Pixel Scroll 11/11/19 The Wendig from a Burning Pixel

(1) ANOTHER TESTIMONY ABOUT HARASSMENT AT CZP. Kelsi Morris, who rose from intern to managing editor of ChiZine Publications – all unpaid – shared a painful account of the chronic sexual harassment she endured from its owners and authors on … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 7/29/19 The File, The Pixel Scroll, And Everything

(1) MADE TO PRAISE. In another New York Times “op-ed from the future,” Stephen James argues “Artificials Should Be Allowed to Worship”. Last Sunday, an Artificial named Ian tried to attend a religious service at Living Savior Community Church in … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 11/11/18 I’m Scrolling On The Bad Side And I Got My Pixels To The Wall

(1) YA FOR YA. Vicky Who Reads has a lot of interesting observations about “The Many Ways YA Books & The Community Isolates Teens”. Following up her first point, that teens lack money and often do their reading in ways … Continue reading

FANAC Fan History Project Update 4

From the press release by Joe Siclari “Keeping You Abreast of the Past” November 20, 2017 Here are some highlights of the last 6 months: Fan History Spotlight: Nearly everyone has heard of the Cosmic Circle and Claude Degler’s notorious … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 7/22/17 On The Fifth Day She Scrolled Five Tidbits About Ray Bradbury

(1) WHAT’S THAT SMELL? CNN’s Brian Lowry is not impressed: “‘Valerian’ turns French comic into epic mess”. A feast for the eyes and positively numbing on the brain, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” makes an early bid … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 7/16/16 Pixels, Scrolls, Roddenberry And Time

(1) POETRY DESTROYED. A sampling of Stoic Cynic’s satirical genius. A fragmented excerpt from The Filer and the Astronaut by Louise Carol: ‘The time has come,’ the Filer said, ‘To talk of many things: Of pups — and picks — and … Continue reading

Mark Twain Pixel Scroll 4/30/16 Never Mind The Scrollocks, Here’s The Sex Pixels

One hundred percent pure Scroll. (1) NOT QUITE FAILURE TO LAUNCH. “Nail-biting start for Russia’s new Vostochny space centre” – BBC has the story. “Oh please, darling, fly!” A technician standing behind me was really nervous during the launch countdown … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 10/28 Trolling Down the Moon

(1) The Galactic Journey blog is written as the day-to-day experiences of an sf fan living 55 years ago. Last week The Traveler covered the final Nixon-Kennedy debate and the first episode of The Twilight Zone’s second season. Today’s post is … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 8/7 The Men Who Murdered Aristotle

The future is almost here, in today’s Scroll. (1) SFWA will be selling fame at Sasquan. If you've ever wanted to be Tuckerized, the SFWA auction at Sasquan is going to have some amazing opportunities. — Cat Rambo (@Catrambo) August … Continue reading