File 770 #166 The Magazine Is Available at eFanzines

I finished a new issue of the magazine-format File 770 at the end of July and sent it to Bill Burns for posting at eFanzines. Unfortunately, I hadn’t announced the new issue here before I was overtaken by medical problems and swept off to the hospital. The issue has been stealthily waiting online until I returned to tell Filers it exists.

Click to download a copy.

File 770 #166 has excellent original material.

John Hertz interviews Ctein about The Saturn Run, his first fiction book with John Sandford.

Dave Doering does truly impressive detective work to identify the New York City site of the first Worldcon — Caravan Hall – using historic photos.

And John Hertz’ “The Worldcon I Saw” reports in detail about Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane.

I also reprinted one of my favorite feature articles by the late James H. Burns, “Once, When We All Were Scientists,” and two others deserving another read, “Crusader Clifford Clinton and His Cafeteria, Clifton’s” by John Hertz, and “File Still Open: A Celebration of a Newsletter” by Taral Wayne.

Taral also did the cover art, and Jose Sanchez the back cover.

Now that the issue is no longer the worst kept secret on the internet, I hope you will take a look at it and enjoy reading these articles, as well as the other features.

Top 10 Posts For July 2016

July’s most-read Pixel Scroll got that way with help from everyone who wanted to argue about #GamerGate, plus a side helping of comments from people who’d taken that online vocabulary test Vox Day cited as evidence of his intelligence.

The leading non-Scroll post reported changes to the NEA’S Big Read book list – Bradbury out, Le Guin still in, other sf/f writers added.

These were the 10 most-viewed posts in July according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 7/13/16 Scroll on the Water, Fire in the Sky
  2. Pixel Scroll 7/12/16 Boys! Raise Giant Pixels in your Cellar!
  3. Pixel Scroll 7/6/16 And She Gave Away The Pixels Of Her Past And Said, “I’ve Lost The Scroll Again”
  4. Pixel Scroll 7/11/16 The Coal Equations
  5. Pixel Scroll 7/5/16 Scrollamagoosa
  6. Pixel Scroll 7/24/16 The Pixel Who Walks Through Walls
  7. Pixel Scroll 7/14/16 I Am the Pixel in the Darkness
  8. Pixel Scroll 7/8/16 Scrolled Pixels Are All Alike; Every Unscrolled Pixel Is Unscrolled In Its Own Way
  9. Pixel Scroll 7/19/16 Dropkick Me Pixel, Through The Scrollposts Of Life
  10. Pixel Scroll 7/28/16 How Many Files Must A Pixel Scroll Down

And, Scrolls excluded, these 10 came next on the list of most-read posts in July.

  1. Just. One. Book. Update
  2. World Fantasy Awards Final Ballot
  3. 2016 Hugo Finalist Review Roundup
  4. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  5. Hugo Voting Rules Proposals Sponsored By Harris, Buff, Standlee, Others
  6. Hugo Voting Proposal Status Update
  7. Announcing The Cult Movie Bracket
  8. 2016 CFLA Book of the Year
  9. The Great Big Juicy Smooch of Death
  10. SFWA Says It Will Admit Game Writers, All Heck Breaks Loose

Top 10 Posts For June 2016

The month’s most-read post got that way thanks to a royal rumble in the comments between Brian Z. and all comers about awards campaigning and what Harlan Ellison had to say about it. It’ll be the last of its kind for a simple reason…. No more Brian Z.

These were the 10 most-viewed posts in June according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 6/2/16 Scroll Songs of an Old Pixel
  2. Pixel Scroll 6/15/16 Great Sky Pixel
  3. Chesley Awards 2016 Nominees
  4. Pixel Scroll 6/16/16 Schroedinger’s Kzin
  5. Pixel Scroll 6/21/16 Everybody In The Whole Scrollblock, Dance To The Pixelhouse Rock
  6. Pixel Scroll 6/13/16 Carry On My Wayward Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 6/19/16 MacArthur’s File Is Posting In The Dark, All The Sweet Green Pixels Scrolling Down
  8. Pixel Scroll 6/24/16 Porcupine Tree’s Yellow Pixel Dreamscroll
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/31/16 Every Bark a Doorway
  10. Pixel Scroll 6/23/16 Where The Scrolls Have No Name

And, Scrolls excluded, these 10 came next on the list of most-read posts in June.

