Pixel Scroll 5/15/18 Pixel sCrola. It’s The Refreshing Cola With The Scrolling Taste You Love!

(1) ENCHANTED PORCH. Comics writer Gail Simone found something unexpected with the rest of the deliveries on her porch. Hilarious thread – starts here.

(2) HIDING INSIDE CHUCK TINGLE? The actor, appearing in disguise on a South Korean TV show, let people discover “Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is a surprisingly great singer”.

Deadpool is a natural performer, the superhero that’s as good at wisecracking as he is at battling villains. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds can not only act, he can sing like a rock star.

While promoting Deadpool 2 in Asia, Reynolds entered a singing competition on Korean TV while dressed liked a unicorn.


(3) DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS. Ansible Links pointed to the amazing cover design for Oregan Publishing’s Kindle edition of Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, released May 7.

(4) UNSUBTLE. NPR’s Glen Weldon on new releases: “‘Solo’ Makes The Jump To Light-Speed … Eventually”.

…You get the picture: Should you harbor burning questions about infinitesimal details of Han Solo’s backstory that are entirely and hilariously immaterial to the Star Wars saga’s broader tale, or if you’re prepping for a Han Solo-themed pub quiz, know that fan service doesn’t get more serviceable than Solo: A Star Wars Story.

For everyone else: Donald Glover’s Lando is really, really smooth and funny!

Inasmuch as Solo is, expressly and unambiguously, an origin story, it contains numerous winks to the more well-versed members of the audience (as when a character demands of Han, “Do you know what it’s like to have a price on your head?” har har har). Actually, wink implies subtlety — which is not, for director Ron Howard and screenwriters Jonathan and Larry Kasdan, a going concern….

(5) IN HOT TRIVIAL PURSUIT. NPR’s Glen Weldon has also taken in the weekend’s other blockbuster release: “Grim ‘N’ Gritty Is Out, Glib ‘N’ Smarmy Is In: ‘Deadpool 2′”.

…There are, it is only fair to note, actual jokes in Deadpool 2 — sincere, crafted, legitimately funny gags that are clearly the product of human thought and loving effort. There’s … not a lot of those, but they’re there if you look, and should you happen across one, it will very likely delight you.

Because what’s taking up most of the room that would otherwise be occupied by jokes in Deadpool 2‘s screenplay are those many, many, many references.

It’s Family Guy: The Movie.

Or, technically I suppose, it’s Family Guy 2: Here Are Some More Mentions Of Other, Tangentially Related Things You Recognize And Like.

… And it’s gonna make a kabillion dollars….

(6) BBC DEADPOOL ROUNDUP. The BBC also finds a mixed bag: “Deadpool 2: What the critics thought”.

Many have welcomed the return of Reynolds’ wise-cracking vigilante and his X-Force team, but it wasn’t all five-star reviews.

Some felt that while the sequel stayed true to its predecessor’s style of quickfire edgy jokes and send-ups of the superhero genre, it was starting to feel a bit cynical….

(7) VORKOSIVERSE. The cover was just revealed at Lois McMaster Bujold’s Facebook page.

(8) EARTHSEA. The Verge’s Andrew Liptak, in his art-filled post “This illustrated collection of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea books finally does the series justice”, says The Books of Earthsea will be in stores October 23.

Saga Press’ editorial director Joe Monti tells The Verge that the project was something he wanted to do from “day one,” when he joined Simon & Schuster’s Saga Press in 2013. Last November the imprint released several collected editions of the late author’s work under his supervision. (Library of America likewise released an omnibus edition of some of her work with The Hainish Novels & Stories, Volume One and Volume 2 last year, as well.) While they had long wanted to tackle a comprehensive volume of Le Guin’s Earthsea stories, something in the vein of the many omnibus editions of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Monti says that “Ursula was reticent” to the idea, having “been burned over the last several of decades” by creative partners that never listened or accepted her creative vision.


  • May 15, 1968 Witchfinder General with Vincent Price is released.


