Premios Ignotus 2021 Winners

The Premio Ignotus 2021 (2021 Ignotus Awards) winners have been announced by Spain’s Asociación Española de Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción y Terror.

They include works in Spanish translation by Ursula K. Le Guin, Becky Chambers, and Ted Chiang.

Novela / Best Novel

  • Se vende alma (por no poder atender), by Sergio S. Morán (self-published)

Novela Corta / Best Novella

  • La última luz de Tralia, by Isa J. González (Crononauta)

Cuento / Best Short Story

Antologia / Best Anthology / Collection

  • Cuentos para Algernon: Año VIII, by VVAA (Marcheto)

Libro de ensayo / Best related Book

  • El idioma de la noche, by Ursula K. Le Guin (translated into Spanish by Ana Quijada and Irene Vidal, Gigamesh)

Articulo / Best related work

Ilustración / Best Cover

  • Cover of La única criatura enorme e inofensiva, by Sara H. Randt (Crononauta)

Producción audiovisual / Audiovisual production

  • Las escritoras de Urras, pódcast by Maielis González y Sofía Barker

Tebeo / Comics

  • Descanso Corto, by Laurielle (self-published)

Revista / Magazine

  • Windumanoth, by Álex Sebastián, David Tourón y Víctor Blanco

Novela extranjera / Foreign Novel

  • Una órbita cerrada y compartida [A Closed and Common Orbit], by Becky Chambers (translated into Spanish by Alexander Páex y Antonio Rivas, Insólita)

Cuento extranjera / Foreign story

  • “Exhalación” / “Exhalació” [“Exhalation”], by Ted Chiang (translated into Spanish by Rubén Martín Giráldez and by Ferran Ràfols Gesa, respectively. (Sexto Piso / Mai Més)

Sitio web / Web

Libro Infantil-Juvenil / Children’s-Youth Book


  • Lionheart, by Ana Roux (Nocturna)
  • No escuches a la Luna, by Marina Tena Tena (Literup)

Juego by Rol / Role Playing Game

  • Los secretos del mundo mágico, by Laura Guerrero (with illustrations by Loremi Arts & Craft; autoeditado)

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