  1. To Say Nothing of the Dogs; or, How We Confound the Hugos’ Third Slump (Hugo voting proposal discussion 5)
  2. Castalia Blog Posts Excluded from Hugo Packet
  3. James H. Burns Has Died
  4. Brighton WorldCon ‘87: A Slightly Delayed Report
  5. Announcing The Cult Movie Bracket
  6. All Hugo Nominees Who Finished Behind No Award Prior to 2015
  7. James Busby Passes Away
  8. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  9. Evolving Convention Art Shows
  10. Baltimore Club Issues Statement About Balticon 50

Top 10 Posts For May 2016

Was it the title or the topics that made “Baying and Nothingness” the best-read Scroll in May? Will R’s phrase drew many compliments. But never underestimate the drawing power of Timothy the Talking Cat.

These were the 10 most-viewed posts in May according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 5/1/16 Baying and Nothingness
  2. Pixel Scroll 5/3/16 The Seven Pixel Scrollution
  3. Three Possible Hugo Voting Alternatives
  4. Pixel Scroll 5/4/16 (Take Another) Piece Of My Artificial Heart
  5. Pixel Scroll 5/2/16 Ancillary Mary Sue
  6. Analyzing EPH
  7. Pixel Scroll 5/5/16 The Barnacles of Narnia
  8. Pixel Scroll 5/19/16 I Am Not In The Scroll Of Common Men
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/24/16 Bark Side Of the Moon
  10. Pixel Scroll 5/6/16 Waggin’ Train

And, Scrolls excluded, these 7 came next on the list of most-read posts in May.

  1. Castalia Blog Posts Excluded from Hugo Packet
  2. They’d Rather Free Ride: Hugos and Game Theory (Proposal Discussion Thread 4)
  3. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  4. Kritzer, Lady Business Added to Hugo Ballot
  5. MidAmeriCon II Posts Weapons Policy
  6. 2016 Nebula Awards Winners
  7. 2016 Hugo Voter Packet Released by MidAmeriCon II

Waiting for File 770 #166

By Yeh Shao-Weng:

It must be because he hates clogs on his moss
I knocked ten times still his gate stayed closed
but spring can’t be kept locked in a garden
a branch of red blossoms reached past the wall

Sent to me by John Hertz during National Poetry Month, this poem really is by Yeh Shao-Weng the 13th Century Chinese poet. John quoting it in Vanamonde 1192 didn’t mention File 770, nor did he say Yeh’s real title was what I put above. I can’t claim authority to speak for a Sung Dynasty author, but I think I know what’s on John’s mind — because he has a lot of material in the next issue. I really do hope to publish File 770 #166 this spring.


From John’s notes: The poem can be found in Red Pine tr., Poems of the Masters (2003), the original in four lines of seven Chinese characters each on p. 228 and Red Pine’s translation on p. 229.  The literary name Red Pine is the Taoist immortal Ch‘i Sung, Lord of Rain under Shen Nung, the legendary inventor of agriculture.  The anthology, in Chinese named Ch‘ien-chia Shih, literally A Thousand Poems of the Masters, is sometimes called the Thousand Poems for short; the translator left out “thousand” since it’s clearly figurative, there being two hundred poems.  About the poem he says, “The Chinese often use moss as a ground cover in their gardens … the clogs … had two high wooden ridges on the bottom, one in front and one in back….  The red blossoms are those of the apricot….  The last line is quite famous but was originally part of an earlier poem by Lu Yu (1125-1210) entitled ‘Written on Horseback’” (p. 228).  About the anthology he says, “for the past eight centuries, it has been the most-memorized collection of verse in China and part of every student’s education” (p. 5).

