2018 PRISM Award Nominations for the Best in LGBTQAI+ Comics

The 2018 PRISM Award nominees have been posted. The awards “recognize, promote and celebrate diversity and excellence in the field of queer comics.”

The winners will be announced at the Prism Awards panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 21.

Short Form Comics


Small To Midsize Press Comics and Graphic Novels

Mainstream Comics and Graphic Novels



  • AJ Real (Advanced Death Saves edited by Josh Trujillo) – @darkshifter
  • Ajuan Mance (Gender Studies; Alphabet; We’re Still Here) – http://8-rock.com/  @8_rock
  • Brian Andersen (Stripling Warrior; So Super Duper; The Advocate) – www.sosuperduper.com, @superbrian
  • e jackson (Flux; Drawing a Dialogue podcast) – @ehetja
  • Gillian Pascasio (The Kiss of the Demoness) – @7CLUBS
  • Gina Biggs (Love Not Found) – @ginabiggs
  • Hari Conner (Finding Home) – hari-illustration.com  @haridraws
  • Heidi MacDonald (The Beat, The News Blog of Comics Culture) – http://www.comicsbeat.com/  @comixace
  • H-P Lehkonen (Life Outside the Circle) – webtoons.com. @hplehkonen
  • Jack Baur (Librarian, Berkeley Public Library) – inthelibrarywithacomicbook.org  @kcorstel
  • Mey Valdivia Rude (Autostraddle) – @meyrude
  • Rob McMonigal (Panel Patter) – www.panelpatter.com  @rob_mcmonigal
  • Scout Tran-Caffee (Villainette; Falling Sky) – xo.villainette.com
  • Sfé R. Monster (Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology, Vols. 1 and 2; webcomic Eths’ Skin) –  sfemonster.com  @sfemonster
  • William O. Tyler (WoT’s Cinephilia) –  @williamotyler

The Prism Awards organizing team is Ted Abenheim, Nina Taylor Kester and Maia Kobabe.

[Thanks to Cate Eldridge for the story.]

Inaugural Leo Awards Announced at Anthrocon

The first annual Leo Awards were presented at Anthrocon 2018 on July 7.

The Leo Awards’ goal is to highlight exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom. The juried award is given to those works that surpass a benchmark score, which means that there can be multiple “best” works in each category.

The finalists are listed here with the award winners in BOLDFACE.


  • Jackalope Wives and Other Stories, by Ursula Vernon
  • Imperium Lupi, by Adam Browne
  • ReWritten, by Jako Malan
  • Kismet, by Watts Martin
  • The Tower and the Fox, by Tim Susman
  • GENMOS: Gathering Storms, by Stephen Coghlan
  • Always Gray in Winter, by Mark Engels
  • Otters in Space 3: Octopus Ascending, by Mary E. Lowd
  • The Wayward Astronomer, by Geoffrey Thomas
  • The Student, by Joe Sherman
  • Thousand Tales, Learning to Fly, by Kris Schnee
  • Griffin Ranger 2: The Monster Lands, by Roz Gibson
  • Black Dust, by Invisible Wolf and Achilles
  • Mist, by Amy Fontaine
  • Where Werewolves Fear to Tread, by Alan Gordon


  • Jazz at the End of the Night, by Weasel
  • Matriarch: Elephant vs. T-Rex, by Roz Gibson
  • The Earth Tigers, by Frances Pauli
  • Dragon Fried Cheese: Dragonsbane Saga Book 3, by Madison Keller
  • Pride of Parahumans, by Joel Kreissman
  • Intimate Little Secrets, by Rechan
  • Dubiously Canon: Sinful Behavior, by Rukis


  • Bleak Horizons, edited by Tarl Hoch
  • Passing Through, edited by Weasel
  • Seven Deadly Sins, edited by Thurston Howl
  • Civilized Beasts II, edited by Weasel Press
  • Dogs of War, vol. 1, edited by Fred Patten
  • ROAR 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd
  • Symbol of a Nation, edited by Fred Patten

