Sausagefest 6 at Archon

sausagefest pink band COMPIn the science fiction field, sausagefest is a term prone to be found in comments on reviews about all-male anthologies, or conversely, in approving remarks about projects like Women Destroy SF.

That a Sausagefest might be a literal thing, much less of benefit to women, is news.

Tony Mast of the Back Seat Producers podcast started the fundraising event five years ago:

In October 2010, at Archon, a sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and media convention, Sausagefest took place… Archon takes place during the first weekend in October, which also happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  When I was in the process of turning our site pink, something we’ve done for the past few years to support awareness, I had the thought of collecting donations as part of the party. So on Saturday evening of the con, we ate, we drank and we collected over $500 in donations

In 2014 they donated $1,700. Over the years Sausagefest has generated $6,600 for breast cancer charities like The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

Sausagefest 6 will take place at Archon 39, October 2-4. There will be sausage. And ale. And perks for donors.

What You Get

You get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped build awareness of Breast Cancer and Sausage.

Also, there are some great perks you can pick up along the way.

Perk Levels

  • Bologna – $5 – With a donation at this level, you’ll get your name listed on the donor page along with a link back to your site.
  • Hot Dog – $10 – With a donation at this level, you’ll get a custom SausageFest pink wristband with black writing. You will also receive a Bologna level perk.
  • Pepperoni – $30 – With a donation at this level, you’ll get a custom SausageFest T-shirt. You will also receive a Hot Dog level perk. (In the US, add $5 for shipping, see below for international shipping information.)
  • Summer Sausage – $30 – With a donation at this level, you’ll get a custom SausageFest black drawstring backpack. You will also receive a Hot Dog level perk. (In the US, add $5 for shipping, see below for international shipping information.)
  • Salami – $30 – With a donation at this level, you’ll get a custom SausageFest Ale glass. You will also receive a Hot Dog level perk. (In the US, add $5 for shipping, see below for international shipping information.)
  • Chorizo – $60 – With a Donation at this level you’ll get a SausageFest Hoodie or you can pick two of the Pepperoni (T-shirt), Summer Sausage(backpack), or Salami(Ale Glass) level perks. You will also receive a Hot Dog level perk. (In the US, add $5 for shipping, see below for international shipping information.)
  • Andouille – $100 – With a donation at this level, you’ll get a set of two SausageFest Ale glasses and a SausageFest Hoodie or two SausageFest T-shirts. Other mix and match options available.  Tony will be in contact when you place your donation to get or order.  You will also receive a Hot Dog level perk.
  • Kielbasa – $250 – With a donation at this level, Your name or logo will appear on the flyers displayed throughout Archon advertising SausageFest 5. You will also receive an Andouille level perk.

The event organizers predict “People will have fun. People will give.  And hopefully, in a place and at a time they wouldn’t normally expect, they’ll be made aware of breast cancer.”

Ellison Joins Archon 39 Lineup

Archon 39 has added to a slate already loaded with talent the nonpareil storyteller Harlan Ellison as a special guest.

Guest of Honor Jacqueline Carey, TM Esther Friesner, Artist GoH Brent Chumley, Filk GoH Tricky Pixie. Masquerade MC Victor Milán, Media GoH R.J. Haddy, and Science GoH Jordin T. Kare will also be honored in Collinsville, IL over the October 2-4 weekend.

Ellison gave a shout-out to Toastmistress Esther Friesner on his blog on May 13 —

Yet another reason to be looking foward to going to ARCHON in St. Louis in October with Susan! Hooking up with Arnie & Cathy Fenner of SPECTRUM, hanging with Mark Tiedemann, seeing the Arch again after so many years, having a gorgeful of Crackle and burnt ends BBQ, getting to shake the hands of the Libertarian Futurist Society attendees whose gorgeous award arrived by post only an hour ago … and now to know I’ll’ be hugging my dear friend Esther Friesner after too many years apart! SAINT LOUIE!!!!!!!!! What’s not to love??!!!!