Top 10 Posts For April 2016

Sure, the Hugos were the biggest story in April, and the impact of the slates was the biggest Hugo story. However, the new Dragon Awards, and David A. Riley’s reasons for leaving a Horror Writers of America awards jury, were pretty big news too.

Here are dual Top 10 lists – the leading Pixel Scrolls, and the best-read news posts.

Top 10 News Posts

  1. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  2. Dragon Con Launches Its Own SF Awards
  3. Thomas A. Mays Withdraws His Hugo-Nominated Story
  4. SFWA Mass Autographing May 13
  5. Riley Off HWA Award Jury
  6. 2016 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Shortlist
  7. No Time For Yeomen (Don’t Tell Janice Rand)
  8. HWA on Bram Stoker Award Jury Controversy
  9. What Did You Nominate for the 2016 Hugos?
  10. Status Report

Top Ten Scrolls

  1. Pixel Scroll 4/28/16 All My Hugos
  2. Pixel Scroll 4/6/2016 I Saw A Scroll Drinking A Pina Colada At Trader Vic’s, His Pixel Was Perfect
  3. Pixel Scroll 4/18/16 It’s Better To Pixel Out, Than To Scroll Away
  4. Pixel Scroll 4/8/16 “…And He Built A Crooked Mouse.”
  5. Pixel Scroll 4/27/16 One Pup, Two Pup, Mad Pup, Sad Pup.
  6. Pixel Scroll 4/9/16 Little Old Lady Got Nominated Late Last Night
  7. Pixel Scroll 4/20/16 Through the Scrolling-Glass
  8. Pixel Scroll 4/29/16 Dr. Strangelist
  9. Pixel Scroll 4/7/16 Pixels On Earth, Fifth To All Mankind
  10. Pixel Scroll 4/17/16 Hives of Light



Suggestion Box For File 770’s Entry in Hugo Voter Packet

In very short order I am expected to send File 770’s entry for the Hugo Voter Packet.

It’s going to be a PDF, because you can’t just send them a page of links or something.

It will include File 770 #165.

I will add some posts. I could probably use advice on that — I doubt I will include any roundups, however, there are a lot of article-type posts to consider.

That summary post Filers Destroy Poetry will be included.

Where I particularly need help is deciding whether and how to represent the comments on the puppy controversies. Out of the literally thousands written here in 2015, there are no small number that could stand alone. Should I cherry pick a bunch, or not? If yes, your recommendations and the links will simplify the search.

Thanks for giving this some thought!

Status Report

File 770 was conspicuously missing in action after posting the Hugo nominees yesterday.

My internet service provider says there was no denial of service attack.

Nor was it a bandwidth issue – the plan I was on had unlimited bandwidth.

Frankly, I don’t understand the explanation but it amounts to the system thinking I had maxed out a different service metric. The solution was to upgrade. That’s why we’re back on the air. (Hooray!)

Every silver lining has a cloud, unfortunately. When they migrated my files to the new server, they lost everything after April 22. Tech was unable to say why.

I reconstructed all the lost posts using Google cache files. But I couldn’t make the new posts use the old permalinks, so if you want somebody to find them, send them the new link. And unfortunately the comments aren’t there, because these are “new” posts.

2016 Recommended SF/F List


By JJ: This thread is for posts about 2016-published works, which people have read and recommend to other Filers.

There will be no tallying of recommendations done in this thread; its purpose is to provide a source of recommendations for people who want to find something to read which will be Hugo-eligible next year.

You don’t have to stop recommending works in Pixel Scrolls, please don’t! But it would be nice if you also post here, to capture the information for other readers.

The Suggested Format for posts is:

  • Title, Author, Published by / Published in (Anthology, Collection, Website, or Magazine + Issue)
  • Hugo Category: (Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Related Work, Graphic Novel, etc)
  • link (if available to read/view online)
  • optional “Brief, spoiler-free description of story premise:”
  • optional “What I liked and didn’t like about it:”

There is a permalink to this thread in the blog header.

Book_shelves_UWI_Library COMP

Filers Destroy Pixel Scroll

Filers proved today there is no such thing as an innocent question….

