The All-Purpose Hugo Post

Do you want to liveblog along? Comment on the proceedings? This is the place for it. Jump right in. Play along from home.

Just this moment I am sitting in the back of the hall where the pre- and post-Hugo show will be broadcast. But I soon will migrate to the auditorium. They fixed me up with a seat in press row, which was very kind.

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  1. I will be lurking and commenting and watching @mightymur’s live-tweeting.

    Also drinking. Yes. This half bottle of Merlot ain’t gonna finish itself.

  2. My Hugo votes, just to go on the record:


    • Novella: No Award

    • Novelette: No Award/“The Day the World Turned Upside Down”

    • Short Story: No Award

    • Related Work: No Award



    • Dramatic Presentation (short): No vote (didn’t see enough of them)

    • Editor (short form): No Award

    • Editor (long form): No Award

    • Pro Artist: Julie Dillon/No Award


    • Fanzine: No Award


    • Fan Writer: Laura J. Mixon/No Award/Jeffro Johnson

    • Fan Artist: Elizabeth Leggett/Brad Foster/No Award

    • Campbell Award: Wesley Chu/No Award/Kary English

    I’ll be in Row H Seat 56, finding out if other voters agreed with me…

  3. Thanks for the link.

    If Ann Leckie wins again, puppy heads will explode. Luckily not many of them attended.

  4. No, see, if Ancillary or Goblin win best novel it will be a Puppy victory because it will prove they were right about the awards being rigged in favor of books non-Puppies enjoy.

  5. Well, if Kurt is going to go on record, I guess I can, too. Let’s see if I can remember my votes or find a copy of my final ballot (some categories, such as Graphic Story, were rearranged right up to the deadline):

    NOVEL: Ancillary Sword; Goblin Emperor; 3BP; No Award
    NOVELLA: No Award
    NOVELETTE: No Award
    SHORT STORY: No Award
    RELATED WORK: No Award
    GRAPHIC STORY: Sex Criminals; Ms. Marvel; Saga; Rat Queens; No Award
    BDP Long: Edge of Tomorrow; Captain America; No Award; Interstellar; Guardians; Lego
    BDP Short: Doctor Who; Orphan Black; No Award; Game of Thrones
    EDITOR Long: No Award
    EDITOR Short: No Award
    PRO ARTIST: Julie Dillon; No Award
    FAN ARTIST: Brad Foster; Ninni Aalto; Steve Stiles; Elizabeth Leggett; Spring Schoenhuth
    FAN WRITER: Laura Mixon; No Award
    FANCAST: Galactic Suburbia; Tea and Jeopardy; No Award
    FANZINE: Journey Planet; No Award
    SEMIPROZINE: Lightspeed; Strange Horizons; Beneath Ceaseless Skies; No Award
    CAMPBELL: Chu; No Award; English

    How much did the slates disgust me? I NO AWARDed Interstellar and Guardians, which I myself nominated.

  6. Mike,

    you richly deserve to be in the press row; you have reported the true story for many months . Have fun!

  7. Argh not until 10 pm Central Time (where I’m at). I usually walk my puppies (who are rarely sad and never rabid and who resent ridiculous two-leggers who claim to be any sort of canine, talk about getting above themselves) at 9:30 ish or so, then off to bed.

    Rats. I may sneak a quick peek via my smart phone if I’m awake (after settling ALL the puppies–it’s complicated this week because housemate is gone–I usually read a while. Sometimes a long while. I’m currently re-reading N. K. Jemisin’s BRILLIANT Fifth Season</em, so, erm, I may be up a bit late.

    Cannot be too late because doggies must be walked fairly early in the morning before Texas heat sets in, not to mention other potential problems.

  8. Exploding heads is the sort of talk the Puppies use. I’m not entirely comfortable using it.

    Good luck to all the nominees.

  9. @rrede:

    I too am in a place poorly arranged for the timing. Ah well, it had to be so somewhere.

  10. For those wanting to get to bed but not miss crucial news, I can report that earlier this evening I awarded the following personal Hugos via Twitter:

    Best Novelette – “The Litany of Earth”, Ruthanna Emrys
    Best Short Story – “Jackalope Wives”, Ursula Vernon.

  11. I took a nap this afternoon so I could stay up for the whole ceremony. It doesn’t start until 11 PM my time, so it will be well into my tomorrow before it ends.

  12. I’m going to freep the Jim Henley personal hugos and force through a special award for God Stalk.

    And to pay for my crime you may demand I buy you a beverage at any con we both attend.

  13. I wouldn’t count Gilbert or Resnick winning as editors as Puppy victories. I think they could have been nominated without the slates.

  14. Maybe I should take a look at GOD STALK (bought the combined first two volumes on my kindle a few days ago, goodness knows why I felt impelled to do so, just haven’t had time to start a new book with the current essay and syllabi).

  15. Gilbert or Resnick winning is arguably a Draw under my “system” (har har).

    @Iphinome: If giving a special award to God Stalk is a crime, then execute me! But I’ll be at Capclave if you’re buying…

  16. @Jim Henley Finances tend to confine me to the Chicago area right now but they aren’t so bad that I can’t afford a drink so the offer will remain open.

  17. Argh! Don’t say syllabus! Mine are a disaster, I am using a new text this semester in one class which approaches topics in a totally different order and I am trying to ignore the whole mess long enough to follow at least some of the Hugo Awards. All you have to do to send me into nervous palpitations is mention syllabi, prep or school.

    ETA: I got Godstalk for my Kindle too. I am reading middle grade and YA stuff right now though – about all my poor brain can handle while I am trying to prep geochemistry.

