Pixel Scroll 3/2/18 Green Eggs And Lembas

(1) ADDING AN OSCAR. Animation World Network asks, “Do Digital Characters Deserve Academy Awards?” Producing photorealistic digital humans, animals and other types of creatures has been a one of the holy grails for computer scientists and digital artists since the … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 5/27/17 She’s A Pixel Queen, Dynamite With A Laser Beam, Guaranteed To Scroll Your Mind

(1) SLATOFF’S NEW COMMISSION. Christopher Slatoff, the sculptor who did the Ray Bradbury-themed Father Electrico statue, will see his war hero memorial unveiled in Pasadena on Memorial Day. (2) THIRD FIFTH FOR DOCTOR WHO? The BBC dropped a hint: “Doctor … Continue reading

2016 BSFA Awards

And Dave Hutchinson accepts the @bsfa award for best novel for Europe in Winter pic.twitter.com/PsueOzMxEa — Niall Harrison (@niallharrison) April 15, 2017 The winners of the BSFA 2016 Awards were announced April 15 at Innominate, the 68th Eastercon, in Birmingham, … Continue reading