Bonnie McDaniel

By the way, since this is National Poetry Month, are we having Scroll titles based on poems?

The other Nigel

T’was Brillig and the Pixel Scroll did gyre and gimble in the web

Soon Lee

Two Pixels diverged in a Scroll, and I
I took the one less traveled by,


Whan that Aprille, with hise pixels soote,
The scroll of March hath perced to the roote . . .

Jack Lint

Scroll Season!
Pixel Season!

Kip W.

Come file with me and read my scroll
And we shall prove the pixels droll
That Hugos, books, shows, and things,
Fans and working writers brings.

And we will crawl about the Net
And hear of famous folk we’ve met
And if your joy be piqued to stroll
Come file with me and read my scroll.

Jack Lint

In the middle of the web in the land of Glyer
Lives a brave little pixel whom we all admire.

I’ll just stop here as I’m not even sure if Glyer and admire rhyme.

Steve Wright

A Glyer who bore, ‘mid snow and ice
A pixel with the scroll device

Jim Henley

Downward to pixels on extended scrolls.
For the Scroll’s more full of pixels
Than you can understand.

The Scroll That Through the Vile Hive Drives the Pixel.
The scroll of pixels isn’t hard to master.
Pixel is Scroll; Scroll, Pixel. That
Is all ye file and all ye need to file.

The apparition of these pixels in the scroll:
Items in a vile, long File.
Before I’d build a pixel
I’d ask what I was scrolling in or out.

Stoic Cynic

@Mike Glyer
I can recognize a rhyme, it’s meter that always gets my goat

Well you know what they say:

Don’t do the rhyme if you can’t do the time….

Will R.

Oh Pixel, My Pixel (from the Dead Scrollers Society).

Stoic Cynic

I blame @Will R:

O PIXEL! my Pixel! our fearful trip is done;
The scroll has weathered every troll, the talk we sought is won;
The Hugo is near, Worldcon I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady File, the website bright and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where in ‘older posts’ my pixel lies,
Fallen cold, unread.

Greg Hullender

Pixels, pixels everywhere
And all the scrolls did link.
Pixels, pixels everywhere
Nor any pup to think.
(From “The Rime of the Ancient Filerscum.”

Stoic Cynic

Where there’s a slate, there’s a way!
Where there’s a slate, there’s a way!
Where there’s a slate…

We want to vote the straight ticket today,
But Space Butt Raptor seems just so… outre’
We’re gonna gambit that gambit all day

Where there’s a slate, there’s a way!
Left, Right.
(LEFT?!? WHO LET THAT SJW IN HERE! SKIN HIM!!!) *clangs, shouts, singing resumes*
Where there’s a slate, there’s a way

Right, right.
Right, right.
Right, right.

With apologies to Rankin Bass


Peace Is My Middle Name

This is last year’s, but still …

The Puppies is a slate, ma lads, for the Hugo Prize she’s bound,
And the quay it is aa garnished wi bonnie fanboyz round.
Captain Torgersen he orders tae vote the Puppies high,
He’ll fetch himself a Hugo, lads, or know the reason why.


And it’s cheer up, ma lads, let yer hearts fill wi hate.
When the Sad and Rabid Puppies nab the Hugos for the slate.

Along the quays at Puppyheim the fanboys stand aroond,
Their angst all pulled aboot them and the salt tears rinnin doon.

Oh, don’t you weep, my bonnie Pups, though ye’ll be left behind.
For the Beale will pal wi’ Scalzi, before we change our mind.

Here’s a health tae the Son o’ Torger, likewise the John C. Wright,
Here’s a health tae the Monster Hunter, and the fans who fight the fight.

We wear the trenchcoats o the brown, an fedoras o the gray,
We’ll pack the slate wi Pups me lad, we cannae lose that way.

It’ll be bright baith day and night when the Puppy lads come hame,
Wi a load of Puppy Hugos, boys, and money tae oor name.

Like the ships all crushed in ice, me lads, while fishing for the whale,
We’ll try and try and try again until the Pups prevail.