  • Mark Hepworth spotted this horrific vision:

(11) CORREIA. Larry Correia expanded on yesterday’s Facebook statement in today’s blog post at Monster Hunter Nation: “Statement Concerning My Being Disinvited as the Guest of Honor for Origins Game Fair” [Internet Archive}. This included a fresh spin about Sad Puppies:

…Up next, there was much outrage about how I was a Sad Puppy. Correction, I was the original Sad Puppy, and I’m proud of that. Now, the way these people portray it, this was my evil scheme to rig the sainted Hugo awards, to get myself an award, and to also simultaneously keep women and minorities out of publishing.  Which is ironic, since by “rig” they meant I got more fans to participate in the voting, I turned down my nomination, and since the other people I got nominated included a bunch of women and minorities (as well as authors of various sexual orientations and belief systems) I must really suck at this bigotry thing. But keep in mind, the people slandering me over Sad Puppies are the same folks who the year before hailed 14 white liberals and 1 Asian liberal winning as a huge victory for diversity.

In reality, it was my attempt to demonstrate that the Hugo awards were not in fact an award to represent all of fandom, but were actually extremely politically biased, and dominated by a few small insular cliques. They went out of their way to prove I was right….

(12) INDUSTRY INSIDERS. Posted on Reddit, this is reportedly the text of a message sent by John Ward, Executive Director of Origins Game Fair, to the Game Manufacturers Association:

(13) A PIUS FINN. Declan Finn recommended some ideas for harassing Ward in “Correia was Ringoed”.

…Though to be honest, I was sort of surprised this even worked once, on Ringo. He’s a bestselling author. He doesn’t need the PR by going to cons. He goes to have fun and hang out. Larry too is also at the level where con appearances can only help the con, not himself.

But hey, it makes the SJWs feel good. It makes them think that they’re getting something done. I suppose that pointing out to people that this will only force Larry to have more free time is a waste of time.

Now, I’m not going to suggest sending an email to GoDaddy about how the originsgamefair.com site is being used by John Ward to defame Larry Correia.

….Though you can email at abuse@godaddy.com, and send something like, oh, I don’t know….

(14) CRITICAL CORRESPONDENCE. Jason Cordova’s post “Origins” quoted the entirety of his letter to John Ward, which says in part:

…Mr. Correia had always shown grace, been polite, and worked with the concom of every convention he has attended. Those who seek to discredit and destroy him are abusing the rules of your convention in a manner which they were not meant for and raising enough of an outcry that your convention, undoubtedly, feels compelled to respond to. Unfortunately, instead of speaking with Mr. Correia, it appears that you have reacted in a manner which can only be described as “knee-jerk”. You have allowed concern trolls to dictate your guest list while alienating you from a fan base which both pays to see their favorite author and supports other commercial endeavors at conventions as well.

Conventions such as Origins are supposed to be for all fans. However, with outward appearance of appeasement to the vocal minority who seek to undermine all of Mr. Correia’s hard work as well as alienate his fan base from any future conventions you might host, it behooves me to suggest that you are hurting nobody but yourselves with this move….

(15) VOICE OF VOX. Vox Day’s reaction “Larry Correia banned from Origins” [Internet Archive] largely consists of quotes:

This is almost unbelievable. SJWs are running completely amok.

[Screencap of John Ward’s FB announcement]

It just goes to show that they will come for you eventually, no matter how minor your offenses against the Narrative may be.

[Text of Larry Correia’s original response (without expanded text linked above)]

One gets the impression that Larry is simply too worn out with the Culture War to feel like fighting the SJWs anymore. And, let’s face it, like John Ringo, he is too independently successful for their antics to do him any real harm. For now, anyhow.

(16) INTERNET TOXICITY. James Patrick Kelly made these posts at the end of February. I spotted them while doing some Google searches today.

It was possible at the time to read this as a tongue-in-cheek PR stunt that failed, since despite Correia’s lobbying, Monster Hunter Legion did not make the Hugo ballot. However, the next year he returned with reinforcements, birthing the insurgency known as the Sad Puppies. (The self-deprecating name refers to this ASPCA commercial www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO9d2PpP7tQ. It’s meant to compare pulp writers who provide entertainment to the masses, but get no recognition, to abused pets.) Not only did Correia have a new novel to flog, but he also posted a slate www.monsterhunternation.com/2014/03/25/my-hugo-slate of twelve works of fiction and non-fiction that he urged his Puppy minions to nominate. As an act of provocation, he included a novelette by one Vox Day, a pseudonym for a notorious internet troll www.time.com/4457110/internet-trolls named Theodore Beale. As Correia blogged, “. . . one of my stated goals was to demonstrate that SJWs would have a massive freak out if somebody with the wrong politics got on. So on the slate it went. I nominated Vox Day because Satan didn’t have any eligible works that period.” What’s a SJW, you ask. Wikipedia explains http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_justice_warrior: “‘Social justice warrior” is a pejorative term for an individual promoting  socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics.”

