138 thoughts on “Open Post for 2019 Hugos

  1. I’ve got the livestream in one tab & the #HugoAwards twitter tag in another, and the livestream is lagging. So if I don’t want to be spoiled I have to avoid Twitter.

  2. Doctor Science: didn’t Brian Aldiss write a story about a situation like that? 🙂 (the livestream behind the twitter)

  3. la-la-la ing my way through the dramatic presentation clips because I still haven’t watched them..!

  4. @StefanB

    I just didn’t want to see any of The Good Place’s jokes in advance, to be honest. Hard to avoid showing at least one joke!

  5. I’m crossing my fingers for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from the position of not actually having seen anything else. But I think it might be Black Panther.

    ETA and Sorry To Bother You would be good as a not-blockbuster.

  6. sigh Goodbye, Gardner Dozios. One more time.

    (This feels like a very sentimental win, to me — I don’t think Dozios edited anything particular landmark in 2018? — and my own sentiment would probably prefer Tobler. But, nonetheless. ::hearts::)

  7. Spiderverse was the only one I watched, but I loved it. (And, I do wabt to watch several of the others; I just never get around to movies…)

  8. Waren’t their 2 anathologys he edited Book of Swords (and the second somethink with Magic which I think isn’t out yet)

  9. I’m so glad it’s Spiderverse! I re-re-re-watched it just Friday night, and it’s just so innovative visually, as well as as a story. Spiderverse and Black Panther were the only 2 I thought Hugo-worthy (I couldn’t rank A Quiet Place or Sorry to Bother You because I don’t do horror).

  10. @StefanB: “Magic” was the eligible one, I’m pretty certain. I read it; great authors, some standouts; an unfortunate feeling of same-iness that you get sometimes with theme anthologies. I nominated one of the stories as short fiction (Scott Lynch, I think?).

    But I’ve heard very little discussion of it…

  11. (Thanks for the text updates and discussion, all!
    I’m making my way from Dublin back to Israel; currently at a brief stopover. I suspect the big categories I’ll discover when we land…)

  12. @Doctor Science —

    (I couldn’t rank A Quiet Place or Sorry to Bother You because I don’t do horror).

    IMHO Sorry to Bother You is safe to watch even for non-horror folks. Visually it’s nothing worse than you might see on Star Trek. And some of it is hysterically funny.

  13. I do think it’s likely that both Dozois and Earthsea got a bit of a sentimentality boost.

  14. As thrilled and excited as I am (AND I AM I SO AM IF YOU HEARD A HIGH-PITCHED SQUEAL IN ENGLAND: THAT WAS ME) I really hope Astounding at least came second, because it’s a remarkable book.

  15. A Witch’s Guide to Escape: A Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies,” by Alix E. Harrow wins Best Short, didn’t exspect it, but congratulation a great story.

  16. I liked all the short stories but did rank Witch’s Guide quite high (after numerous rerankings).

  17. I had a really hard time rating the short stories; they were ALL so good. I think I put “Rose McGregor” on top but honestly they were all terrific.

  18. I think a lot of us have had an experience of escaping into a book, perhaps that shared experience got it the win over Nine Negro Teeth?

  19. I had a really hard time separating the Shorts, too. And the Novellas. Novelette wasn’t easy, either. Sf/f short fiction is a really strong field in general.

  20. I had If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again second on my ballot (after Last Banquet), but only after significant and extensive agonising so it could easily have been first if I’d finalised on a different day. Very, very happy to see it win.

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