Top 10 Posts for March 2017

We only need one list this time around because four news posts broke the Scroll’s customary monopoly on the Top 10. And I assure you none of these items are April Fools, improbable as that may seem from the story lines.

Fans avidly followed posts tracing Amazon’s brief suppression of a Castalia House imitation/parody of the John Scalzi’s new book. And the top-ranked Pixel Scroll was galvanized by six comments Vox Day left harassing Rev. Bob about the one-star review he gave that goon book on Amazon.

Here are the 10 most-read posts in March according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 3/22/17 I Scroll The Pixel Electric
  2. Amazon Yanks Castalia House’s “The Corroding Empire”
  3. Amazon Keeps Freeze on Sales of Castalia’s “Corrosion”
  4. What Did You Nominate for the 2017 Hugos?
  5. Pixel Scroll 3/27/17 On The Gripping Hand Of Darkness
  6. Pixel Scroll 3/24/17 No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 3/23/17 I Fifth The Pixel Electric
  8. Rabid Puppies 2017 Arrives
  9. Pixel Scroll 3/19/17 1984 Was Not Supposed To Be An Instruction Manual!
  10. Pixel Scroll 3/29/17 “Scrolls! They Were Inwented By A Little Old Lady From Pixelgrad!”

2017 Recommended SF/F List

By JJ: This thread is for posts about 2017-published works, which people have read and recommend to other Filers.

There will be no tallying of recommendations done in this thread; its purpose is to provide a source of recommendations for people who want to find something to read which will be Hugo-eligible next year.

You don’t have to stop recommending works in Pixel Scrolls, please don’t! But it would be nice if you also post here, to capture the information for other readers.

The Suggested Format for posts is:

  • Title, Author, Published by / Published in (Anthology, Collection, Website, or Magazine + Issue)
  • Hugo Category: (Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Related Work, Graphic Novel, etc)
  • link (if available to read/view online)
  • optional “Brief, spoiler-free description of story premise:”
  • optional “What I liked and didn’t like about it:”
  • (Please rot-13 any spoilers.)

There is a permalink to this thread in the blog header.

Top 10 Posts For February 2017

In February’s most-read post a link to Rawle Nyanzi’s discussion of the Pulp Revolution fueled comments about everything from to Doc Savage to Jeffro’s Appendix N.

Here are the Top 10 posts for February according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 2/1/17 We Had Scrolls, We Had Fun, We Had Pixels In The Sun
  2. Pixel Scroll 1/31/17 Is It A Scroll? Is It A File? No, Its Super-Pixel!
  3. Pixel Scroll 2/2/17 If You Give A Kzin A Kazoo…
  4. Jon Del Arroz Off BayCon 2017 Program, Claims Decision Is Politically Motivated
  5. Pixel Scroll 2/13/17 Scroll Me The Pixel Of Alfredo Garcia
  6. Pixel Scroll 2/15/17 Do These Protocol Breeches Make My Throne Look Fat?
  7. Pixel Scroll 2/23/17 We Scroll Not Because It Is Easy, But Because It Is Hard
  8. Pixel Scroll 2/19/17 Put A Pinch Of Pixel Into Five Cups Of Scrolls And Knead Until It Becomes Lembas
  9. Pixel Scroll 2/27/17 That’s it! Scroll Over Man, Scroll Over!
  10. Pixel Scroll 2/12/17 Who Knows What Pixels Lurk In The Heart Of Scrolls?

Leading the list of non-Scrolls with the greatest readership was the report of Jon Del Arroz blowing the lid off BayCon’s effort to leave him off programming this year – although they had already invited him come back for 2018.  A true case of someone exposé-ing himself.

  1. Jon Del Arroz Off BayCon 2017 Program, Claims Decision Is Politically Motivated
  2. 2016 Locus Recommended Reading List Is Out
  3. Leading Critics Form Clarke Award “Shadow” Jury
  4. Ed Bryant (1945-2017)
  5. Corrected 2016 Nebula Nominees
  6. Oscar Gaffe Brings Back Memories of SF Award Blunders
  7. Weisskopf To Receive Solstice Award
  8. 2016 Nebula Award Nominees
  9. A Chance To Help Ted White
  10. Letter To A Higher Critic

Top 10 Posts of January 2017

Readers returned again and again to the most-viewed post this month to discuss Lou Antonelli’s claim that editors have been boycotting him. Traffic was stimulated by a visit from the author himself, who started by saying: “Hey Aaron, old chum, I knew you’d show up. I wanted to (sarcastically) thank you for all you did to help Donald Trump get elected President….”

