2020 Imagining Indigenous Futurisms Award

The 2020 IAFA Imagining Indigenous Futurisms Award winner is Lennixx-Nickolai Treat Bad Moccasin for “THE BOX”. The winner receives $1,000.

The award recognizes emerging authors who use science fiction to address issues of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Also announced as a shortlisted entry was Paul Johnson’s “Calling line 17”.

The award judge is author Andrea Hairston who said about the winner —

Lennixx-Nickolai Treat Bad Moccasin did a fascinating science fictional concept connecting the elders to the future with androids. The characters were complex and engaging. He crafts a compelling family drama with a great twist at the end. Indeed, the storyline is full of difficult choices, heartrending dilemmas, and delightful surprises. He riffs on our current struggles with grace, faces the horror, and offers us hope.

Hairston likewise congratulated Paul Johnson:

In his story technology is not in the service of separating us from the universe, but a way to reconnect our spirits.

Clarion Instructor Reading Series Schedule

The Clarion workshop began June 25 at UCSD, and the Clarion instructor reading series commences tomorrow night at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy bookstore — five evenings with leading sff writers working, presented by Mysterious Galaxy and Comickaze comics.

Dan Chaon and Lynda Barry: Wednesday, June 28, 7:00 PM (Mysterious Galaxy)

Nalo Hopkinson: Wednesday, July 5, 7:00 PM (Mysterious Galaxy)

Andrea Hairston: Wednesday, July 12, 7:00 PM (Mysterious Galaxy)

Cory Doctorow: Tuesday, July 18, 7:00 PM (Comickaze, Liberty Station)

C.C. Finlay and Rae Carson: Wednesday, July 26, 7:00 PM (Mysterious Galaxy)

Morigan and Hairston at NYRSF Readings on 5/3

Andrea Hairston and Pan Morigan.

Andrea Hairston and Pan Morigan.

The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings presents Pan Morigan and Andrea Hairston reading and playing music from Will Do Magic for Small Change on Tuesday, May 3.

The event takes place in The Brooklyn Commons at 388 Atlantic Avenue. Doors open 6:30 p.m.

Hairston’s new novel, Will Do Magic For Small Change (highly recommended by N.K. Jemisin in the NY Times) occurs in the same world(s) and tradition as Redwood and Wildfire:

Cinnamon Jones dreams of stepping on stage and acting her heart out like her famous grandparents, Redwood and Wildfire. But at 5’10” and 180 pounds, she’s theatrically challenged. Her family life is a tangle of mystery and deadly secrets, and nobody is telling Cinnamon the whole truth. Before her older brother died, he gave Cinnamon The Chronicles of the Great Wanderer, a tale of a Dahomean warrior woman and an alien from another dimension who perform in Paris and at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The Chronicles may be magic or alien science, but the story is definitely connected to Cinnamon’s family secrets. When an act of violence wounds her family, Cinnamon and her theatre squad determine to solve the mysteries and bring her worlds together.

Pan Morigan is a vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter, poet, and the music/sound director for Chrysalis Theater. Her musical adventures have included creating music and song for upwards of twenty-five plays, touring with Bobby McFerrin and his all-improvisational vocal group Voicestra, producing several albums, such as Castles of Gold and Wild Blue and creating, recording, and performing songs for Andrea Hairston’s novels, Redwood and Wildfire and Will Do Magic For Small Change. Pan’s forthcoming album project is called Storm Hands.

Andrea Hairston is the author of Redwood and Wildfire, winner of the 2011 Tiptree and Carl Brandon Awards, and Mindscape, winner of the Carl Brandon Award. Lonely Stardust, a collection of essays and plays, was published in 2014. Her latest play, Thunderbird at the Next World Theatre, appears in Geek Theater published by Underwords Press. Her third novel, Will Do Magic For Small Change, will be published in June 2016. In her spare time Andrea is the Louise Wolff Kahn 1931 Professor of Theatre and Africana Studies at Smith College and the Artistic Director of Chrysalis Theatre.

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“Thunderbird” Staged Reading by Andrea Hairston 5/13

Andrea Hairston

Andrea Hairston

A staged reading of Andrea Hairston’s “Thunderbird” takes place at Manhattan’s SoHo Gallery for Digital Art on May 13.

It’s the not-too-distant future. Public gatherings (including theatre) have been banned, supposedly for public health and national security. Drones control the streets. Bennie, an old actor, sneaks into The Next World Theatre on a dangerous mission to catalogue resources and gather precious artifacts. Perhaps he has another mission; perhaps he’s an Enforcer stooge betraying everything he’s believed in, but he can’t quite remember. Dragons, musicians, and a second actor show up and challenge Bennie to face a past he’d like to forget and a future he wants to give up on.

Andrea Hairston is the Artistic Director of Chrysalis Theatre and a Theatre professor at Smith College. She’s also a novelist, author of Mindscape and Redwood and Wildfire, winner of the 2011 Tiptree and Carl Brandon Kindred Awards.

Actors James Emery, Joy Voeth, and Ama Patterson will perform the work. Pan Morigan and Jerry & Sylvia Johnson will play the music they have written for the show.

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