Celebrate Black History Month With Extraordinary Covers By Ernanda Souza

Marvel Comics will honor Black History Month with a series of variant covers depicting their most prominent Black heroes. Today, Marvel revealed the additional covers that will make up February’s collection. A celebration of the legacy of Black heroes in Marvel Comics’ storytelling, these beautiful pieces of art will feature depictions of Storm, Black Panther, Miles Morales, Falcon, War Machine, Blade, Ironheart, and the new Valkyrie who recently appeared in King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries #1. These characters will be brought to life in the distinct style of rising star artist Ernanda Souza in her Marvel Comics debut.

 “First of all, I have to say that working for Marvel is a huge dream come true. I grew up watching Marvel movies and TV shows—especially the X-Men animated series in the ’90s—and playing the whole Arcade franchise games. And to be honest, I never thought I would ever do work with them, but I’m glad to say I did,” Souza said. “As an Afro/Latin artist, it’s a big honor for me to start with the company and work on some of the characters I like and who represent the Black community. Representation with respect is always a good thing, there can never be too much. I know I can only speak for myself, but I hope I did them justice.”

Here is a complete list of Souza’s Black History Month variant covers available at local comic shops throughout the month of February.

  • Avengers #42 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • Black Panther #23 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • King In Black: Captain America #1 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • Champions #4 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • Iron Man #6 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries #3 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza
  • X-Men #18 Black History Month Variant Cover By Ernanda Souza

More variant cover art follows the jump.

[Based on a press release.]

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Missy #1 Launches in April

Cover by David Busian

Titan Comics announced that this April they will launch a brand-new series in the Doctor Who comics line featuring one of the Doctor’s darkest nemeses in Missy #1.

Following on from the huge success of the Doctor Who Comic crossover adventures, starring the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors as they battled iconic villains like the Weeping Angels, Skithra, Sea Devils and Autons, this new story sees the series expand its horizons even further with the first appearance of the Twelfth Doctor’s arch-rival Missy (as played on TV by Michelle Gomez). 

MISSY wages war on the Doctor, but this time she’s not alone! Can the combined brilliance of the Third and Twelfth Doctor avert her deadly scheme, or will she get her hands on a secret weapon capable of wreaking havoc on the universe? This special story, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Master’s first appearance, will feature more Doctors and Masters than ever before.

This new series will also see the return of the critically acclaimed creative team behind the Doctor Who comics with Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Stranger Things, Spider-Man), illustrator Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade), and colorist Enrica Angiolini (Warhammer 40,000).

For writer Jody Houser, this upcoming arc has been a long time coming: “I wrote a few pages of Missy way back in The Road to Thirteen, and I’ve been dying to write more of her ever since. Her ineffable cunning and sense of fun make her the most delightful sort of monster.”

Missy #1 will debut with a selection of amazing variant covers, including the first of a stunning four-part Masters connected cover set by Claudia Caranfa featuring Michelle Gomez, John Simm, Roger Delgado and Sacha Dhawan as well as a cover by the fan-favorite artist David Busian (Star Wars Adventures). 

Doctor Who: Missy #1 hits stores and digital devices April 2021. Pre-order the comic ahead of its release in April 2021 (February Diamond Previews) from your local comic shop, from Forbidden Planet (UK & Europe), or digitally at Comixology.

[Based on a press release.]

Loki Sends Jane Foster on an Epic Quest in The Mighty Valkyries

After their cataclysmic showdown with Knull in King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries, Asgard’s greatest warriors will embark on another glorious quest in a brand-new series. Launching in April, The Mighty Valkyries will be crafted by the returning creative team of writers Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk and artist Mattia de Iulis.

Jane Foster believed she was the only Valkyrie left – but the fight against Knull, the King in Black, proved her wrong. Now the Valkyries must redefine their roles in a changing world – and Asgard’s not going to make it easy. When Loki comes to Jane with rumors of a beast stalking the souls of Midgard, she leaps into action along with the mysterious new Valkyrie who just made her highly-anticipated debut in King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries #1. But does Jane’s new ally have other priorities? Years ago, this ancient warrior made a promise to a woman she loved. And now, it’s time for her to follow through.

Here’s what Grønbekk had to say about the new series:

“This story is big, cosmic, and mythical. The wolves are let loose, an old god is back, and life is finding its way into Hel. People are dying on Midgard, and even Loki has a part to play (which is rarely a good sign for, well, anyone but Loki). Though our Valkyries begin the journey in two different galaxies, their paths soon meet. But there are twists and turns in their way, and nothing and no-one is quite what they seem. They will have to ask the right questions and make hard choices before they can unravel the mystery they both find themselves in.

