2015 Black Hole Awards

Art by Taral Wayne.

Art by Taral Wayne.

The list of award winners from last weekend’s 2015 Hogu Award and Black Hole Award Ranquet in Spokane has been provided by Matthew B. Tepper. (References to anything “from the floor” means the audience made it up.)

The event was organized by Fred Isaacs, Amy Thomson and Susan Isaacs.

Black Hole Awards

Best Fan Writer:

  • Moshe Feder and Mike Glyer

Best Short-Short Story:

  • “If You Were a Puppy, My Sweet,” by Glenn Hauman and David Mack

Best Publisher:

  • Tor Books and Baen Books, awarded jointly, for continuing to publish great science fiction of whatever kind.


  • The Hugo Administrators, John Lorentz and Ruth Sachter

(These next ones were added AFTER the Hugo Awards Ceremony)

Best Short Story:

  • “Totalled,” by, Kary English

Best Editor, Short Form:

  • Mike Resnick

Best Editor, Long Form:

  • Toni Weisskopf

Best Related Work:

  • R.A. Heinlein, In Dialogue with his Century, Vol. 2, The Man Who Learned Better, 1948-1988, by William H. Patterson.

Brown Hole Awards

The “Zap! Zap! Atomic is Ray Passe with Fiends!” Brown Hole Award for Journalism (multiple tie):

  • Michael “I’m Not” Rapoport; The Murdoch Street Journal
  • Mark Hemingway (No relation to Ernest); The Weekly Substandard
  • Allum Bokhari (gesundheit) and Milo Yiannopoulos; Breitbart.com

and nominated from the floor:

  • Almond “Half-Assed” Greenhorn (attribution lost)

Added afterwards:

  • Mythos “Not Expecting Tom” Holt, The Fed-Up List dot com

Brown Hole Award for Dumbest Villain Catchphrase:

  • “I’m Kratman!”

and nominated from the floor:

  • “Your All Creatons!” (Post Hugo Puppy Facebook post)

Most Irrelevant New Writer:

  • Brad Torgersen

Worst Finnish Export That Isn’t Food:

  • Crassfailure Press

And a new category, created on the spot:

Worst Finnish Import:

  • The real Pox Dei

Brown Hole Award for Professionalism:

  • Pox Day, aka Larry “North” Correia
  • Theodore “Ted 2” Beale
  • Harold Coven-Ton
  • John C. Wrong, er Wright

Yet another category created from the floor:

The Rolled Up Newspaper Award:

  • won jointly by both the Sad and Rabid Puppies

Tepper reports that no one wrote down the names of the 2015 Hogu Award categories or the winners, so we will stop now….

John Wheeler, Coined the Term “Black Hole”

The Los Angeles Times reports the passing of John Wheeler, a physicist whose ideas about black holes, wormholes and other novelties of the cosmos added infinitely to the science fiction genre. He has died of pneumonia at the age of 96.

The Times article points out how many important moments in scientific history Wheeler was present at: for example, he accompanied Niels Bohr to Albert Einstein’s office at Princeton on the day the Danish physicist declared that it was possible to make an atomic bomb.

[Registration required to read the Times online.]