Hugo Voting: Let’s Look at the Record Yet Again

By Jo Van Ekeren: I’ve spent the last couple of years exhuming statistics and ephemera about the Hugo Awards from various sources, including old Usenet posts on Google Groups, old fanzines, archived con websites, and various historical documents which have … Continue reading

Marty Gear (1939 – 2013)

Legendary costuming fan Marty Gear, whose fanac spanned six decades, died in his sleep on July 18 at the age of 74. Marty and his wife, Bobby (who predeceased him in 2005), won many awards in masquerade competitions. He founded … Continue reading

Is Your Club Dead Yet?

Reprinted from File 770 #127, November 1998  For the past several years, local Jeremiahs belonging to a lot of well-known clubs have been warning that the end is near. I could run a column in this zine titled “Club Suicide … Continue reading