Short Stories

  • Crossroads the Namib, by Jako Malan (from Symbol of a Nation)
  • When the Paint Dries, by Rechan (from Intimate Little Secrets)
  • The Lion of the Low Countries, by Huskyteer (from Symbol of a Nation)
  • Personal History, by Tim Susman (from ROAR 8)
  • To the Victor the Spoils, by Ocean Tigrox (from HEAT 14)
  • The Moon Like an Unhatched Egg, by Mary E. Lowd (from Symbol of a Nation)
  • The Moon Fox, by Amy Fontaine (from Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores)
  • Tucked Away, by E. S. Lapso (from ROAR 8)
  • Shells on the Beach, by Tom Mullins (from i)
  • Empty, by Faora Meridian (from FANG 8)
  • Reflections, by TJ Minde (from FANG 8)
  • Castle Phoenix, by Greyflank (from ROAR 8)
  • Behesht, by Dwale (from ROAR 8)
  • Repository, by Hypetaph (from Seven Deadly Sins)
  • One Alien’s Wreckage, by Mary E. Lowd (from Daily Science Fiction)


  • A Deafening Dirge, by BanWynn Oakshadow (from Civilized Beasts II)
  • Top to Bottom, by Mog Moogle (from HEAT 14)
  • Unbroken, by Televassi (from Werewolves Vs Fascism)
  • The Natural Order Disordered, by J. J. Steinfeld (from Civilized Beasts II)


  • Furries Among Us 2, edited by Thurston Howl
  • Furry Nation, by Joe Strike
  • Furry Fandom Conventions 1989-2015, by Fred Patten

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

2018 Prometheus Award Winners

The Libertarian Futurist Society has announced the 2018 Prometheus Award winners for Best Novel and the Prometheus Hall of Fame – Best Classic Fiction.

Best Novel

  • The Powers of the Earth, by Travis Corcoran

The Powers of the Earth (Morlock Publishing), the first volume in The Aristillus Series, is set in a near-future ungoverned lunar settlement, developed while Earth leaders ignored and denied its existence. The settlement struggles to retain its independence from Earth’s invading force in Corcoran’s panoramic story about people carrying on their lives in liberty. Corcoran’s novel is both a tribute to Robert Heinlein’s classic The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and a re-examination of its assumptions about how such a lunar colony would function, and what kinds of people would live there.

Other Best Novel finalists:

  • Drug Lord: High Ground by Doug Casey and John Hunt (High Ground Books);
  • Torchship, Torchship Pilot, and Torchship Captain, by Karl Gallagher (Kelt Haven Press);
  • Darkship Revenge, by Sarah Hoyt (Baen Books);
  • The Corporation Wars: Emergence by Ken MacLeod (Orbit); and
  • Artemis, by Andy Weir (Crown Books).

Prometheus Hall of Fame – Best Classic Fiction. 

  • With Folded Hands …” by Grand Master Jack Williamson (1947 short story)

Williamson (1908-2006) was the second writer after Robert Heinlein to be named Grand Master of Science Fiction (in 1976) by the Science Fiction Writers of America. His novelette “With Folded Hands …”, inspired by Williamson’s lifelong distrust of “benevolent” but intrusive paternalism and published in 1947 in Astounding, launched his Humanoids Series (including the 1949 novel The Humanoids and the 1980 sequel The Humanoid Touch) which explored the disastrous and authoritarian implications of powerful new technology (robots with an imperative to control and protect humans) to undermine individual liberty and moral autonomy.

Other Hall of Fame finalists:

  • “Starfog,” a short story (1967) by Poul Anderson;
  • “As Easy as A.B.C.,” a short story (1912) by Rudyard Kipling;
  • The Island Worlds, a novel (1986) by Eric Kotani and John Maddox Roberts; and
  • “Conquest by Default,” a short story (1968) by Vernor Vinge.

The annual Prometheus Hall of Fame award is open to works published or broadcast at least five years ago in any narrative or dramatic form, including novels, stories, stage plays, film, television, other video, graphic novels, song lyrics, or epic or narrative verse.

The Prometheus Award, sponsored by the Libertarian Futurist Society (LFS), was established and first presented in 1979, making it one of the most enduring awards after the Nebula and Hugo awards, and one of the oldest fan-based awards currently in sf.

The Prometheus Awards include a gold coin and plaque for the winners – with a one-ounce gold prize for Best Novel and smaller gold coins for the Prometheus Hall of Fame and the occasional Prometheus Special awards.