  18. Yeah. The panel is on with Scalzi discussing the pups. Tried to record it – no luck.

  19. I also can’t figure out how to get rid of the stupid Adobe Flash Player setting window in the middle of the live stream (new laptop). That is gonna get annoying.

  20. Best Novel: 1. Three Body Problem 2. Ancillary Sword 3. The Goblin Emperor 4. No Award
    Best Novella: No Award. Alternate Universe Hugo: Grand Jeté (The Great Leap) by Rachel Swirsky
    Best Novelette: No Award. Alternate Universe Hugo: The Husband Stitch by Carmen Maria Machado
    Best Short Story: No Award. Alternate Universe Hugo: Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon.
    Best Related Work: No Award. Alternate Universe Hugo: The Last War in Albion (various chapters) Philip Sandifer
    Best Graphic Work: 1. Ms Marvel , 2. Saga , 3. Sex Criminals 4. Rat Queens 5. No Award
    Best Dramatic – Long: All good. I put Edge of Tomorrow as 1 but now I want the Lego Movie to win.
    Best Dramatic – Short.1. Doctor Who: Listen, 2. Orphan Black: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried 3. No Award
    Best Victory Condition: David Gerrold shouts ‘Mornington Crescent’

  21. I do hope Butcher is above No Award. I don’t think he should win but he is a nice guy – he isn’t a puppy.

  22. Normally I would give a writer like Butcher the benefit of the doubt, but I would rank this amongst the worst of the Dresden books(and I have them all), so I couldn’t put it above NA even though my ranking standards seem a bit less stringant than some people who comment here.

  23. Aww, thank you, guys!

    I voted Goblin Emperor, Ms. Marvel, Lightspeed, Dillon, Mixon, and…bugger if I can remember Dramatic. There were a couple good ones.

    Alternate Universe, I’d still give it to Goblin, but I’d want Girl With All The Gifts to get a nomination, and as flattered as I am by your Alternate Universe votes, I have a Hugo already, and I’d want Eugie Foster to win in memoriam. There will be other years for me.

  24. I’m flagging too much to stay up and watch, but I expect a full report in the morning. 😉 My votes, roughly:

    Novel: The Goblin Emperor; Ancillary Sword; Three Body Problem
    Novella: No Award
    Novelette: The Day the World Turned Upside Down; No Award; The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale; Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium
    Short Story: No Award; Totaled
    Related Work: No Award; The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF; Why Science is Never Settled
    Graphic Story: Saga vol. 3; Rat Queens vol. 1; Ms Marvel vol. 1; Sex Criminals vol. 1; No Award
    Dramatic Presentation (Long): Edge of Tomorrow; Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Guardians of the Galaxy; Lego Movie
    Dramatic Presentation (Short): Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”; No Award; The Flash: “Pilot”; Doctor Who: “Listen”
    Professional Editor (Short Form): Jennifer Brozek; Mike Resnick; No Award; Edmund R. Schubert
    Professional Editor (Long Form): Sheila Gilbert; Anne Sowards; No Award; Jim Minz; Toni Weisskopf
    Professional Artist: Julie Dillon; No Award; Nick Greenwood; Alan Pollack
    Semiprozine: Lightspeed Magazine; Strange Horizons; Beneath Ceaseless Skies
    Fanzine: Journey Planet; No Award; Black Gate
    Fancast: Tea and Jeopardy; Galactic Suburbia Podcast; No Award
    Fan Writer: Laura J Mixon; No Award; Jeffro Johnson
    Fan Artist: Elizabeth Leggett; Spring Schoenhuth; Steve Stiles; Ninni Aalto; Brad W Foster
    John W. Campbell Award: Wesley Chu; No Award; Kary English

    My main wish is for The Goblin Emperor to win, because I loved it. Voting Edge of Tomorrow above Winter Soldier was a bit painful, but in the end I felt it delivered more interesting speculativeishness, and I wanted that to be a tie-breaker considering the award in question (rather than the other tie-breaker I considered, which consisted of “which of these films had Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers in it” – beautiful cinnamon roll, etc. – not that there’s anything wrong with the characters in EoT, and the romantic relationship was particularly refreshing).

    ETA: Alternative Universe Hugo would go to Eugie Foster if I had my way, too. I liked that story a great deal and the circumstances of its being prevented from having a fair chance at reaching the ballot annoy me.

  25. @Jim Henley well if you want to collect then gmail me and I’ll do what I can to meet my obligations

  26. Glad I loaded the UStream early – didn’t know they’d be livestreaming other things, and the panel is fascinating – hearing people say, and expand upon, out loud what I’ve seen them say online is kind of surreal.

  27. RedWombat on August 22, 2015 at 7:24 pm said:

    Aww, thank you, guys!

    And when I picked it out some time ago as a comparison work to judge the nominees against I hadn’t made the connection in my head. So, thanks – it was nice to read something actually good while I was reading all the yurky-ick in the Hugo Packet.

  28. One of the perks about living in Hawaii is almost everything is on at a reasonable hour (also ignoring my syllabus, which needs a ton of work).

  29. No, see, if Ancillary or Goblin win best novel it will be a Puppy victory because it will prove they were right about the awards being rigged in favor of books non-Puppies enjoy.

    What we talk about when we talk about moving goalposts.

    Sorry, I was just rewatching Birdman and I’ve got Raymond Carver on the brain.

    As for victory conditions, I am thinking Major Victory. Am I being ridiculously optimistic? Maybe I’ve spent too much time lurking among the pinko commenters on File 770.

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