Live Coverage of 2018 Hugo Ceremony – Stay Tuned

The 2018 Hugo Award base, designed by Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca.

The 2018 Hugo Award base, designed by Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca.

At the Hugo Awards Web Site, Kevin Standlee has compiled the available information about 2018 Hugo Ceremony coverage:

WHEN: The 2018 Hugo Awards Ceremony begins Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. North American Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7). Master of Ceremonies will be Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio.

WHERE: McEnery Convention Center Grand Ballroom in San Jose, California. The Ceremony will also be simultaneously shown in Callahan’s Place in the Exhibit Hall in a more relaxed environment where attendees can eat, drink, and socialize during the event.

VIDEO: Worldcon 76 San Jose plans to offer live video streaming of the Hugo Awards ceremony via their YouTube channel.

TEXT: The Hugo Awards web site will offer text-based coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony via CoverItLive. The hosts will be Kevin Standlee, Susan de Guardiola, and Cheryl Morgan. You can sign up at the CoverItLive event site for an e-mail notification before the event starts.

106 thoughts on “Live Coverage of 2018 Hugo Ceremony – Stay Tuned

  1. Sweet! My intrepid kittysitter has departed and I am chained to my hotel room. Fortunately there’s a pizza and a bunch of e-comics in here.

  2. @Eric Franklin: No idea, but I hope so. If no, perhaps another service should be considered in the future.

  3. @Eric Franklin: To explain my reply: You said “the ability,” which depends on the tech used; that’s the same as the past few years (Cover-It Live, unless I mangled the name). The people are the same – folks from the Hugo Awards web site team, not Worldcon people who change every year. (In fact, this year’s line-up is the same as last year – Kevin & Cheryl & Susan.)

    Anyway, coverage should be starting in a bit! 😀 <–my excited face.

    Actually looks like the text coverage just started!

  4. BTW I just posted a thanks note to the text stream and it said it was being held for moderation, so this bodes well for the text coverage!

  5. Are you guys getting a life feed? Here at Callahan’s it seems like they can’t get the live feed to run

  6. @Rebecca H: Here on the ‘net, we were getting a photo stream; now it’s on a placeholder and there was an announcement a couple of min. ago it’s starting in 5 minutes. I presume the video won’t really start till it [I mean the actual ceremony] really, er, starts. ::fingers crossed::

    [ETA: Hopefully it’ll go smoothly at Callahan’s – and on the net!]

  7. Were there any problems with the CoverIt stream last year? As I recall it was mainly an issue on the YouTube stream (which got shut down) and… somewhere else, I want to say the chat alongside the live caption stream?

    Must admit 4am is not my favourite time for Hugo ceremonies, but it’s always 4am somewhere…

  8. It was buffering on a picture of GRRM for a while, but it’s streaming properly now. Image of “Welcome to …Ceremony” and crowdnoise in background. Announcement about a minutes ago that ceremony would start in five minutes.

  9. The video stream is working. Ish. If you turn it up very loud, you can hear the audience rustling.

    Last year, they shut down comments because of a certain soccer-flopping trouble-maker. I thought it was on the text stream, but it might have been the YouTube comments.

  10. Wow I didn’t see that permanent recusal coming. Congrats @Mike Glyer and that’s quite classy of you (not required, though!). ::bows::

  11. Best Related Work: No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters by Ursula K. Le Guin

  12. (would be nice if there was an audio announcement of the titles for the DP categories built into the videos)

    Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: Wonder Woman

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