Compton Crook Award Nominees 2018

The 2018 Compton Crook / Stephen Tall Award nominees have been announced. The award is given by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for the best science fiction or fantasy novel published during the previous year by an author new to the genre. The winner will be revealed at Balticon 51’s opening ceremonies on May 25.

The nominees are:

  • Nicky Drayden for The Prey of Gods published 6/13/2017 by Harper Voyager with ISBN-13: 978-0062493033
  • Elan Mastai for All Our Wrong Todays published 2/7/2017 by Dutton with ISBN-13: 978-1101985137
  • Robyn Bennis for The Guns Above: A Signal Airship Novel published 5/2/2017 by Macmillan with ISBN-13: 978-0765388766
  • Karin Tidbeck for Amatka  published 6/27/2017 by Vintage with ISBN-13: 978-1101973950
  • Vic James for Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts) published 2/14/2017 by Del Rey with ISBN-13: 978-0425284155
  • Theodora Goss for The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter (The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club) published 6/20/2017 by Saga Press (Simon & Schuster) with ISBN-13: 978-1481466509
  • Cat Sparks for Lotus Blue published 3/7/2017 by Tabs with ISBN-13: 978-1940456706

Voting members of BSFS have until the end of April to send their votes to  and remember only valid voting members of BSFS, not just Balticon members, can vote for this stage of the Crook Award.  Final voting for the Award closes at the end of April and the winner will be announced soon thereafter.  Congratulations to all of these fine authors.

More information on Balticon, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction Convention, can be found at

Past Compton Crook Award winners information can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Compton Crook Award Nominees 2018

  1. Congrats to the nominees! 🙂

    @Mike Glyer: BSFS needs an editor. I wonder if they encourage appertainment? 😉 (I.e., these are not your errors, of course.)

    #1 “DelRay” should be “Del Rey” (two words, both with “e”). Ouch. If you fix this, you might have the only correct version on the ‘net!

    #2 It’s odd they listed Bennis’s publisher as Macmillan (parent company) instead of Tor Books. After all, they listed Saga*, “DelRay” [sic], Dutton, etc., not their parent companies. (I didn’t check all, but those I know off-hand.)

    * I wonder why they listed Saga’s parent in parens, but no one else’s.

    Unrelated: I see they have a nominating committee. I’m not sure whether they actually choose the nominees, or if the club nominates as well as votes. I presume the former, but a quick scan didn’t find an explanation of the nomination process.

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  3. Unrelated: I see they have a nominating committee. I’m not sure whether they actually choose the nominees, or if the club nominates as well as votes.

    The committee acquires the books and vets the ones that are submitted by authors and/or publishers are for the correct year. Members of the club – and pretty much anyone, as I recall – can suggest/nominate works. But only members of BSFS may vote on the final ballot.

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