A follow-up installment, “Troll Bridge”, takes a broad look at internet culture:

In 2018, the challenge of internet governance looms large. Last year the Pew Research Center www.pewinternet.org issued a report called The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online www.pewinternet.org/2017/03/29/the-future-of-free-speech-trolls-anonymity-and-fake-news-online. The researchers asked 1,537 technology experts, scholars, corporate practitioners, and government leaders, “In the next decade, will public discourse online become more or less shaped by bad actors, harassment, trolls, and an overall tone of griping, distrust, and disgust?” Forty-two percent of the respondents said they expected no major change for better or worse in our current troubling online culture, while 39 percent thought that the next decade would see even more negative activity. Just 19 percent were hopeful that online interactions would be “less shaped” by harassment, trolling, and distrust.

These experts were invited to expand on their replies by considering how social media might evolve. Are there technologies on the horizon that might discourage trolling and encourage inclusive behaviors? How might these solutions impact free speech?

Their extended responses are well worth a look, although they fill some eighty pages in the PDF version, and, alas, reach no consensus. They fall into four broad themes.

(17) HOW’S YOUR SPANISH? Morgan Blackhand’s Spanish-language blog post “Polémica en la Origins Game Fair” is highly critical of Correia and complimentary towards Origins Game Fair’s decision to revoke his GoH invite.

(18) HOW’S YOUR ENGLISH? Meanwhile, Mad Genius Club’s Amanda S. Green defends and praises Larry Correia at length in “It is time to fight back”  [Internet Archive.]

…Now, how many problems can you see with this statement by John Ward? I see a number. First, it is all about him. He didn’t know. He wasn’t aware. He felt it necessary re “recend” Larry’s invitation. No mention that he discussed it with the rest of those folks involved with the running of the con. No mention that he did due diligence ahead of time to see who his guest of honor was or what he did. Note also there is no mention of the fact Larry is an avid gamer. Nope, Ward was told Larry was a bad man and knee-jerked his reaction. Now he is running and hiding and refusing to answer simple questions like “exactly how are Larry’s views specifically unaligned with the philosophy” of the con?

I find it amazing Ward could issue this statement within an hour or so of first announcing Larry would be GoH and then the revocation of his invite and yet he couldn’t be bothered to answer the many questions about why?

Oh, there’s more.

Even as the con removed the thread on their Facebook page about Larry, they left this thread up. [Now removed] For those not wanting to go there, here’s the image you need to be aware of.

Now, if you had seen this yesterday before Larry was uninvited, his name would have been included as one of the tagged authors. In fact, if you look at the book cover, you see him listed as the third author. So the con has no problem making money off of him. He’s just not good enough to attend their con. Needless to say, there are a number of folks asking how long before this image is changed as well, possibly with the con organizers blacking out Larry’s name or even asking for volunteers to help tear out the pages on which his story is printed. After all, we mustn’t risk letting his annoying and dangerous ideas out into the gaming public.

(19) MORE PRO-CORREIA RESPONSE. Victory Girls Blog begins “Origins Game Fair Caves to SJZ Brownshirts” like so:

The usual purple-haired, hairy armpitted, androgynous, “mayonnaise is a gender,” social justice landwhales swung into action, whining about how upset they were that Larry was invited as Guest of Honor. They maligned him as a racist (he’s actually a person of color), misogynist (despite the fact that Larry spent years teaching self defense to women), they claimed he was a terrible, awful person who made them feel unsafe (even though Larry has attended numerous conventions, and by every account was charming, bright, funny, friendly, and polite), and they demanded that Origins rescind the invitation, because SAD PUPPIES!

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian, Rev. Bob, Mike Kennedy, Cat Eldridge, Chip Hitchcock, JJ, Martin Morse Wooster, Andrew Porter, and Carl Slaughter for some of these stories. Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Camestros Felapton.]

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  1. I’m in the middle of reading Robert Jackson Bennett’s _City of Blades_ right now. (It’s the second book in his Divine Cities series. It’s well-written, and I’m interested in seeing how it turns out, but it’s definitely not cheery reading.)

    I’ve just recently gotten to the part that would make me a lot warier about unsolicited swords showing up on my doorstep than the folks in (1) were. But I’m glad it turned out well for them.

  2. ‘Zealots’? Aww, darn, all these years later and somebody finally explained to one of them that Social Justice Warrior makes someone sound bad-ass? Too bad, that was endlessly hilarious.