Current events also stirred a strong response to John Hertz’ “A Nonconformist Among Noncomformists,” making it the most-read non-Scroll in January.

Here are the Top 10 posts for January:

  1. Pixel Scroll 1/5/17 But You Scroll One Lousy Pixel….
  2. Pixel Scroll 1/6/17 It Scrolls! It Pixels! It Makes Julienne Files!
  3. Pixel Scroll 1/4/17 Four Scrolls And Seven Pixels Ago
  4. Pixel Scroll 1/29/17 Have Space Suit, Would Travel, But Ain’t Got No Visa
  5. Pixel Scroll 1/26/17 What Is The Pixel Capacity Of A European Scroll? Laden or Unladen? Aaargh!
  6. Pixel Scroll 1/19/17 She’s Got Electric Trolls, A Pixel Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 1/7/17 And Someday, If I Can, I’m Gonna Be A Pixel Scroller Just Like My Old Man
  8. Pixel Scroll 1/11/17 Ask Not What Your Pixel Can Scroll For You; Ask What You Can Scroll For Your Pixel
  9. A Nonconformist Among Nonconformists
  10. Pixel Scroll 1/9/17 Old King Cole Had A Merry Old Scroll

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. A Nonconformist Among Nonconformists
  2. Herding Puppies
  3. The Big Three and a Lesson About Fixing Things Wrong
  4. Survey of International Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans About The Hugo Awards and the Puppies Controversy
  5. 2017 Hugo Nominations Open
  6. Take Online Survey of Shortlisted YA Award Titles
  7. “Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve” Joins Ranks of Failed Media Conventions
  8. A Speculative Kerfuffle
  9. On Another Tentacle
  10. Peter Weston (1943-2017)

Carl Slaughter Hugo Eligibility Post

By Carl Slaughter: 2016 was a good year. 225 interviews, features, profiles, reviews, essays, editorials, and news tips in three major fanzines, File 770, SF Signal, and Amazing Stories.

Ken Liu and Cixin Liu at the Autograph Session during SFWA Nebula Weekend 2015.

Ken Liu and Cixin Liu at the Autograph Session during SFWA Nebula Weekend 2015.

This includes the first English interview with Liu Cixin (Liu Cixin, The 3 Body Problem, and the Growth of SF in China), exclusive author commentary from Michael Swanwick (Swanwick Sets the Frame for his Mongolian Wizard Series; and Michael Swanwick On His (Many) Short Story Collections); interviews with Ann Leckie, Tina Connolly, Jason Sanford, Kris Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith (man that guy cranks out the volume), Kevin J. Anderson (man that guy cranks out the volume), Jonathan Maberry (man that guy cranks out the volume), and Mike Resnick (man that guy cranks out the volume); editors and publishers of Clarkesworld (Neil Clarke), Starship Sofa (Jeremy Szal), Escape Pod (Alasdair Stuart), and Amazing Stories (Steve Davidson); so many SWFA and HWA administrators and former administrators I lost count (M.C.A. Hogarth, Kate Baker, Lee Martindale); a couple of game pioneers; a couple of Hollywood script writers and novelizers; and a fistful of awesome debut authors.

Ann Leckie

Ann Leckie

Features on a horde of series and trilogy authors, including the Joe Ledger, Hard Luck Hank, Young Wizards, and Shannara series. Several anthologies and encyclopedias. Popular discussions about cover art (Describe Your Favorite Cover Art) and piracy. Fascinating and controversial memories from Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury and the Power of the Subconscious in Storytelling; Ray Bradbury Versus the Idiots.)

Launched a series of guest essays (Rick Deckard: Overrated!, Carl Slaughter’s Open Letter to the CEO of Google; Techno Dystopia Premise; Fiction Philosophy) and a series about themed stories by debut authors.

