Snapshots 68

Here are 11 developments of interest to fans: (1) I think the headline should have been Project Runeway — see what the designers have done with dwarvish fashions for The Hobbit. I applaud the complaint “Quilty” left in comments: These guys … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 7/22/16 Rudyard Pixeling’s Just Scroll Stories

(1) IT AIN’T ME BABE. George R.R. Martin is not at the San Diego Comic-Con. Now, normally, I would not feel the need to post about where I’m not and what I am not doing… only I am getting reports … Continue reading

Who’s Coming to Anticipation?

Anticipation lists the names of program participants in a new press release that follows the jump. A prestigious addition is 2008 Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Paul Krugman of the Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University and centenary professor … Continue reading