  3. (12) For years there were warnings of how all the SP/RP vile bile antics could/would damage careers. When exhibitors and sponsors voice dismay over a guest choice, resulting in the invitation being rescinded, that is a textbook example of the kind of harm being warned about.

    Social Justice Zombies? That just makes be think of Big Daddy from George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead. He’s the OG Social Justice Zombie.


    I love that movie…

    Hell, I love most of Romero’s movies, on one level or another.

  4. @Maximillian: What did everyone think of The Red Queen? I quite liked it, despite a lack of spies, battle armor, and plasma lances.

    Apologies for mispelling your name a time or two: I didn’t see the second “l” on my phone screen!

    I love it in part because of the lack of war apparatus.

    I have two essays due to appear in a collection on Bujold, one of them a bibliographic essay. There’s no academic scholarship on the novel yet (academic time) (there will be an essay on it in our anthology), but I looked at some reader reviews and found a wide range of responses to it.

    A small quote from the essay in rot13 to avoid spoilers:

    Ubjrire, n ahzore bs ernqref unir qvfphffrq gur abiry bayvar. Gurl nterr ba rawblvat gur abiry va fcvgr bs be orpnhfr bs gur ynpx bs na npgvba be jne cybg naq gur qbzvanapr bs gur ebznapr cybg naq snzvyl sbphf ohg ernpg qvssreragyl gb nfcrpgf. Fbzr svaq gur eriryngvba bs ubj Neny’f eryngvbafuvc jvgu Byvire ortna qvfgerffvat tvira Pbeqryvn’f snzbhf yvar nobhg uvf zbabtnzl (EriZryvaqn, Wbarf) juvyr bguref rawbl gur harkcrpgrq punatr (Frffnertb). Fbzr vtaber gur cbylnzbel naq ovfrkhnyvgl ragveryl gb sbphf ba gur urgrebfrkhny ebznapr orgjrra Pbeqryvn naq Byvire va gur cerfrag bs gur abiry, nethvat gung n ebznagvp eryngvbafuvc orgjrra gjb punenpgref guvf yngr va yvsr, nsgre gurve rneyvre ybff, vf havdhr (Lba, Frffnertb). Nqqvgvbanyyl, Frffnertb abgrq ure wbl ng frrvat n zna pbafvqrevat jurgure be abg gb tvir hc uvf pnerre gb unir n snzvyl.
    Gur qvssrerag erfcbafrf gb Tragyrzna Wbyr uvtuyvtug gur qvirefvgl bs Ohwbyq’f ernqr

    Bujold has strong fans in romance communities (some of whom sort of put up with the sf!) as well as in sf review communities (some of whom put up with the romance!)–it’s fascinating to read the various responses.

  5. @Camestros (specifically, @12:07 am): Fortunately I’d just finished my coffee before reading that, or else I’d be cleaning coffee-spray off my tablet.

  6. “SJZs” meaning, in this case, “the tabletop gaming industry professionals who actually attend and exhibit at Origins and make up the bulk of GAMA membership,” because I’m understanding at this hour that a good chunk of the effective push-back actually came from exhibitors. In short, despite TRPGs’ own Neanderthal tendencies, which came to light last year as part of the industry’s own grappling with #metoo, nobody wants the kind of self-inflicted stink Correia et Pups and GamerGate apologists can bring to the table.

  7. (19) The only way Correia is a “person of color” is if that color is white.

    I’ve met the man. He ain’t brown, black, or any other hue. He’s white. Not quite as pasty white as I am, owing to my tendency to sunburn easily, but white nonetheless. He stands precisely zero chance of being on the wrong end of institutional racism, such as getting pulled over for Driving While (Black/Brown) or having ICE demand to see his green card.

    Mind, he’s free to identify however he likes… but if he were a famous Democrat, his claim to be a person of color would attract the same derision from conservatives that inspires Trump to refer to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” for claiming to have Native American ancestry.

    (Full disclosure: I occasionally mention that I’m 1/16th Cherokee. I don’t try to trade on it, but it is true. It usually comes up when I mention how I found a cousin on Twitter, because our family split over the interracial marriage that gives me that fraction of Cherokee blood. Doesn’t make me a person of color, though. Anyone looking at me sees a white guy.)

  8. SJZ stands for SocialJustice-Z. It’s an obscure ripoff of Dragonball-Z. If you must watch it, I recommend the subs. You lose too much nuance in the dubs…


    You see the implication in some of the scroll and comments that Correia is being shunned for his ideas or politics. Really though it’s his actions that have brought this. In a fit of pique, and publicity seeking, he sabotaged a beloved award. All that follows is because of acts not ideas.

