175 thoughts on “Getting Better on August 9

  1. Ick, infection. Take your time, take your meds until they’re all gone, and don’t try to overdo. You’ll be better when you’re better, and not before.

    (Yelling at the neighbors): Stop kicking those pixel boxes around! The man is trying to get some rest. What? Oh, pizza boxes. Sure, scroll one over here.

  2. Charon D.: Yay Mike! Glad the doctors were able to inject you with miniature Raquel Welches in time.


    I am betting that the number of people here who got that reference is about 5 million percent higher than on 95% of other Internet forums.

    We’re talking about Raquel Welch here. It would only be one million (years B.C.).

    (And yes, I got the reference, too. Saw the movie, read the novelisation, read the second book Asimov wrote later to take the basic concept and do what he considered to be doing it properly.)

  3. Well done you fighting those evil bugs! hands Mike another raygun
    -Anna Feruglio Dal Dan

    Just remember: if they don’t shoot back they’re harmless workers. Don’t waste raygun charges!

    (Which reminds of something I stumbled across searching for a Flashman title the other day:

    http://www.challzine.net/28/28flashman.html )

  4. Glad you’re better, Mike. Hope you’re back to normal soon. In the meantime, as they say in Italian, “Tegedizi!”

  5. Had all kinds of allegedly humorous comments to make (some even involving a miniature Raquel Welch) but you know what Scalzi said about the failure mode of clever.

    I just want to wish you all the best for a speedy recovery with no complications. Hope you are soon back safe at home in the bosom of your family.

  6. Very glad you’re better! We’ll miss you at Worldcon, but that’s the sort of thing that’s a big stress on even the most robust immune system. Take care of yourself, and make sure someone is there to read your Hugo acceptance speech!

  7. I’ll be visiting Mike later this morning. I brief progress report will be posted later today.

  8. Thank you, JKT! Bring all well wishes and wish wells from us! And tell him all his well with the site. *hiding Mount Pizzabox behind a blanket*

  9. I am very glad to hear that you are doing better, Mike! May your full recovery come soon.

  10. Greatly, greatly relieved to hear this! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. My prayers are with you.

  11. Glad to hear you are getting better and that it wasn’t something more serious. Heal well and soon!

  12. Mike was vastly better than on my last visit. It will still be a bit before he can take up square dancing. He is in such better shape that he is very happy the Olympics are on since normal daytime TV destroys brain cells.

    Rather than read him the 100 plus well wishes I just told him that there were 100 plus well wishes. Didn’t want to kill a whole grove of trees to print them and hospitals rules do not like cell phones being used, no to mention limited battery life.

  13. JKT, that’s the best news of the day. I’m glad he’s improving and enjoying, and your choice was the right one. The rest is all details he can see later, and we could maybe take up a collection to help with, you know, the sink. [Sorry.]

  14. Kip W, well, SOME of us were trying to do the washing-up. I guess now we know that oobleck doesn’t flush down the plumbing very well….


  15. Many at LASFS, wonder about; your present state of health. Hope it’s improving! Best Wishes, from all!

  16. Yeah, that’s it. SCALZI MADE ME DRINK ALL YOUR WINE.

    Say, where did Diana go? I haven’t seen her for 2 or 3 days. Did she check into a hotel again?

  17. Update: the cat is no longer covered in bacon. He’s licking his lips rather a lot, however…

  18. Wine for the wine god! Pizza boxes for the pizza box throne! (drapes blanket more artistically over the pizza boxes)

  19. JKT: thanks! Promising news.

    It’s a real contest at this point to see whether Mount 770 TBR or Mount Pizza Box is going to be bigger. Especially with the wine bottle additions.

    Someone should tell Scalzi it’s his fault again. He won’t mind but he likes to know. Also he likes pizza. Maybe he’ll bring churros.

  20. The rest is all details he can see later, and we could maybe take up a collection to help with, you know, the sink.

    Well, someone decided that leftover crottled greeps could be run through the disposal, instead of being put in the hazmat container.

  21. Sheesh, you stop checking for new posts for just a couple of days…

    Delighted to hear you’re recovering. I’m afraid we may have appertained the entire File 770 liquor cabinet in your absence. *gets busy on restocking*

  22. Someone should really empty the dragon’s litter tray before it self combusts and sets light to all the leftover bales of Cally’s forehead cloths.

  23. @JJ Say, where did Diana go?

    She’s been hiding out handwriting the thank yous for Bandersnatch Goes Audio and having got my card I’ll say she has done a beautiful job. The cards and labels are gorgeous. For those who backed her Kickstarter and are getting the book and audio enjoy. For those who didn’t back the audio version should be out soon. Very responsible kid Mike Glyer raised to get these out in the midst of a family medical situation.

    I know you were joking but I just got my card and you gave me a perfect opening to mention it. 😉

  24. Well, someone decided that leftover crottled greeps could be run through the disposal, instead of being put in the hazmat container.

    Wow, now there’s a fandom reference I haven’t heard in a while. (My first exposure was from Greg Costikyan’s One Quest, Hold the Dragons. Yeah, I know, I’m a latecomer.)

  25. Nobody outside this place knows how to crottle a greep these days. And if you ask for some blog, they just look confused and point you at a computer.

  26. I’ve eaten things you people wouldn’t believe.
    Greeps improperly crottled off the shoulder of Arby.
    I watched pokemon herding in the park near the Golden Arches.
    All those foodstuffs will be tossed in lime, like tears in brine.

    Time to fry.

  27. Hey, I had a blog slurpee last weekend! So there. (Well, not a Slurpee (TM), but a frozen churned slush, anyway). It was St. Paul blog; there was no vodka.

  28. @Mike Glyer: So glad you’re improving! 😀

    ::snarfs some pizza & grabs a bottle of wine, jenga-style, from the middle of the pile::

  29. Kendall: grabs a bottle of wine, jenga-style, from the middle of the pile

    Ooo, wine jenga! I think I could get into that game! 🍷

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