Bolgeo Ouster Triggers Backlash

Did Archon make the right decision when it cancelled Tim Bolgeo as fan guest of honor? Those voting “no” include the following bloggers —

Jason Cordova at Jason Cordova’s Website ”Uncle Timmy and the Thought Police”

The reason I am coming to his defense so vociferously (ah hell, biracial man with a vocabulary is rolling up his sleeves) is that back when I was first starting out on the convention scene, not a single con wanted this no-name biracial guy who wrote a book as a guest. Not a one. Cons who pride themselves for their “diversity” told me to kindly “piss off”. Cons that I lived less than five minutes to wanted nothing to do with a local author. Cons who are always claiming to want to showcase new and upcoming authors wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole.

Then I got this email from Uncle Timmy and his daughter, Brandi Spraker, completely out of the blue. They’d heard about me through Travis S. “Doc” Taylor and wondered if I would be up to being a guest at Libertycon. I was thrilled. I was also confused, because after asking around, I’d heard that only “Baen authors” wanted anything to do with Libertycon. Which didn’t bother me much, because I enjoy almost all of the authors in Baen’s stable. Eric Flint, Charles Gannon, David Weber… all of them I’ve read, and all of them I enjoy. So I accepted and flew across the country to be a guest. And you know what?

I’ve never felt so welcomed at a convention as I was at that Libertycon.

Reblogged by Tim Gatewood at Minister Is A Verb“Uncle Timmy and the Thought Police”

Uncle Timmy is one of the most decent men I know in fandom and his influence can not be overstated on fandom in Memphis and the entire state of Tennessee. Archcon will not see me or anyone who respects Southern fandom until they reverse this decision. Letting one whiny-baby who does not even know Tim Bolgeo keep him from the honors that he richly deserves is beyond cowardly.

Reblogged at Mishaburnett— “Yep. The haters win again.”

Stephanie Osborn at Comet Tales“Archon Does Itself a Disservice by Disinviting Tim Bolgeo”

Uncle Timmy is not some redneck unlearned hillbilly. He is a nuclear engineer who made a successful career at the Tennessee Valley Authority, working on nuclear reactors, only recently retired. He is a thinking man. He puts out a newsletter of information, jokes, and other such that he and his readers (I’m one) run across, and he discusses them, and he invites and prints discussion by his readers on that information. Sometimes this involves putting a distasteful story into the newsletter so that he can point out a fallacy. Somehow some anonymous person took a couple of these and twisted them around to make it look like Uncle Timmy believed that tripe AND AGREED WITH IT.

Nothing could be farther from the truth — I’ve had any number of conversations with Timmy, and he is fair-minded, “color blind,” and I have never, EVER, heard the word “bigot” used in the same sentence with his name until today. And yes, I said today. Insofar as I have been able to determine, from the original protest to the revocation of the invitation took less than 24 hrs. To say that I am dismayed and dumbfounded is a massive understatement. To say that I am disappointed in Archon’s convention committee is putting it mildly

C. Blake Powers at Laughing Wolf“In Defense of Timmy and Calling Out Fascists and Cowards at Archon”

He was guilty of double-plus-ungood-think, and the usual manufactured evidence was presented and pushed by an anonymous source seeking to have Timmy removed as Fan Guest of Honor at Archon.

Larry Correia on Monster Hunter Nation“The latest from the fainting couch brigade, they go after Uncle Timmy”

First off, anybody who has ever talked with Tim Bolgeo knows this allegation is crap and Archon is being stupid. Uncle Timmy is no racist. His crime was reposting jokes that would have been okay to laugh at if they’d been told by a comedian on TV. One lone ANONYMOUS jackass threw a fit so Archon tossed him….

Second, I’ve met Tim Bolgeo several times, and I’ve met members of his family. He’s a good dude. He’s a decent human being. I’ve had conversation with him about various controversial issues, and he was never anything but polite, funny, smart and articulate. He helped me out when I was first starting my career, and the first out of state con I ever attended as a pro writer was one that he’d been organizing for 25 years….

