Field of Dreams…

By James H. Burns: I’m surprised when some people don’t realize that Field of Dreams is a time travel movie. To me, it’s one of the best (and I suspect there still a great number of genre, and other fans, who simply have never seen it.) Baseball, in fact, is only one of the film’s many remarkable facets, with a particularly strong set of sequences with James Earl Jones (“WHO is Moonlight Grahm?”) I’m pretty sure I mention some of this in a podcast special tribute to Field’s 25th anniversary, put together by Craig Jamison, also featuring commentary by fantasy illustrator Adam Hughes, and the eminent science fiction movie and film music historian/journalist Steve Vertlieb.

Intriguingly, Jamison has been busy shooting a documentary about Vertlieb for well over a year, entitled The Man Who Saved The Movies, previews of which (including footage with Ray Bradbury and Veronica Carlson) can be found all over the web, and on YouTube.

Last Unicorn Tour Arrives in Big Apple

Peter Beagle and Connor Cochran.

Peter Beagle and Connor Cochran.

After making its way north from Virginia via New Jersey and Pennsylvania, The Last Unicorn movie tour plays New York City this weekend. The four showings are scheduled for —

TODAY @ 7 PM — Village East in Manhattan on 2nd Avenue
Saturday 9/28/2013, 2 PM — Cinemas 123 in Manhattan on 3rd Avenue
Sunday 9/29/2013, 7 PM — Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers in Yonkers NY
Monday 9/30/2013, 7 PM — City Cinemas 86th Street East in Manhattan on 86th Street

“Peter will be at every screening to do a Q&A session, sign things, give hugs and great conversation,” says Connor Cochran, “and he’ll stay as long as it takes for every last person there to get their proper turn with him.”

Peter Beagle, ready to hit the road.

Peter Beagle, ready to hit the road.

One of the most interesting places to host the movie in the past week was the Strand Theatre in the college town of Kutztown, PA:

The Strand is pure history, over 100 years old and cobbled together from bits and pieces of other local movie theaters that went out of business over the decades. Yet inside we found one of the newest, nicest projection and sound systems we’ve yet to work with.

The Last Unicorn actually played there during its original release in 1982. The classic old theater marquee reminds me of the one shown in Field of Dreams just before Ray Kinsella finds Doc Graham.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]