Poland to Host Euroconference 2016

polcon_90During 2016 the Polish city of Wroc?aw is going to be a designated cultural center of Europe, filled with festivals, concerts, conferences and other artistic and cultural events. One of those events will be the science fiction convention Polcon (April 24-26), which also will host Euroconference 2016.

(Note – this is a different event than Eurocon 2016, which will be in Barcelona.)

There are Polcon guests of honor.

I’m more familiar with the names of the international array of Euroconference guests:

  • creator – graphic-  Chris Achilleos
  • creator – writer – Ian Watson
  • promoter – David J Lally
  • fan – grupa ukrai?skich pisarzy, t?umaczy, redaktorów i fanów – Vladimir Arenew, Sergii Palstun, Sergiey Legeza

Euroconference’s theme will be the work of Stanislaw Lem, as next year will be the tenth anniversary of his death.

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