  9. @Kip W

    Can we assemble into a MegaSocialJusticeZord then?

    Bagsie a decent position then, like an arm or a head, I always felt bad for the ones that just got to be the feet…

  10. Huh, I thought it was Social JustiZ, like a well meaning but out of touch government campaign trying to reach the kids on the issues of our time.

    @Mark ooo, ooo, can I be, like, a weird spiky shoulder pad? EchidnaZord?

  11. The only way Correia is a “person of color” is if that color is white.

    I’ve met the man. He ain’t brown, black, or any other hue. He’s white.

    Don’t do this. His father is Portuguese-American. His grandparents came over from Portugal, per this interview. He doesn’t have to fit your definition of what a Portuguese-American should look like to claim that ethnicity (or be described as such). Nobody would say Meghan Markle isn’t a person of color because of her “hue.”

  12. Maximillian on May 16, 2018 at 7:26 am said:
    Vashnoi – Earth-descended plant matter! Hurray!

    What did everyone think of The Red Queen? I quite liked it, despite a lack of spies, battle armor, and plasma lances.

    I love Bujold, but I wasn’t really keen on Red Queen. It felt distinctly different from other books of hers I read. And it’s not that I missed the action – I loved A Civil Campaign and all the other books after that.

  13. Mr. H.G. Wells
    Was composed of cells.
    He thought the human race
    Would be eaten by a rugose eldritch Thing from space.

  14. rcade on May 16, 2018 at 10:14 am said:
    The only way Correia is a “person of color” is if that color is white.

    I’ve met the man. He ain’t brown, black, or any other hue. He’s white.

    Don’t do this. His father is Portuguese-American. His grandparents came over from Portugal, per this interview. He doesn’t have to fit your definition of what a Portuguese-American should look like to claim that ethnicity (or be described as such). Nobody would say Meghan Markle isn’t a person of color because of her “hue.”

    I’m Italian. Born in Italy, have an Italian passport, native speaker of the language as anybody who has heard me speak in English can attest. No way I can pass for WASP.

    I’m still white. French people are white. Spanish people are white. Portuguese are white. Greeks are white. When I was at Clarion, I had a Puerto Rican fellow student, two African Americans, and a Chinese American. They were not white. I was. Another one of us was 1/4 Native American – he was given the Carl Brandon Society thing, but he sure as hell had all the privilege that being white entails.

    Now, Brazilian people speak Portuguese (sort of) and often come to the US as Latin American immigrants: they are not the same as Europeans coming to the US as immigrants. They speak Portuguese because they were invaded, colonised, slaughtered and replaced with people kidnapped from Africa by Correia’s parents’ fellow citizens.

    Italian, Belgian, French, German, Portuguese, Spaniards – we are the original colonisers. We don’t get to claim that we are oppressed minorities, certainly not in the US. We did the original oppressing. My people have been oppressing the rest of the world for more than 2,000 years.

  15. @rcade:

    Country of origin is not race.

    In Correia’s specific case, he uses “person of color” dishonestly, as a way to claim minority status and imply that he is subject to race-based oppression. It ain’t so, for the reasons I cited.

    Imagine, by comparison, a white American whose grandparents came here from Johannesburg. Yes, he could call himself an African-American… but you know and I know that doing so would be dishonest on a basic level that has nothing to do with immigration papers. That hypothetical person would be claiming membership in a group that faces regular, systemic oppression that he himself is not subjected to… because he is accepted as a white person, with all the privileges America grants white people. His family is from Africa, yes, but he is not black, and that makes all the difference in this context.

    That’s why I said that Correia can self-identify however he likes, but I call bullshit on him being a “person of color” in the eyes of society. He simply is not.

    EDIT: Also, what Anna said. Gotta say, I’ve never seen an Italian ninja before… but then, I wouldn’t, would I? 🙂

  16. Red Queen was definitely not my favorite Bujold novel. I found myself uninterested in Cordelia and Jole’s relationship and really didn’t care what Miles thought of it. My favorite bits involved Sergyaran wildlife, so I think what I really wanted were the adventures of Oliver Jole, unconventional grad student.

  17. @Mark: Thanks for the clarification. I didnt want to look too hard, these right wingers make me sick.