“I could say that it’s a story about ancient magic, dying worlds, talking horses, and forgotten forces, and while that would all be true, it’s also about finding back to life — after loss, illness, stagnation, and imprisonment.”

New destinies and life-changing battles await when The Mighty Valkyries #1 hits stands in April! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

Four pages of interior art follow the jump.

[Based on a press release.]

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Review: Ghosting by Debbie Jenkinson

By James Bacon: One of those incredible comics that brilliantly captures everyday things, while beautiful winding in a mystery, suspense and a lot of humanity into a fantastically drawn story, making me smile, laugh, hope and hold my breath. 

Steve, a pleasant hard working Bus Eireann driver from Dublin meets and becomes very attached to Monica who travels on his bus and they spark a bit and obviously there is potential for a relationship, but then this  Italian lady seems to disappear out of his life, with a strange message perhaps in error and no contact, as one of his pals explains, he’s been ghosted. It’s a bit if a mystery to Steve.  

Anxieties and self doubt intertwine with the realities of life, we make a connection, but it is not to be, for one it is amazing and the other, well, life is busy and there’s so many other things to be doing. This is natural, and Steve is perplexed and confounded, if a relationship ends, even suddenly and for no reason, you wouldn’t want to go round to their place else as Steve  eloquently points out, you’d look ‘like a saddo’. Fortunately for our story Stevo as one of his pals calls him, is decent but the story is more complex than his pals in Busrus reckon and what is it to be courageous, to accept despair and move on or to figure it out with the risk of being back to square one.  

This is a wonderful comic, working myself in public transport (Trains) the realities of colleagues, the way driving can seem boring to some, and the dangerous way that any distraction can put people in danger, all felt right. Fellow drivers, diverse and genuine, passengers, although more familiar to Steve who drives a regular route, and Steve’s Dublin Mam, all, just felt perfectly right. 

The challenges of how one manages a potential breakup, the darkness a person feels with the loneliness and loss, of what could have been, or might have been, is so completely human and of course, the highs and lows of life, and loss are something everyone knows and feels, and wonder about, and yet somehow, often wordlessly, we see emotions captured and watch on as Steve is challenged, inquisitive and in a dark place.  

The art though, has to be seen to be believed, there is a level of accuracy and detail here, that is astounding, the architecture and streets of Dublin are captured so well, it is easy to track the city, Jenkinson has a skill at drawing away from the scene to allow one a street view, or the view of the bus in the countryside, and with varying angles, offers the reader a pleasure in cartographic and visual storytelling. The use of colour is limited but used to great effect and the overall use of blue and greys of the cities nicely contrasts with the more green countryside  and whizzing red and white bus.

There were so many moments where I laughed, finding many interactions hilarious, found the emotional and rational contrast brilliant, while at times I was tense and indicatively reading quickly. Eager to see which route the story went. 

 There is a lovely video preview here: 

And the books can purchased

Fear The Horror Of The Man-Thing In Spider-Man

Marvel is honoring the 50th anniversary of Man-Thing with a new series. Starting in March with Avengers: Curse Of The Man-Thing #1, the three-part Marvel Universe-spanning event continues in April with Spider-Man: Curse Of The Man-Thing #1. In this installment, writer Steve Orlando (Martian ManhunterBatmanWonder Woman) will be joined by artist Alberto Foche (Dan Dare) who makes his Marvel Comics debut.

Man-Thing’s supernatural abilities have been pirated thanks to the new Marvel villain, Harrower, a zealot intent on clearing humanity off the board so a new species can get a shot at the top. The world burns and fear is the accelerant! Meanwhile, Spider-Man races across New York desperate to avert disaster and find the one man that just might be able to get through to Man-Thing…his former colleague Curt Connors, A.K.A. The Lizard! But deep within the Man-Thing’s psyche, it’s Spider-Man that discovers something he never expected: a devilish secret, and a doctor seeking redemption.

Spider-Man: Curse Of The Man-Thing picks up the second, explosive chapter of our anniversary celebration as cities across the world fall prey to Man-Thing’s fire, and the best hope for stopping the blaze rests with not just Spider-Man, but one of this oldest foes: the Lizard,” Orlando said. “What a blast to watch Man-Thing take Manhattan, and to see both Peter Parker and Miles Morales step up to the plate to defend their city against fear!”

Since his creation by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Gray Morrow in 1971’s Savage Tales #1, the misunderstood swamp monster has taught readers the true meaning of fear in thought-provoking tales by legendary creators such as Steve Gerber and R.L. Stine. Prepare to burn at the Man-Thing’s touch once again when Spider-Man: Curse Of The Man-Thing # hits stands this April.

  • Written by STEVE ORLANDO
  • Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA
  • Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

[Based on a press release.]