None of this would have been possible without Mike Glyer, whose feature designs are second only to John DeNardo and whose turnaround time is blinding compared to other zine editors. Mike has been working hard to expand news coverage of books. 2016 is equally the fruit of his labor.

Top 20 Posts of 2016

Happy New Year! Here are the most-viewed posts from the past year with notes explaining what helped make them so.

While I was laid up in the hospital, Filers rallied around to keep the place buzzing and did such an awesome job some of these posts had the most traffic of the year.

This was the place to look if you wanted to know how many Rabid Puppy nominees landed on the final Hugo ballot.

This Scroll was the last one up before I was hospitalized, and with service interrupted got about a week’s worth of hits.

Another all-hands effort with a lot of participation.

This report tried to satisfy curiosity about the Dragon Awards ceremony.

Vivienne Raper debating people about Sad Puppies drew large numbers of comments, and follow-up discussion about Mark Oshiro’s ConQuest complaints (see #8) accounted for the rest.

Somebody who didn’t realize the public could read them planning to disrupt Goodreads ended up getting the Rabid Puppies Group and Vox Day booted from the site 36 hours after they set up shop.

Two-time Hugo nominated fanwriter Mark Oshiro (Mark Watches Star Trek), ConQuesT’s Fan Guest of Honor in 2015, publicly aired his grievances about the racism, sexual harassment, and abuse he experienced at the con after working within the con’s complaint process produced no action.

Not expecting his Goodreads account would be deleted by next morning, Vox Day dropped in to make a provocative comment about it that kept people busy the rest of the day.

People liveblogged the meeting and discussed the many motions intended to make the Hugos less vulnerable to slating.

Program organizer Darrell Schweitzer learned never to name a panel “Spicy Oriental Zeppelin Stories,” among other things.

GRRM’s takedown of John C. Wright, and allegations that a Rabid Puppies choice for Best Fan Artists had created kiddie porn, fueled the day’s discussions.

Filers’ love for used bookstores, and vastly divergent views about what is the proper format for dates, drew hundreds of comments.

Vox Day convinced Black Gate to oust Foz Meadows’ guest post in which she referred to him as a “neo-Nazi.”

John C. Wright dropped by to disagree with a line in the day’s Scroll, ”John C. Wright deconstructed George R.R. Martin’s reconciliation post in ‘Peace on Mars, Good Will Toward Puppies.’” He admonished the editor “Please do not spread a false impression or create an appearance of division in the one case where none exists.” That kept people busy for days.

You’d be amazed how many comments can be stirred up by a discussion about the meaning of names in their original languages.

A news item triggered an extended argument about the difference between free speech and unbridled assholism when commenting about religion.

Comments on the concept of Twitter shadowbanning generated both heat and light, and continued alongside a discussion of whether pants-dropping at ConQuest was art or offense.

19. Pixel Scroll 4/28/16 All My Hugos

While some debated whether no-platforming the Puppies would work, others noodled improvements to E Pluribus Hugo, and Pixel Frost contributed the definitive Paulk’s Tavern poem which begins —

Whose bar this is I think I know
She’s on another planet though
And yet it can’t be sci-fi here
The bar’s a tavern, and there’s snow

Special guest troll KT kept people worked up for a week about a topic RedWombat summed up in this comment:

So KT tried to imply that Con or Bust gave Alexandra Erin money, and has no proof and refuses to look it up, but is really worked up about it, despite not knowing if it’s true. That’s…

Top 10 Posts For November 2016

Sarah A. Hoyt’s announcement of the fifth annual running of the mournful mutts attracted the most rolling eyes last month.