    @lakedog: I hate to bring it to you, but File770 had nothing to do with it. Believe it or not, boardgamers are a pretty Pro-Diversity bunch. Mike and Eric are both very outspoken in this regard. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt want to been seen with L.C.
    Plus the award thing.

    Oh, and its Social Justice Zink.

  18. Rev. Bob: I think good points have been made about misrepresentation, however, I am concerned that prolonging the discussion is going to inevitably lead someone else to want to discuss another author’s ethnicity, and I really don’t want File 770 to go there. So perhaps we can wind this up for now.

  19. @Anna: “Where’s a ninja emoji when you need it?”

    Lurking in the all-concealing shadows, of course! 😀

    @Peer: “Believe it or not, boardgamers are a pretty Pro-Diversity bunch.”

    Not that we’re a perfect bunch, by any stretch, but those I know do indeed like diversity. When I ran game rooms at cons, I always made a special effort to ensure that anyone who differed from the all-too-typical White Male Gamer stereotype was included and felt welcome. All the same, I’ve been horror-struck by some of the sexist tales I’ve heard from other events.

  20. @Jack Lint – Civil War Zouaves, or the Arabic originals?
    Also; Social Justice Zeta-beam. Next stop, Rann!

  21. @Dr. Strangelobe – Polish Zouaves of Death. (Which should be the name of a heavy metal band if it isn’t already.) Bonus points because they wore a fez as part of their uniform.

  22. I’ve had polyhedral dice man-splained to me in a convention gaming room. I’ve only been playing D&D since 1977 (probably at least 15 years before the offender was born), but I’m female so obviously I can’t possibly know a d10 from a d12… <wry>

    I remember when there was no such thing as a d10. Or, I suppose, they were all d10s. Cheap soft plastic icosahedrons stamped 0-9 twice over; you needed to use a magic marker or crayon to fill in the numbers, and most people I knew made one side red and the other blue. Then, every time you rolled, you had to announce, “blue high!”. Or you had to roll it with a d6 to designate whether the number range was 1-10 or 11-20; some folks preferred doing it that way. Actual d20s with numbers stamped from 1-20 was a revelation. As were actual ten-sided dice. I’m still amused at the hundreds-place d10s; back in my day (she says, shaking her cane at the youngsters) we rolled two d10s (which were d20s, per above) and designated which was the tenth place while they were rolling. Youth these days are spoiled rotten…. <mumbles grumpily>

    I still have my TSR “marbles” somewhere, probably with the original little brown books. The original polyhedral dice were so soft that the corners wore off and they’d roll forever. Even the d6 is regrettable spherical….

  23. Rev. Bob on May 16, 2018 at 10:35 am said:

    Imagine, by comparison, a white American whose grandparents came here from Johannesburg. Yes, he could call himself an African-American…

    Blonde, pasty-white actress Charlize Theron, who is from South Africa, and who now has dual citizenship, does call herself “African-American”. But she does so firmly tongue-in-cheek (even though it’s technically a 100%-accurate description). And she certainly doesn’t pretend that this somehow makes it impossible for her to be racist. (Which, to her credit, she doesn’t particularly seem to be.)

    But yeah, I can’t imagine what sort of crazed white-supremacists you have to be around to end up with the notion that “a single drop” of Portuguese blood makes you a PoC. Hell, I’m not sure the actual Nazis would go that far! The notion really does seem to offer some disturbing insight into the sorts of people he hangs out with.

    And then there’s the idea that he can’t be sexist because he’s taught women self-defense…I have a friend who trains dogs, but that doesn’t mean he thinks dogs deserve the vote! 😀

  24. What is Origins?
    Origins is the 2nd largest gaming convention in the United States behind GenCon. There are more than 6,000 events over a five-day period. Almost all are game events with most having a small number of participants. There is a very wide range of tabletop, collectable card, RPG, wargame, LARPs and other games. It takes place in the Columbus Convention Center. In 2017 there were 17,000 attendees. There is also a very large dealer room/exhibition hall with most major game companies in attendance.

    Origins is not a typical SF Con or a Literary Con. Unlike Dragon Con, or San Diego ComicCon, there is very little in the program about movies, comic books, or authors. Origins is a huge gaming con with roots into wargames from the Avalon Hill company.

    Larry Corriea is one of the few big selling authors who is also an avid gamer. He games at cons, with his family, online, and has even participated in charity events where you can play with Larry. Another popular author not primarily based in the “game book niche (like Forgotten Realms or DragonLance)” is Jim Butcher.

