The All-Purpose Hugo Post

Do you want to liveblog along? Comment on the proceedings? This is the place for it. Jump right in. Play along from home.

Just this moment I am sitting in the back of the hall where the pre- and post-Hugo show will be broadcast. But I soon will migrate to the auditorium. They fixed me up with a seat in press row, which was very kind.

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  1. The chat in the livestream is overwhelmed with trolls, fyi. Just switch the tab over to one of the other options to block all that stuff out.

  2. Martin doesn’t want EPH or 4/6. So odd. I went to get Popcorn. Did Scalzi say anything about EPH or 4/6.

  3. For whatever reason I can’t see the comments. They are frozen.

    For an identical experience, go browse 4chan. And no, I’m exaggerating at all.

  4. Ufff. 10:45pm here. Should be in bed. Pretty sure I can’t stay awake 2 hours but….

    Hugo Votes I remember real fast (this is on the edit timer)
    Ancillary Sword / Goblin Emperor / TBP / No Award.
    No award on all short fiction
    No Award / The Hot Equations
    Ms Marvel / Rat Queens / Saga / Sex Criminals / No award

    alternate universe hugo Short Story When It Ends He Catches Her by Eugie Foster.

  5. Whoever is managing the chat stream for the Hugos needs to clean out the trolls. Pups are fine, but some of the comments are vile.

  6. Watching it from the site. Blessedly, no chat window.

    Also drinking a nice Oban 14.

  7. I’m watching the livestream on the homepage and no chat window is being shown to me. (This is not a complaint.)

  8. Tye plan was to go to sleep early and set the alarm for aboit now. Well, I could still get five minutes of shuteye…

  9. 10 minutes to go but here on the east coast of the US it’s already past my bedtime, especially because I have a 1.5 year old who wakes up around 5 am.

    As for my votes: Ancilliary barely beat out Goblin Emperor. No award to Novella, Novellete, and short story. Ms. Marvel for graphic novel. I don’t recall what my final choice for BDP was since I liked all of them aside from Interstellar.

  10. Who’s the guy ripping all the short story nominees (and some others) as unworthy right now at the preshow? I’m surprised that’s being said at this time and place. Are nominees sitting there watching him?

    Edit: I think it’s Jason Snell.

  11. BDP I voted captain america and orphan black, ms marvel in graphic novel no award in all three short fiction categories and both editor catagories.

  12. Sunny Sunday afternoon here in New Zealand. And yes, the Ustream chat comment thread is absolutely fascinating*.

    *You know the web truism that goes “don’t read the comments”? It’s that sort of fascinating.

  13. Tweet: “At #Sasquan, waiting for the #HugoAwards to start. Even the overflow area is overflowed… overflown… whatever.”

  14. So, how about we tackle the IMPORTANT Hugo Awards question? what are y’all drinking?

    Me, I’m going with blended daiquiris using fresh fruit. I’ve got peaches, and nectarines, and strawberries…that should take me through the awards.

  15. I am looking at the announcers but don’t know who they are. Who are those guys, Sundance?

  16. Rose, that sounds so good. Somehow I’ve wound up with decaf. Very boring of me.

    11:05 (EDT) and currently waiting on the 11pm (EDT) ceremony to start on live-streaming. Looks like the Hugos are starting late. COLOR ME SHOCKED!!

  17. I’m at a nice pub acrossfrom the Davenport Hotel, waiting for dinner to be served. I’ll be tracking here until fan artist is announced, because one of my companions is a Stiles partisan.
    After that I’ll be perfectly happy to wait and hear/see the results later.
    And from where we are, we’ll have a headstart getting to the parties meet&greets.
    ETA drinking a WA state German Kolsch

  18. Decaf earl grey for me. (I’m exciting!)

    Also rrede and Elisa, I feel your pain. I’m writing class notes right now.

  19. Pure lemonade — have to limit what alcohol I have due to conflicts with medications.

  20. @rcade

    See the finalist list: The Hugos proper start at the bottom with the Campbell & works its way up to finish with Best Novel. But there’s usually a few related achievement/appreciations bestowed first.

  21. Tea. English Breakfast (real, leaf tea, thanking you kindly), with milk. Was hot, cooling off while I grit my teeth over the ignorant descriptions of EPH.

  22. Blast! I will be starting work at a decidedly non-net friendly workplace just as things get going. Oh well, perhaps on my lunch break I will be able to see how it all came out in the wash. 🙁

  23. Order in the program:

    Fan Artist
    Fan Writer
    Related Work
    Graphic Story
    Editor Short
    Editor Long
    Pro Artist
    Dramatic Short
    Dramatic Long
    Short Story

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