Even more than the Pixel Scroll in second place — a roundup of what sff authors had to say about Donald Trump being elected to the White House. (Priorities, people, please!) 😉

Here are the Top 10 posts for November

  1. Going To The Dogs Again
  2. Pixel Scroll 11/9/16 The Pixel Was Already Scrolling When I Lay Down On It
  3. Pixel Scroll 11/14/16 The Fen From S.C.R.O.L.L. And P.I.X.E.L.
  4. Pixel Scroll 11/1/16 We Have Scrolled The Pixel, And It Is Us
  5. Pixel Scroll 11/8/16 When We Scrolled The Pixels On Board, We Thought They Were Cute
  6. Pixel Scroll 11/24/16 And He Pixeled A Crooked Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 11/18/16 R.U.R. Or R.U.Ain’t (My Baby)
  8. Pixel Scroll 11/23/16 A Pixel On All Your Houses
  9. Pixel Scroll 11/10/16 I Grow Old… I Grow Old… I Shall Wear The Bottoms Of My Pixels Scrolled
  10. Pixel Scroll 11/12/16 Like A Scroll On A Wire; Like A Pixel In A Midnight Choir

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. Going To The Dogs Again
  2. Barkley — Since You (Didn’t) Ask — Trumplandia, Weeks One and Two
  3. Carl Slaughter’s Open Letter to the CEO of Google
  4. Northern California Fans Find 56 Flags, Pro-Trump Slogans on Lawn
  5. Worldcon 75 Posts Its Code of Conduct
  6. Crystal Huff Resigns as Co-Chair of Worldcon 75
  7. After The Fall – Walter Jon Williams’ Praxis Universe
  8. Spoilers Ahead: Open Discussion of the Movie Arrival
  9. MACII’s Code of Conduct Response Procedures Posted
  10. Famed Tanith Lee Series Coming Out From DAW

Top 10 Posts for October 2016

Last month’s most-read Scroll reported Worldcon 75 and Dave Weingart’s parting of the ways.

However, two other posts gave the Scrolls a run for their money.

(1) Once again someone on Reddit pointed to File 770’s post about Terry Pratchett’s coat-of-arms, producing thousands of hits in a two-day period. Amazing how that works.

And (2) Vox Day released Infogalactic, a Wikipedia clone designed to be more to his readers’ taste.

Here are the top 10 posts for October.

  1. Pixel Scroll 10/8/16 No Pixel Necessary, No Scroll Needed
  2. Pixel Scroll 10/16/16 Ticking Pixels To A Cat
  3. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
  4. Vox Day Launches Infogalactic, Rival to Wikipedia
  5. Pixel Scroll 10/7/16 You Keep Using That Pixel. I Do Not Thing It Scrolls How You Think It Does
  6. Pixel Scroll 10/24/16 I’m Free. I’m Free, And Waiting For Scroll To Pixel Me
  7. Pixel Scroll 10/20/16 Pixeled In The Scroll By My Own Pixel
  8. Pixel Scroll 10/19/16 The Pixel With The Ticks Will Be The Scroll That Is Droll
  9. Pixel Scroll 10/23/16 Earth Scrolls Are Easy
  10. Pixel Scroll 10/17/16 Scrolls From Topographic Pixels

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
  2. Vox Day Launches Infogalactic, Rival to Wikipedia
  3. Sunil Patel Interview
  4. More Publishers Cut Ties With Sunil Patel
  5. Best Series Hugo: Eligible Series
  6. Worldcon 75 Apologizes for ‘Grave Mishandling’ of Weingart Firing
  7. The 1980 Timewarp Project
  8. Charles Stross and the Laundry Files
  9. Describe Your Favorite Cover Art
  10. D.Douglas Fratz (1952-2016)

Top 10 Posts For September 2016

Last month everybody wanted to talk about the first Dragon Award winners, not least the winners themselves. And the Hugos are always a popular discussion topic, sparked this time by Worldcon 75’s announcement of its experimental Best Series Hugo category.

Here are Top 10 posts for September 2016, Scrolls included

  1. First Dragon Awards Presented
  2. A Holiday Weekend With Comments 9/3
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/15/16 Scroll On the Water, Pixels In The Sky
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/19/16 Scroll Like A Pixel Day
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/14/16 A Trans-Atlantic Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Hurrah!
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/13/16 I Know Why The Crottled Greep Pings
  7. Talking About SF 9/5
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/25/16 Keep Your Scrolls Close, But Keep Your Pixels Closer
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/8/16 Happy Birthday Star Trek
  10. Dragon Award Winners Responses

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. First Dragon Awards Presented
  2. Dragon Award Winners Responses
  3. Collected Classic SF By Women
  4. Worldcon 75 Chair Responds
  5. Dave Kyle (1919-2016)
  6. Furry Murder
  7. Helsinki To Run Best Series Hugo
  8. Digital Assistants at the Forefront of AI
  9. 2016 Recommended SF/F List
  10. Valente Wins First Eugie Foster Award

Thank You to the Sponsors of Park 770

On April 24, it was proposed that Filers, as a group, sponsor a park bench in the MidAmeriCon II Fan Village.

