Pixel Scroll 2/14/18 Do Not Scroll, Bend, Fold, or Pixelate

(1) DIANE DUANE’S GOOD NEWS. An appeal signal-boosted here yielded enough book sales to save the Duane/Morwood home. As she wrote in a comment — Hi folks! Diane Duane here. I noted this morning that visitors have been arriving at … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 12/11/17 You Ain’t Pixelin’ Dixie!

(1) DEFENDANTS COMMENT ON COMIC CON VERDICT. Bryan Brandenburg has this to say about the verdict in the SDCC v, SLCC lawsuit. I woke up this morning facing a bright new future. The weight of the world has been lifted … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 8/25/17 He’s a Pak Protector, She’s a Kzin — They’re Cops

(1) DELISTED. Entertainment Weekly, after rehearsing at length the facts about the controversy linked in yesterday’s Scroll, reports “Handbook for Mortals pulled from New York Times YA best-seller list”. While that mystery remains unsolved for now, Book Twitter’s sleuthing was not … Continue reading

Is Your Club Dead Yet?

Reprinted from File 770 #127, November 1998  For the past several years, local Jeremiahs belonging to a lot of well-known clubs have been warning that the end is near. I could run a column in this zine titled “Club Suicide … Continue reading