Villafranca’s Winning World Fantasy Award Design Revealed

Vincent Villafranca’s design for the new World Fantasy Award trophy has been chosen the winner by the World Fantasy Awards Administration and the Board of the World Fantasy Convention following a year-long public competition. Villafranca, the Chesley Award-winning sculptor and designer … Continue reading

Villafranca To Make 2013 Hugo Bases

The 2013 Hugo Award base will be designed by Texas-based artist Vincent Villafranca. Vincent is a Chesley Award-winning sculptor who produces futuristic and fantastic bronzes using the traditional lost-wax casting process. In keeping with tradition, the design will not be … Continue reading

NASFiC 2019 to Host Chesley Awards; New Trimble Sponsor Steps Forward

The Utah Fandom Organization has issued an update about events, guests, and other plans for the combined Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, & 1632 Minicon ( convention to be held July 4-7, 2019 in Layton, Utah: The Association of Science Fiction … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 9/8/18 Space Zamboni!

(1) WHO TO LISTEN TO. Nicholas Whyte enthusiastically reviews four audio Doctor Who stories in “Jenny – the Doctor’s Daughter”. Big Finish have scored a major coup by persuading Georgia Tennant to return to her brief role as Jenny, the … Continue reading