For close to four decades, the Prometheus Awards have recognized outstanding works of science fiction and fantasy that dramatize the perennial conflict between Liberty and Power, favor cooperation over coercion, expose the abuses and excesses of government, critique or satirize authoritarian ideas, or champion individual rights and freedoms as the mutually respectful foundation for peace, prosperity, progress, justice, tolerance, mutual respect, and civilization itself.

The LFS will hold this year’s Prometheus Awards ceremony at 4 p.m. Friday, August 17, in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center during San Jose Worldcon 76.

The Heinlein Society 2018 Scholarship Winners

The Heinlein Society celebrated Robert A. Heinlein’s 111th birthday today by announcing the three winners of its 2018 Scholarship competition.

This year the “Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship” is joined by the “Jerry Pournelle Memorial Scholarship” and “Yoji Kondo Memorial Scholarship,” named in honor of two sff figures and friends of Heinlein who died within the past 12 months.

Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship

Carson Butler

She is attending the University of Virgina entering her junior year. She is majoring in Cognitive Science. While in high school she was selected to attend the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program at the U.S. Air Force Academy. In addition to a potential career in neuroscience, she is interested in aerospace and would “… love to work for NASA one day.” Butler was also the winner of the first “Ginny” in 2016.

Jerry Pournelle Memorial Scholarship

Reese Caldwell

This fall he will be attending Harvard University as a freshman, majoring in Chemical and Physical Biology. For his research into external control activity in synthetic cells with light, he was named one of the top 40 high school scientists in the country by the Regeneron Science Talent Search and has presented at two international conferences. After completing his Bachelor’s, he plans to continue on to obtain his PhD in bioengineering, and eventually to work for a university.

Yoji Kondo Scholarship

Emma Sebesta

She begins her university experience as a freshman at Indiana University Bloomington. She is working toward dual majors in Biochemistry and Spanish, with a minor in Psychology. She will be part of IU’s ASURE program (Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience). She was Salutatorian of her high school graduating class and received a gold medal on the National Spanish Exam. After obtaining her Bachelor’s, she plans to continue on to attend medical school and obtain her residency. Her dream is to become a fellow at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in New York City.

The Heinlein Society received 301 scholarship applications, almost double last year’s number. In addition to the winners, the other top 10 finalists are:

  • Kayla Keith
  • Neetij Krishnan
  • Kyra Moosmueller
  • Natalie Murren
  • Spencer Pote
  • Stephen Rosene
  • Edith Steffenhagen

[Thanks to Keith G. Kato for the story. The website text was written by Mike Sheffield, Emeritus President of THS and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.]

2018 British Fantasy Awards Shortlist

Following two rounds of nomination and voting by members of the British Fantasy Society and FantasyCon, the British Fantasy Awards has reached its jury stage. The 2018 shortlisted entrants are:

Best Anthology

  • 2084, ed. George Sandison (Unsung Stories)
  • Dark Satanic Mills: Great British Horror Book 2, ed. Steve Shaw (Black Shuck Books)
  • Imposter Syndrome, ed. James Everington & Dan Howarth (Dark Minds Press)
  • New Fears, ed. Mark Morris (Titan Books)
  • Pacific Monsters, ed. Margret Helgadottir (Fox Spirit)

Best Artist

  • Ben Baldwin
  • Jeffrey Alan Love
  • Victo Ngai
  • Daniele Sera
  • Sophie E Tallis
  • Sana Takeda

Best Audio

  • Anansi Boys (by Neil Gaiman, adapted by Dirk Maggs for Radio 4)
  • Brave New Words podcast (Ed Fortune and Starburst Magazine)
  • Breaking the Glass Slipper podcast (Lucy Hounsom, Charlotte Bond & Megan Leigh)
  • Ivory Towers (by Richard H Brooks, directed by Karim Kronfli for 11th Hour Audio Productions)
  • PseudoPod podcast (Alasdair Stuart and Escape Artists)
  • Tea & Jeopardy podcast (Emma & Peter Newman)

Best Collection

  • Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman (Bloomsbury)
  • Strange Weather, by Joe Hill (Gollancz)
  • Tanith by Choice, by Tanith Lee (Newcon Press)
  • Tender: Stories, by Sofia Samatar (Small Beer Press)
  • You Will Grow Into Them, by Malcolm Devlin (Unsung Stories)

