protagonist, which blew over when people claimed it was a 4chan stunt. Elsewhere, Amazon filed suit against some people selling fake reviews. That and a zillion more things (especially brackets) kept the Scrolls jumping.

  1. Pixel Scroll 10/20 Hugo, we have a problem
  2. Pixel Scroll 10/18 Psycho Filer
  3. Pixel Scroll 10/1 The Other Blog of Phileas Fogg
  4. Pixel Scroll 10/23 Gilligan’s File
  5. Pixel Scroll 10/12 Paladin of Pixels
  6. Pixel Scroll 10/19 Asterix and the Missing Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 10/14 The pixel will see you now…
  8. Pixel Scroll 10/3 The Red Scroll of Westmarch
  9. Pixel Scroll 10/21 One Ink Cartel
  10. Pixel Scroll 10/5 Manic Pixel Dream Scroll

Here are last month’s ten highest-ranked non-Scroll articles.

  1. Threats Cause SXSW 2016 To Cancel Two Gaming Panels
  2. WisCon 40 Chairs Resign
  3. Little Orphan Ancillary
  4. Sexual Assault Reported at SDCC
  5. WFC 2015 To Revise Antiharassment Policy
  6. BuzzFeed Threatens To Withdraw From SXSW Over Canceled Panels
  7. The Martian, Spoiled
  8. Back to Another Future
  9. My Home Delusion
  10. James Sallis Quits as College Instructor Over Arizona Loyalty Oath


Top 10 Posts for September 2015

Post-Worldcon roundups of links to commentary about Sasquan and the Hugos found a large following. So did Sasquan’s controversial announcement that the Hugo nominating data might not be released as expected, or at least not immediately. A new award proposal also received intense scrutiny.

  1. Pixel Scroll 9/1 The Pixellent Prismatic Spray
  2. Pixel Scroll 9/6 With Six, You Get Egg Scroll
  3. New Award Proposal at Black Gate
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/2 Split-Level Headcheese
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/4 The Scrolling Stones
  6. Hitch in Sasquan Nominating Data Turnover
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/3 The Nine Billion Noms of Dog
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/5 Their Eyes Were Watching Cod
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/23 Pixel Exigente!
  10. Pixel Scroll 8/31 From the SJW Aisle at Victoria’s Secret

Here are some bonus links to higher-ranked non-Scroll entries last month.

  1. Sad Puppies 4 Begins
  1. Fans In Accident Returning From Dragon Con
  1. Stross Says Give Discworld the 2016 Best Novel Hugo
  1. Help Cat Valente Design an Award
  1. 2015 Hugo Best Novel Longlist Discussion Thread

Top 10 Posts for August 2015

File 770 set a record for pageviews the night of the Hugo Awards, and all month long there was a constant flow of news about Sasquan, Hugos and Puppies.

Even if I go 50 deep in August’s most-read posts, there’s only one story that isn’t about one of those things. So this month I am sticking with a single Top 10 list.

  1. Sunday Business Meeting at Sasquan
  2. The All-Purpose Hugo Post
  3. Talkin’ About The Puppies
  4. Memories of Tonight’s Hugo Ceremony
  5. Dogs With A Blog 8/27
  6. Pixel Scroll 8/18 The Ballot of the Sad Sharpei
  7. Enriching Your Puppy Vocabulary 8/26
  8. Chapter Five Esk 8/29 Ancillary Doghouse
  9. Pixel Scroll 8/13 Mission: Insufferable
  10. Lou Antonelli’s BOLO Story

A Milestone

It only took seven-and-a-half years. As of today File 770 has 100 followers, people who are signed up to be notified whenever there is a new post.

It’s still a modest number but not as modest as before I started the puppy roundups. Then File 770 had about 25 followers.

Photo Experiment


Eamon and Evan Elders as Sheriff and Son - CopyAs I said in comments, ALL the Dublin photos emailed to me looked sideways on my computer. I “fixed” them all the same way.

While it varies according to what browser and hardware people are using the fix doesn’t always result in them displaying correctly.

The photos were taken on two different types of iPhones.

The photo above, one of those cited as a problem, was taken with an iPhone 4. I have tried rotating it, then saving it under a different name than on the file sent to me. While I don’t expect that to work, who knows?

Does it look right on your browser and phone/computer? And what are you using to view it?