Pixel Scroll 3/1/19 Rotating PixelScrolls And The Possibility Of Global File Violation

Editor’s note: Although I have been at this computer all day it’s included writing other posts, so a lot of good links will need to be carried over til tomorrow! (1) AGAIN PLEASE. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 5/18/18 And Then The Pixels Began

(1) #2018NEBULAS. More from Grandmaster Peter S. Beagle’s reception. Peter S. Beagle, @SFWA's newest Grandmaster, receiving a robot unicorn at the #Nebulas2018 Conference. pic.twitter.com/u4P9vwcpws — Jason Sanford (@jasonsanford) May 18, 2018 There’s an amazing galactic unicorn cake at the #Nebulas2018. … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 1/31/18 There’s Thirteen Hundred And Fifty-Two Pixel Scrollers In Fileville

(1) PLAYING IT STRAIGHT? Rowling’s retrospective characterization of Dumbledore will not be in evidence in the next Fantastic Beasts movie — “‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel Will Avoid Dumbledore’s Gay Sexuality, Director David Yates Confirms”. Any “Fantastic Beasts” fans hoping the “Harry … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 8/3/17 Hot Dog Stand On Zanzibar

(1) ANN LECKIE’S NEXT BOOK. At Motherboard you can “Read a Mindbending Excerpt from Ann Leckie’s New Novel ‘Provenance’”. A transaction with a mysterious entity leads to trouble in the award-winning sci-fi author’s upcoming novel. … Now Leckie is returning … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 11/14/16 The Fen From S.C.R.O.L.L. And P.I.X.E.L.

(1) TRUTH IS STRANGER. Norman Spinrad has posted on Facebook the original English version of the afterward commissioned by the French publisher for the special 40th anniversary edition of the first French edition of Bug Jack Barron. That anniversary is now … Continue reading