Best Comic / Graphic Novel

  • Bitch Planet Vol 2: President Bitch, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Taki Soma & Valentine de Landro (Image)
  • Grim & Bold, by Joshua Cornah (Kristell Ink)
  • Monstress, Vol. 2, by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda (Image)
  • Tomorrow, by Jack Lothian & Garry Mac (BHP Comics)
  • The Wicked + The Divine Vol 5: Imperial Phase Part 1, by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie (Image)

Best Fantasy Novel (the Robert Holdstock Award)

  • Age of Assassins, by RJ Barker (Orbit)
  • The Court of Broken Knives, by Anna Smith Spark (HarperVoyager)
  • The Ninth Rain, by Jen Williams (Headline)
  • Under the Pendulum Sun, by Jeanette Ng (Angry Robot)

Best Film / Television Production

  • Black Mirror, Series 4, by Charlie Brooker (Netflix)
  • Get Out, by Jordan Peele (Universal Pictures)
  • The Good Place, Season 1, by Michael Schur (Netflix)
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi, by Rian Johnson (Lucasfilm)
  • Stranger Things, Season 2, by Matt & Ross Duffer (Netflix)
  • Twin Peaks: the Return, by Mark Frost & David Lynch (Sky Atlantic)
  • Wonder Woman, by Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg & Jason Fuchs (Warner Bros.)

Best Horror Novel (the August Derleth Award)

  • Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough (Harper Collins)
  • The Boy on the Bridge, by MR Carey (Orbit)
  • The Changeling, by Victor LaValle (Spiegel & Grau)
  • The Crow Garden, by Alison Littlewood (Jo Fletcher Books)
  • Relics, by Tim Lebbon (Titan Books)

Best Independent Press

  • Fox Spirit
  • Grimbold Books
  • Newcon Press
  • Salt Publishing
  • Unsung Stories

Best Magazine / Periodical

  • Black Static, ed. Andy Cox (TTA Press)
  • Gingernuts of Horror, ed. Jim Mcleod
  • Grimdark Magazine, ed. Adrian Collins
  • Interzone, ed. Andy Cox (TTA Press)
  • Shoreline of Infinity, ed. Noel Chidwick

Best Newcomer (the Sydney J Bounds Award)

  • RJ Barker, for Age of Assassins (Orbit)
  • SA Chakraborty, for The City of Brass (HarperVoyager)
  • Ed McDonald, for Blackwing (Orion)
  • Jeanette Ng, for Under the Pendulum Sun (Angry Robot)
  • Anna Smith Spark, for The Court of Broken Knives (HarperVoyager)

Best Non-Fiction

  • Gender Identity and Sexuality in Science Fiction and Fantasy, ed. FT Barbini (Luna Press)
  • Gingernuts of Horror, ed. Jim Mcleod
  • Luminescent Threads, ed. Alexandra Pierce & Mimi Mondal (12th Planet Press)
  • No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters, by Ursula K Le Guin (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  • Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of 70s and 80s Horror Fiction, by Grady Hendrix (Quirk)
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, by Maura McHugh (Electric Dreamhouse Press)

Best Novella

  • Brother’s Ruin, by Emma Newman (Tor.com)
  • Cottingley, by Alison Littlewood (Newcon Press)
  • The Murders of Molly Southbourne, by Tade Thompson (Tor.com)
  • Naming the Bones, by Laura Mauro (Dark Minds Press)
  • Passing Strange, by Ellen Klages (Tor.com)
  • A Pocketful of Crows, by Joanne Harris (Gollancz)

Best Short Story

  • “The Anniversary,” by Ruth EJ Booth (in Black Static #61) (TTA Press)
  • “Four Abstracts,” by Nina Allan (in New Fears) (Titan Books)
  • “Illumination,” by Joanne Hall (in Book of Dragons) (Kristell Ink)
  • “The Little Gift,” by Stephen Volk (PS Publishing)
  • “Looking for Laika,” by Laura Mauro (in Interzone #273) (TTA Press)
  • “Shepherd’s Business,” by Stephen Gallagher (in New Fears) (Titan Books)

The Award winners for each category will be announced on 21st October at FantasyCon 2018.

[Thanks to Mark Hepworth for the story.]

2018 ENnie Award Nominations

The 2018 ENnie Award Nominations are out. The annual awards are given for RPG products, RPG games, RPG accessories, and RPG related items.