    Larry’s Monster Hunter universe has a previously released RPG that met with little success. The Monster Hunter Universe has launched a new RPG in the relatively popular Savage Worlds system after a well-funded kickstarter campaign. The “official release” of this Savage Worlds variant will be at the 2018 Gencon. The Kickstarter campaign raised $122k and hit all stretch goals for the Savage Worlds variant. See: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gallantknightgames/monster-hunter-international-rpg-savage-worlds-edi

    Larry’s works are reasonably well familiar to gamers. He is not as well known as Jim Butcher, but he is one of the better-known living SF authors by Gamers. Gamers cover a very wide range from Catan, Railroad games, miniatures, RPGs, and hard-core wargames. Butcher and Correia are not as well known as Gygax, Lovecraft or Martin. Larry was a good “fit” for Origins due to his long-standing gaming ties and his kickstarter campaign.

    Origins 2018 has had significant problems. The online event registration system was seriously messed up for a full day. The system was botched so badly that an official apology was emailed to all registered participants. In another debacle, Origins named Larry Correia as an author Guest of Honor and after an unknown number of complaints revoked the honor without contacting Larry to determine if the complaints were valid. The naming/revocation of Larry’s Guest of Honor took place in less than 24 hours.

    I thought 770 would have a lengthy discourse with web links on what happened. It did. I copied 8 Word pages of material from 5/15 and 5/16 including links. I’m also talking with GAMA members I know personally now and next month in Columbus. After Origins I’m writing a letter to the Origins board and the GAMA Board of Directors about the two debacles.

    I attended Origins in 2017 and am running a game session at the 2018 Origins. Personally, I’m furious. I knew from Baen’s emails and from Larry’s blog that he was attending Origins. In hopes of a book signing, I purchased another hardback of Hard Magic to give to a family member as a Christmas Present. Origins registration was totally screwed up and frustrating. The “reason” for revoking his honor was his unstated “personal views” which is about as mealy mouthed as it gets.

    Outside of work, Origins is the most distant convention that I attend. Con organizers are like sports officials. If everything works right they are hardly noticed. When things go wrong, they catch the blame. Origins 2018 has been poorly run on multiple fronts. I’m seriously reconsidering any future attendance.

  25. I wanna be Social Justice Zorro and go around slashing a Z into the clothes of anyone who starts a sentence with “I’m not racist, but…”

  26. I’m a Social Justice Zelda, but from Wind Waker so I can be (spoiler) qvfthvfrq nf n cvengr naq unir nqiragherf. And snark at Link.

  27. I am clear on the fact that race, national origin and ethnicity are separate things. What I objected to was the notion that a person’s “hue” qualifies or disqualifies them from being a person of color.

  28. (Does anybody know why File770 won’t let me subscribe to threads or request email notifications?)

    @Bujoldians – Gentleman Jole wasn’t nearly my favorite of her books, but I still loved it, partly for the very strong feeling of ‘and now I’m wrapping up all the loose ends and sending everyone to Valinor/The Shire/as close as possible in ‘real’ life. That, and the feeling that everything was part of a larger, living universe that wasn’t solely written for sequel opportunities or to give the characters somewhere to stand while declaimed their lines. Of course, I’m a sucker for Bujold, so I’m not reading terribly critically. 😉

    robinareid – Thank you, I’d love to read more. I completely forgot that line about monogamy and am going to have to dig and find out when it was said. Wonder if it was from time before the thing.

  29. How many miles of Puppydom?
    Three scroll and ten.
    Can I get there by Pixel-light?
    Yes, and back again.

  30. Portuguese-American is white. Being from Portugal makes you one of the colonizers, not the colonized.

  31. Maximillian on May 16, 2018 at 12:14 pm said:

    robinareid – Thank you, I’d love to read more. I completely forgot that line about monogamy and am going to have to dig and find out when it was said. Wonder if it was from time before the thing.

    It’s in Barrayar when Cordelia is at a party at the Imperial Residence talking to Vordarian, who is trying to blow up their marriage for political reasons.

    “You have not known him that long, though. Just since Escobar.”
    “We met once before the war. Briefly.”
    “Oh?” His brows rose. “I didn’t know that. How little one truly knows of people.” He paused, watching Aral, watching her watch Aral. One corner of his mouth crooked up, then the quirk vanished in a thoughtful pursing of his lips. “He’s bisexual, you know.” He took a delicate sip of his wine.
    “Was bisexual,” she corrected absently, looking fondly across the room. “Now he’s monogamous.”

