Lee and Miller Win Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF Award

The winner of the third annual Year’s Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction Readers’ Choice Award is “Wise Child” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. The award was decided by a public vote among the 15 short stories in Baen … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 9/11/19 Starting At Jupiter, Ending At The Sun

(1) POKER. Terri Ash and Ariela Housman of Geek Calligraphy say they will put out an online fanzine at the end of the year “to provide a publication venue for fan art that is otherwise excluded from the Fan Artist … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 2/25/19 The Filer That Shouted Scroll At The Heart Of The Pixel

(1) CLARKE CENTER. Here are two of the most interesting videos posted by The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination in the past several months. Freeman Dyson and Gregory Benford: Forseeing the Next 35 Years—Where Will We Be in … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 9/28/18 Who Put Nineteen Great Pixels In That Itty Bitty File?

(1) ARTIFICIAL ARTELLIGENCE. Camestros Felapton has invented the “Space Opera Book Cover Maker”. Ladles and Gentlebens, here it is: The Space Opera Book Cover Maker Thing! http://camfelapton.ihostfull.com/ First a word of warning. The images take a while to load and might … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 9/11/18 The Pixellist’s Scroll Is Missing

(1) LEVAR BURTON. The good news is: Episode 32 of LeVar Burton Reads features the actor’s voicing of “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon. (2) FLORENCE. The bad news is, the hurricane is bearing down on Oor Wombat – The sky … Continue reading