This year the judges considered a record 514 submissions from 251 publishers and creators. Among the finalists are 72 unique publishers/creators in the 23 award categories and Judge’s picks.

Fans still have until July 7 to nominate their 2018 Fan Favorite Publisher.

ENnie Award winners will be announced on August 3 during GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Best Adventure

Best Aid/Accessory

Best Art, Cover

Best Art, Interior

  • The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth, Christopher Grey Artist: Robert Hebert
  • Frostbitten and Mutilated, Lamentations of the Flame Princess Artist: Zak Smith
  • Atlas Animalia, Metal Weave Games Artist: Sarah Dahlinger
  • City of Mist, Son of Oak Game Studio Artist: Marcin Sobo?
  • Starfinder Core Rulebook, Paizo Inc. Artists: Alexandur Alexandrov, David Alvarez, Rogier van de Beek, Leonardo Borazio, Tomasz Chistowski, Taylor Fischer, David Franco Campos, Sebastien Hue, Guido Kuip, Robert Lazzaretti, Mikaël Léger, Víctor Manuel Leza Moreno, Setiawan Lie, Damien Mammoliti, David Melvin, Mark Molnar, Mirco Paganessi, Jose Parodi, Miroslav Petrov, Hugh Pindur, Roberto Pitturru, Pixoloid Studios (Aleksandr Dochkin, Nothof Ferenc, Gaspar Gombos, David Metzger, and Mark Molnar), Maichol Quinto, Pavel Rtishev, Connor Sheehan, Firat Solhan, Remko Troost, Leon Tukker, Ben Wootten, Joshua Wright

Best Blog

Best Cartography

Best Electronic Book

Best Family Product

Best Free Game

Best Free Product

Best Game

Best Miniature Product

Best Monster/Adversary

  • Down Darker Trails, Chaosium Inc. Authors: Kevin Ross, Mike Mason, Scott David Aniolowski, David Cole, Todd Woods
  • Freedom City 3rd Edition, Green Ronin Publishing Authors: Steve Kenson, Scott Bennie, DT Butchino, Shawn Carman, Crystal Frasier, Chris Huff, Sean Johnson, Seth Johnson, John Maniha, Professor Christopher
  • Frostbitten and Mutilated, Lamentations of the Flame Princess Author: Zak Smith
  • Uh-Oh Monsters, Monte Cook Games Author: Shanna Germain
  • Starfinder Alien Archive, Paizo Inc. Authors: John Compton, Adam Daigle, Crystal Frasier, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Jason Keeley, Jonathan H. Keith, Steve Kenson, Isabelle Lee, Lyz Liddell, Robert G. McCreary, Mark Moreland, Joe Pasini, F. Wesley Schneider, Owen K.C. Stephens, James L. Sutter, Josh Vogt

Best Organized Play

Best Podcast

Best Production Values

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules

  • Delta Green: The RPG, Arc Dream Publishing Authors: Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Christopher Gunning, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, Greg Stolze
  • Harlem Unbound, Darker Hue Studios Authors: Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman, Bob Geis, Sarah Hood, Neall Raemonn Price
  • Cthulhu Confidential, Pelgrane Press Authors: Robin D. Laws, Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman
  • Torg Eternity: Core Rules, Ulisses Spiele Authors: Shane Lacy Hensley, Darrell Hayhurst, Markus Plötz, Dean Gilbert, Ross Watson
  • Star Trek Adventures: Core Rulebook, Modiphius Entertainment Authors: Dave Chapman, Jim Johnson, Patrick Goodman, Ross Isaacs, Bill Maxwell, Jonathan Breese, Nathan Dowdell, John Snead, Oz Mills, Aaron Pollyea, Rob Wieland, Ade Smith, Anthony Jennings, Dan Taylor, Dayton Ward, Michael Brophy, Giles Pritchard, Maggie Carroll, Steven Creech, Shawn Merwin, Sam Webb, Jacob Ross

