Cherishing The Elderly

Opinion Piece by Steve Vertlieb: The call a few days ago by a Texas politician for the elderly to sacrifice their lives for the “common good” so that our national economy may return to normal smacks of the origins of barbarism. The horrifying pronouncement by a duly elected leader, sworn to protect and defend democracy for all of America’s citizens, is born of bigotry, ignorance, and fear. It is a deeply troubling echo of a time not so very long ago when the lives of the elderly were considered expendable… in order to preserve the status quo … when those whose ethnicity and color were deemed threatening to the national economy … and when hatred and irrational blame contributed to the mass murder, mutilation, persecution, butchery and genocide of countless millions across the waves.

The American dream is based upon the premise that all men, women, and children are created equal in the eyes of God, and that everyone is entitled to pursue and achieve their dreams and happiness. Selfishness cannot be allowed to replace selflessness in what was once “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” It has been correctly stated that people are the same all over … that we are all children of a singular, universal, and loving God. We share our humanity with every soul who dwells upon our planet. No one is better than anyone else, and no one’s right to live, to love, and to pursue their sacred dreams for happiness can be deemed unimportant or insignificant compared to the so called “common good.”

The right to exist is, and has been, a cherished principle wherever freedom and democracy have flourished. It is with the abandonment and willing sacrifice of those ideals that a land of dreams descends into a land of nightmares, and surrenders to the basest desire for merely individual gratification and paltry survival. In times of danger and the threat of persecution, we must embrace the elderly and the fragile with loving arms, protection, and reverence for all that has come before us, continuing to remember that our greatness for generations has been based upon the strong shoulders of those who have loving permitted us to stand upon them.

7 thoughts on “Cherishing The Elderly

  1. The one thing I have to say that I would say in polite company is: Sir, what the hell is wrong with you?

  2. Amazing statement from someone “pro-life”.
    Of course, it really means forced birth, because they do jack-all for the child after birth – no healthcare, no assurance of food, shelter, care, minimal education (if poor), etc. When adult, suppress voting rights, no justice (agin, if poor and/or minority).
    I am being polite.

  3. @bandit —

    Of course, it really means forced birth

    This is exactly right. They aren’t pro-life, they’re pro-birth. Death penalty, no health care, no food stamps, cutting public ed, yadda yadda yadda. They only care that the babies get pushed out — after that, the brats are on their own!

  4. @Contrarius –

    I happen to be a Christian who is pro-choice. Without starting to preach, my God knows what will happen to a fetus. A fair number of pregnancies spontaneously miscarry. Why would an all-knowing God put a soul into that fetus? Same with an aborted fetus.

    I also happen to know a few women who have had an abortion. They did not make it lightly, on a whim. It was a combination of deep emotion and rational understanding they could not support the child.

    If policy was rational, if she gave birth, the woman and child would have proper support, including healthcare, housing, clothing, and food, and proper education as needed.

    Child support also includes daycare. Personally, I think a “co-op” form where a logical physical grouping (eg a neighborhood) has 2..3 mothers trained and certified as daycare workers, paid for their efforts, and the group has a daycare facility where they can leave their children while they work. They would pay a nominal fee, but nothing that matches the current rate. This would save a huge amount of money in the long run, and have much better outcomes for many issues.

    The irony is: proper sex education and available contraception leads to a lower “unwanted” pregnancy rate. The current policy in many states (eg Texas) leads to a higher “unwanted” pregnancy rate – opposite of their goals. This also applies to many Christian denominations and sects, and, of course, to the Catholic Church. I am sure everybody reading this knows why. That is what drives the failed policy.

    BTW, Jewish teaching is God puts the soul into the baby upon first breath – based on “God breathed life into Adam”.

    But – these “pro-life” people who want people, mainly seniors to die for the economy (translated: their 401(k)’s) are abominable “humans” who show their hypocrisy in many of their actions. I find them repulsive. They have only read the parts of the Bible they like, and never read the words in red.

    I suspect we are in violent agreement on many subjects. (I hope i have not come across too heavy handed…)

  5. @bandit —

    The irony is: proper sex education and available contraception leads to a lower “unwanted” pregnancy rate. The current policy in many states (eg Texas) leads to a higher “unwanted” pregnancy rate – opposite of their goals.

    Yeah, this drives me batty. Batty, I tell you!

    BTW, Jewish teaching is God puts the soul into the baby upon first breath – based on “God breathed life into Adam”.

    Ha — I was about to say that!

    Here’s another good way to discombobulate pro-lifers if you’re ever in a debate with them:

    Premise: pro-lifers usually believe that the “soul” enters the fetus at conception. But consider the case of identical twins, and the case of chimeras.

    1 — Identical twins split from one zygote well after conception occurs. So if the soul enters the zygote at conception, each twin can only have half of that one soul. Or does one of the twins get the whole soul, and the other twin gets no soul at all?

    2 — Chimeras are people (or animals) who have DNA from two zygotes that fused together well after conception. So if the soul enters the zygote at conception, this means that a chimera has TWO souls.

    Things that make ya go hmmmm!!

    And a good Biblical argument:

    In Numbers, God specifically tells Moses how to teach priests to administer abortifacients to women who are suspected of infidelity. Look up more recent translations of the Trial of the Bitter Waters. Even God himself didn’t oppose abortion!

  6. This is what happens when one decides to start worshiping at the altar of Mammon and pretend he’s Jesus. People become expendable because money is the be all end all of their belief system.

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