  32. @Maximillian: the monogamy line occurs in “Barrayar” somewhere between 15 and 20 years before Jole met Aral.

  33. Rcade:

    “Don’t do this. His father is Portuguese-American. His grandparents came over from Portugal, per this interview. “

    You are confusing me. What does nationality of birth to do with skin colour!? Are all people with Swedish citizenship whites according to you?

  34. John Mark Ockerbloom on May 16, 2018 at 8:11 am said:

    I’m in the middle of reading Robert Jackson Bennett’s _City of Blades_ right now. (It’s the second book in his Divine Cities series. It’s well-written, and I’m interested in seeing how it turns out, but it’s definitely not cheery reading.)

    I had to reread the first book for book club and it was even more powerful the second time so I read all of them again. No, not a “happy” series, but the characters and world-building were so phenomenal! The last book wraps things up nicely, but it’s a bittersweet ending. Made me a bit teary.

    I have been nominating his books for Hugos and am delighted that he finally got on the ballot. Bought two copies of the paper books. I think he’s coming to Worldcon .

    Red Queen was a huge disappointment for me. I wanted more plot. Not interested in the I-want-to-have-kids part.

  35. lakedog on May 16, 2018 at 7:12 am said:

    Maybe you wise folks at 770 could create a list of folks that should be banned from guesting or attending cons. That way everyone would know where they stand.

    1. Malcom P Bobson Jr – he knows what he did
    2. Arnold Arnold Elkbaby – for obvious reasons
    3. P. P. Ambleton – because of the ‘incident’
    4. The woman known only as “Melfibar’ – badge infractions
    5. Z. Earnest Zedson (or ‘Zeeson’ in the US) – crimes against programming
    6. George ‘The Wonder’ Pencils – for calling a masquerade ‘cosplay’ anachronistically
    7. Alison Aliceson – for dressing as ‘Frankenstein Jesus’ and turning over the dealer’s tables as part of her interactive one-person re-enactment of the Gospel of Mark from the perspective of Frankenstein’s monster
    8. Timothy the Talking Cat – I promised not to mention it again
    9. Wilson The Man of 57 Disguises! (name changed by deed poll) – for refusing to accept that 51 of his disguises were actually just him running around in the nude.
    10. Morzax of Morzaxia – to be fair that was mainly a misunderstanding as they really are from Morzaxia and a con was not the best place for First Contact
    11. Simon from human resources – I just don’t like him basically
    12. Herman the Happy Hippopotamus – hippos are not ‘happy’, they are one of the deadliest large animals in the world and without proper supervision should not be allowed to run wild at a convention. It astounds me that con organisers keep inviting him and the death toll is always the same.
    13. Mark Kitteh – I hate to mention it because while he is a really nice chap, he was brainwashed as a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ assassin by a ninja-dragon-cult. Say the wrong word and WHAM! Full on stealth ninja mode with deadly reflexes.
    14. Also, everybody else here who was also brainwashed by that same ninja-dragon-cult. Sorry about that.
    15. J.J. – for saying that one time “Hey, there’s this really fun con called ‘Ninja-dragon-cult, we aren’t going to brainwash you – honest!’, we should all go! It would be really fun and we definitely all won’t get brainwashed and turned into deep-cover assassins.” Yeah, thanks JJ.
    16. Mr Mushroom – for repeatedly making that “I’m a fun guy” joke every. single. time. he meets somebody. Get a new joke already Mr Mushroom!
    17. Drew Barrymore – Do we want more Barrys? No. So why is Drew offering to bring more Barrys? Has she EVER explained that? No. Definitely on the Do Not Invite list until that whole Barry question gets resolved.
    18. Mrs Benovic’s Tennis Coach – I just don’t like the sound of him.
    19. The Magellanic Clouds – oh yes, it sounds COOL to invite two irregular dwarf galaxies to your con but when you see the hotel bill you won’t be saying ‘cool’ so quickly.
    20. Belphegor Third Duke of Dis – Sometimes a demon might be a good fit for your convention but not this one as he repeatedly fails to show up for his panels or kaffeeklatsch
    21. Ms. Kaffeeklatsch Panel – actually quite lovely in person but her name just causes confusion when included on the program.

    And that’s about it to be honest.

  36. Thank you, I’d love to read more. I completely forgot that line about monogamy and am going to have to dig and find out when it was said. Wonder if it was from time before the thing.

    It’s in Barrayar, at the reception at the Imperial Palace just before Cordelia meets Karin.

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