Best Setting

  • Harlem Unbound, Darker Hue Studios Authors: Chris Spivey, Ruth Tillman, Bob Geis, Sarah Hood, Neall Raemonn Price
  • Freedom City 3rd Edition, Green Ronin Publishing Authors: Steve Kenson, Scott Bennie, DT Butchino, Shawn Carman, Crystal Frasier, Chris Huff, Sean Johnson, Seth Johnson, John Maniha, Professor Christopher McGlothlin, Steven E. Schend, Lucien Soulban, Aaron Sullivan
  • Frostbitten and Mutilated, Lamentations of the Flame Princess Author: Zak Smith
  • Predation, Monte Cook Games Author: Shanna Germain
  • Starfinder Pact Worlds, Paizo Inc. Authors: Alexander Augunas, Judy Bauer, Robert Brookes, Jason Bulmahn, John Compton, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Thurston Hillman, Mikko Kallio, Jason Keeley, Jonathan Keith, Steve Kenson, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, Robert G. McCreary, David N. Ross, Owen K.C. Stephens, James L. Sutter, Russ Taylor

Best Supplement

  • Shadowrun Dark Terrors, Catalyst Game Labs Authors: Brooke Chang, Kevin Czarnecki, Jason M. Hardy, Alexander Kadar, Adam Large, O.C. Presley, Scott Schletz, Dylan Stengel, R.J. Thomas, Amy Veeres
  • Reign of Terror, Chaosium Inc. Authors: Mark Morrison, Penelope Love, James Coquillat, Darren Watson
  • Doctor Who RPG – The Black Archive, Cubicle Seven Entertainment Ltd. Authors: Walt Ciechanowski, Andrew Peregrine
  • Holy Crap: the Great Sects Change Operation, Mutha Oith Productions Author: Andy Hopp
  • Starfinder Pact Worlds, Paizo Inc. Authors: Alexander Augunas, Judy Bauer, Robert Brookes, Jason Bulmahn, John Compton, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Thurston Hillman, Mikko Kallio, Jason Keeley, Jonathan Keith, Steve Kenson, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, Robert G. McCreary, David N. Ross, Owen K.C. Stephens, James L. Sutter, Russ Taylor

Best Website

Best Writing

Product of the Year

Judges’ Spotlight Winners

2018 Rhysling Awards

Mary Soon Lee and Neil Gaiman are the winners of the 2018 Rhysling Awards presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA).

The winners were chosen by SFPA members, with 140 votes cast in the short poem category, and 93 in the long poem category.

Short Poem Category

First Place
“Advice to a Six-Year-Old”
Mary Soon Lee • Star*Line 40.2

Second Place
“How to Grieve: A Primer for Witches”
Sara Cleto • Mythic Delirium, May

Third Place
F. J. Bergmann • Polu Texni 12/26/17

Long Poem Category

First Place
“The Mushroom Hunters”
Neil Gaiman • Brainpickings 4/26/17

Second Place
“For Preserves”
Cassandra Rose Clarke • Star*Line 40.4

Third Place
“Alternate Genders”
Mary Soon Lee • Mithila Review 9

The 2018 Rhysling Anthology can be ordered through the SFPA website. The editor and 2018 contest chair is Linda D. Addison. The book design is by F.J. Bergmann, Cover image is “Dark Mermaid” by Rowena Morrill.

[Thanks to Mark Hepworth for the story.]

2018 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalists

Baen Books has notified the finalists in the fifth annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award.

  • “Spun of Salt and Stone” by Deborah L. Davitt
  • “The Lady of Pain” by Steve DuBois
  • “Deny the World with a Thought” by Benjamin Scott Farthing
  • “The Puzzle Vault” by Auston Habershaw
  • “The Memory Bank & Trust” by Patrick Hurley
  • “Ashes for Ashes” by Kevin Kauffmann
  • “Luchadora” by Melissa Mead
  • “The Deadliest Dish” by David Samuels
  • “Ash-Eater” by Benjamin Tyler Smith
  • “Dragon’s Hand” by David VonAllmen

The winners will be announced at the start of the Baen Travelling Roadshow on Saturday, August 4 during the Writer’s Symposium at GenCon in Indianapolis.

2018 Utopiales Awards Shortlists

Finalists have been announced for two of the awards that will be presented at Utopiales, the International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes.

The nominees for the Prix Utopiales 2018 are:

  • L’Or du diable, Andreas Eschbach (L’Atalante)
  • Espace Lointain, Jaroslav Melnik (Agullo)
  • L’âme des horloges, David Mitchell (de l’Olivier)
  • Station: La chute, Al Robertson (Denoël)
  • Amatka, Karin Tidbeck (La Volte)

The award recognizes a novel, or a collection, published in French during the eligibility period by a European author. The prize has a cash value of 3000 euros.

