Top 10 Posts For May 2016

Was it the title or the topics that made “Baying and Nothingness” the best-read Scroll in May? Will R’s phrase drew many compliments. But never underestimate the drawing power of Timothy the Talking Cat.

These were the 10 most-viewed posts in May according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 5/1/16 Baying and Nothingness
  2. Pixel Scroll 5/3/16 The Seven Pixel Scrollution
  3. Three Possible Hugo Voting Alternatives
  4. Pixel Scroll 5/4/16 (Take Another) Piece Of My Artificial Heart
  5. Pixel Scroll 5/2/16 Ancillary Mary Sue
  6. Analyzing EPH
  7. Pixel Scroll 5/5/16 The Barnacles of Narnia
  8. Pixel Scroll 5/19/16 I Am Not In The Scroll Of Common Men
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/24/16 Bark Side Of the Moon
  10. Pixel Scroll 5/6/16 Waggin’ Train

And, Scrolls excluded, these 7 came next on the list of most-read posts in May.

  1. Castalia Blog Posts Excluded from Hugo Packet
  2. They’d Rather Free Ride: Hugos and Game Theory (Proposal Discussion Thread 4)
  3. Measuring The Rabid Puppies Slate’s Impact on the Final Hugo Ballot
  4. Kritzer, Lady Business Added to Hugo Ballot
  5. MidAmeriCon II Posts Weapons Policy
  6. 2016 Nebula Awards Winners
  7. 2016 Hugo Voter Packet Released by MidAmeriCon II

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