Response was so tremendous that we ended up sponsoring two parks, decorated with foliage and exotic miscellanea and benches with engraved plaques.

WIN_20160818_13_22_32_Pro (2)

WIN_20160818_13_21_48_Pro (2)

WIN_20160818_13_32_17_Pro (2)

WIN_20160819_13_58_03_Pro (2)

JJ set up a draft of this post for me, but I was hospitalized before I could finish editing the photos and working up the layout. Today is the day!

Thank You to the Filers who donated to sponsor Park 770:

list order created with a random-number generator — because how else would SF geeks do it???

  • Cathy Green
  • Lisa Harrigan
  • Heather Rose Jones
  • Stoic Cynic
  • DMS
  • Laura Watkins
  • Robin Reid
  • Travis Creason
  • Jim Henley
  • Kevin Chollman
  • Keith Stevenson
  • Willard Stone
  • Elise Matthesen
  • Lenore Jones
  • Linda Lewis
  • Susan Johnson
  • Christopher Gerrib
  • Soon Lee
  • Dawn Incognito
  • Hampus Eckerman
  • Tony Cullen
  • Bret Grandrath
  • Tasha Turner Lennhoff
  • Brian Vander Veen
  • Andrew Kuchling
  • JJ
  • Lowell Gilbert
  • Bonnie McDaniel
  • TYP
  • Levana Taylor
  • Mark-kitteh
  • Cassy Beach
  • bookworm 1398
  • StephenfromOttawa
  • Sylvia Sotomayor
  • Ursula Vernon
  • Naomi Kritzer
  • Greg Machlin
  • Doctor Science
  • Geoff Thorpe
  • Kendall
  • Charon Dunn
  • Doire
  • snowcrash
  • tofu
  • Simon Bisson
  • Mimse
  • Leslie C
  • Kimberly Kohn
  • Mike O’Donnell
  • Chris S
  • Cally Soukup
  • Lydia Nickerson

And, just to prove that we are truly a Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy, here are the SJW Credentials of Filer Donors:

Tasha Turner Lennhoff

  • Lucky

Tasha Turner Lenhoff and Lucky

Stoic Cynic

  • Princess and the Pea



  • Jake


Soon Lee

  • Tickee


Cally S.

  • Spats



  • T.B. Kahuna


Robin Anne Reid

  • Luthien


Guess what – the all black boy is Sooty. Minnie is no longer mini, but much reduced from her attempt to grow bigger than Sooty’s predecessor.


  • Minnie and Sooty


Doctor Science

  • Sneakers



  • Tweek and Penwiper (aka The Cat From Hell)



  • The Doctor and Sextus


jonesnori/Lenore Jones

  • Pogo, Betty, Shadow (of blessed memory), Magpie


Hampus Eckerman

  • Top left: Fred Lower left: Eddie Lower right: Dizze


Dawn Incognito

  • Tunafish


  • MissieMaya


Bonnie McDaniel

  • Sweetie



  • Sam and Bubba.


Naomi Kritzer

  • Emily
  • Balto
  • Cassie McFluff

(Pictured below: Cassie McFluff, aka Fluffypants.)


Sylvia Sotomayor

The cat is DC, which stands for “Dazed and Confused”, “Darn Cute”, “Damn Cat”, “Demanding and Complaining”, and anything else we can come up with. She’s 15 in this pic (16 now), and this shows her hanging out in the garden, waiting for a lizard to show up.



Here’s a pic of me and a couple of SJW Kitties guarding the TBR pile.

Er, Tigerman and Lionman?


Cassy B.

  • Sebastian


Heather Rose Jones

I don’t have a current SJW credential, but it occurred to me that “tree-hugger” is a SJW credential, so I supply here a picture of me and my huggable tree, which does not have a name.


(Apologies in advance for any mistakes; please send any corrections ASAP to mikeglyer [at]