The nominees for the Prix Utopiales Jeunesse 2018 (Utopiales Youth Award) are:

  • The Rain, Virginia Bergin (Bayard)
  • Les Puissants, tome 1: Esclaves, Vic James (Nathan)
  • Nouvelle Sparte, Erik L’Homme (Gallimard Jeunesse)
  • Star Trip, Éric Senabre (Didier jeunesse)
  • Le Mort du Temps, Aurélie Wellenstein (Scrineo)

The award ceremony will take place during the  Utopiales International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes, October 31-November 5.

[Via Locus Online.]

2018 Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films presented the 2018 Saturn Awards on June 27.

The Saturn Awards Organization is part of The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films which is a non-profit corporation founded in 1972 by Dr. Donald A. Reed. The organization is dedicated to honoring film and television genre entertainment.

The winners of the 44th annual awards are:


Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release:

  • Black Panther (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Science Fiction Release:

  • Blade Runner 2049 (Warner Bros.)

Best Fantasy Film Release:

  • The Shape of Water (Fox Searchlight)

Best Horror Film Release:

  • Get Out (Universal)

Best Action / Adventure Film Release:

  • The Greatest Showman (20th Century Fox)

Best Thriller Film Release:

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Fox Searchlight)

Best Actor in a Film:

  • Mark Hamill Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Studios)

Best Actress in a Film:

  • Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” (Warner Bros.)

Best Supporting Actor in a Film:

  • Patrick Stewart “Logan” (20th Century Fox)

Best Supporting Actress in a Film:

  • Danai Gurira “Black Panther” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Film:

  • Tom Holland “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (Sony / Marvel)

Best Film Director:

  • Ryan Coogler “Black Panther” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Screenplay:

  • Rian Johnson “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Production Design:

  • Hannah Beachler “Black Panther” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Editing:

  • Bob Ducsay “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Music:

  • Michael Giacchino “Coco” (Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Costume Designer:

  • Jacqueline Durran “Beauty and the Beast” (Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Make-Up:

  • Joel Harlow, Ken Diaz “Black Panther” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Special / Visual Effects:

  • Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Jonathan Fawkner, Dan Sudick “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Independent Film Release:

  • Wonder (Lionsgate)

Best International Film Release:

  • Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Arka Media Works)

Best Animated Film Release:

  • Coco (Walt Disney Studios)


Best Superhero Television Series:

  • The Flash (The CW)

Best Science Fiction Television Series:

  • The Orville (Fox Television)

Best Fantasy Television Series:

  • Outlander (Starz)

Best Horror Television Series:

  • The Walking Dead (AMC)

Best Action/Thriller Television Series:

  • Better Call Saul (AMC)

Best Presentation on Television:

  • Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtime)

Best Actor on a Television Series:

  • Kyle MacLachlan Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtime)

Best Actress on a Television Series:

  • Sonequa Martin-Green Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)

Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series:

  • Michael McKean Better Call Saul (AMC)

Best Supporting Actress on a Television Series:

  • Rhea Seehorn Better Call Saul (AMC)

Best Performance by a Younger Actor on a Television Series:

  • Chandler Riggs The Walking Dead (AMC)

Best Guest-Starring Performance on Television:

  • David Lynch Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtime)

Best Animated Series on Television:

  • Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD)

Best New Media Television Series:

  • Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)

Best New Media Superhero Series:

  • Marvel’s The Punisher (Netflix)


Best DVD/BD Release:

  • Dave Made a Maze (Gravitas Ventures)

Best DVD/BD Classic Film Release:

  • Lifeboat (Kino Lorber)

Best DVD/BD Special Edition Release:

  • Night of the Living Dead (Criterion Collection)

Best DVD/BD Collection Release:

  • Dracula Complete Legacy Collection (Universal)

Best DVD/BD Television Series Release:

  • American Gods (Season 1) (Lionsgate)


Best Local Live Theatre Production:

  • Something Rotten (Segerstrom Center for the Arts)

The Saturn Awards Organization announced this year’s Special Award honorees on June 6:

The Dr. Donald A. Reed Founder’s Award

  • Guillermo del Toro

The Producers Showcase Award

  • Jason Blum

The Filmmakers Showcase Award

  • Jake Kasdan

The Dan Curtis Legacy Award

  • Sarah Schecter

The Special Achievement Award

  • Don Mancini