Kurt Busiek Explores Every Corner of the Marvel Universe
in ‘The Marvels’

Acclaimed writer Kurt Busiek’s new ongoing series, The Marvels, will debut this April. The previously announced series will be one of the most sprawling series ever to hit the Marvel Universe, telling stories that span the decades and range from epic adventure to intense human drama, from the street-level to the cosmic, starring literally anyone from Marvel’s very first heroes to never-before-seen superstars of tomorrow. The Marvels and Astro City writer will be joined by artist Yildiray Cinar (X-MenIron Man) and the series will feature iconic covers by legendary artist Alex Ross.

“The whole idea of The Marvels is to be able to use the whole Marvel Universe — not just all the characters in it, but all the history of it. The sweeping scope of the whole thing,” Busiek said when the book was first announced. “Big stuff can happen in the Marvel Universe, but we usually see it confined largely to the Avengers in Avengers, to the FF in Fantastic Four, and so on. The Marvels is intended as a freewheeling book that can go anywhere, do anything, use anyone. It’s a smorgasbord of Marvel heroes and history.”

The Marvels will feature Captain America, Spider-Man, the Punisher, the Human Torch, Storm, the Black Cat, the Golden Age Vision, Aero, Iron Man and Thor, and the startling introduction of two brand-new characters. Plus: Who (or what) is KSHOOM? It all starts here. Check out never-before-seen interior artwork now and be sure to pick up this one-of-a-kind new series when it hits stands in April.

[Based on a press release.]

Marvel’s King in Black One Shots Coming in March

Earlier this month, King In Black #1 hit stands, and fans finally saw masterminds Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman plunge the Marvel Universe into darkness with the long-dreaded arrival of Knull – never mind that the character’s name makes Swedish-speaking fans laugh.

With four issues left and multiple tie-in issues, things are just getting started. It’s all leading up to the final showdown in King In Black #5, which will bring this epic event to a close. Be there when the very fate of all symbiotes is decided, and the future of the saga of Venom is revealed. Check out the haunting cover by Ryan Stegman below and ask yourself: what is a god to a non-believer?

Also out in March will be essential one-shots starring some of your favorite Marvel heroes. Spidey is in for the fight of his life when the city around him erupts into chaos under Knull’s influence. Find out if he has what it takes to turn the tide in the action-packed KING IN BLACK: SPIDER-MAN by writer Jed MacKay and artist Michele Bandini. The war for Hell’s throne meets the war against the God of Symbiotes when Johnny Blaze gets caught in the madness of King in Black in KING IN BLACK: GHOST RIDER by writer Ed Brisson and artist Juan Frigeri. Scream makes her highly-anticipated return in KING IN BLACK: SCREAM by writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Garry Brown. Will her return be short-lived or does she hold the key to putting a dent in Knull’s symbiotic armor? And newlywed Young Avengers Wiccan and Hulkling’s honeymoon is taken over by symbiotes in KING IN BLACK: HULKLING AND WICCAN by writer Tini Howard and artist Luciano Vecchio. Also spinning out of KING BLACK, everyone’s favorite Korbinite finds a new destiny in BETA RAY BILL, a new series written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson.

The final chapters of King in Black arrive this March.

Anyway, I like the art that accompanies these press releases – you can see it following the jump.

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Deadpool Will Be 30 and Marvel
Is Celebrating

The Merc with a Mouth is turning 30, but Marvel doesn’t celebrate with candles, they celebrate with comics and variant covers – more money in that, you know!

Three decades ago, Deadpool first appeared in New Mutants #98 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. In the coming year, Marvel start the party with Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1, a giant-sized special issue of classic Deadpool creators exploring the past, present, and future of Wade Wilson. And Rob Liefeld who will return to his creation in a series of 30 extraordinary variant covers depicting Wade teaming up with heroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe.

See Deadpool reunite with Cable on the cover of X-Force #15, get bloody with Wolverine on the cover of X-Men Legends #4, go web-slinging with Miles Morales on Miles Morales Spider-Man #25, and more.

Check out the first batch following the jump. For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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Titan Comics Latest Issue of Doctor Who

Cover by Peach Momoko

Doctor Who returns in Issue #2 with the comic debut of iconic Seventies TV villain.

After narrowly escaping the Weeping Angels and the Autons in 1960s London, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor must team-up once again to save present-day Earth from being overrun by the classic aquatic villain, the Sea Devils!

Who else can they turn to for help but Rose Tyler: leader of the human resistance!

Enjoy the art.

  • Author(s): Jody Houser
  • Artist(s): Roberta Ingranata
  • Date/Price: December 16, 2020; $3.99

More covers and interiors follow the jump.

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