Vox Day on Vox Populi “SF/F Thought Police Strike Again”

I told you none of this was about me, none of it ever had much to do with me. But now you know why I have never backed down to the petty pinkshirted grotesqueries. SFWA, Archon, Rutgers, Smith, Brandeis, Haverford, it’s all the same. It’s all about control of the narrative, control of the organization, and control of the lines of communication.
That’s why toleration is not an option. That’s why preening oneself on refusing to take a stand is moral cowardice. Those are merely slow forms of surrender and submission. Sad Puppies was the first time the pinkshirts have been punched in the mouth in decades and they reacted like a vampire to Holy Water. But it was a mere splash, when what is needed is an inexhaustible firehose.

Cedar Sanderson on Cedar Writes “Archon’s Shame”

…Tim Bolgeo was the very soul of kindness and let me stammer at him until I had made some sense, then spent a good fifteen minutes talking to me about ways to approach conventions and promote myself. I doubt he will remember this, as I suspect he is like that with everyone. Approachable, warm, gentle…

I only wish I could say that I could trust a certain convention to behave that way toward its guests. Unfortunately, Archon is now on my list of conventions to never approach as a professional, or even as a guest, I would be fearful to attend, lest they did to me what they are attempting to do to Tim Bolgeo.

Amanda S. Green on Mad Genius Club“The full moon rose and the craziness came out”

The craziness has just been compounded. It seems if you yell loud enough, concoms will cave, whether you have a valid point or not. The concom at Archon has announced it is withdrawing its invitation to Uncle Timmy to be Fan GoH because people had to go out and find a reason to object to him. Go, Crazies! In fact, go away. Far, far away.

Archon 38 Cancels Bolgeo As Fan GoH

The Archon 38 committee, responding to protests such as those written on its Facebook page, has revoked its invitation to Tim “Uncle Timmy” Bolgeo, the fan guest of honor.

The action was taken May 20 after someone identified on Facebook only by an online handle posted a lengthy complaint, characterizing Bolgeo as a racist and providing examples of ethnic jokes and other relevant remarks published in Bolgeo’s zine Revenge of the Hump Day.

The author of the complaint said he had first e-mailed Archon’s board about his concerns in March after reading issues of Revenge online, and not satisfied with the response, he repeated them at an open meeting of Archon organizers this past weekend. The board voted to keep Bolgeo as a guest, he reports, therefore he resorted to social media in protest.

The committee promptly capitulated:

The board of directors has heard the voices of our attendees. We have decided that it is in the best interest of Archon to withdraw the invitation to Mr. Bolgeo as Fan Guest. We did not make this decision lightly, however. This situation is a lose-lose for Archon, for Mr. Tim Bolgeo, and fans in the Midwest and South. When we asked Mr. Bolgeo to be our guest last year, we made a commitment we were forced to break. Repercussions from these discussions and the resulting decision will affect everyone for months to come. However, this convention is not for the Committee or the Staff, it is for the fans and you have spoken.

Bolgeo’s name has been stricken from the Archon 38 website (though it still remains on Eventbrite.)

Finding these tasteless jokes in Bolgeo’s zine was a bit of a surprise to me because although I’ve never been on his distribution list, I’ve often seen news items from Revenge quoted in other publications and believed they were representative of the whole. Apparently not.

Bolgeo was completely taken aback by today’s complaint, and some of his friends are equal parts mystified and enraged. He set about trying to explain himself in this post, which says in part:

I have really tried my best to be color blind all my life. I think what torques me off the most is that The Revenge of Hump Day was called a Racist Rag by that dude. He even put one of the jokes on the page but left out the “Tacky Alert” point that I always put on something that is of a sensitive nature. Hell guys, I poke fun at Blacks, Whites, Indians, Baptists, Catholics, Italians, Irish, Jews, etc. I was raised with ethnic humor and I still enjoy it. He also cut and pasted all kinds of scandalous stuff from the Revenge only to leave out the headings on where it was or the complete article. I have always depended on the readership of the Revenge to keep me straight and balanced and I had thought that y’all had done a pretty good job of it. Yes, The Revenge of Hump Day is Politically Incorrect, but it is presented with tongue firmly planted in my cheek and hopefully will make people think about the ideas that are presented in it. A place where people can agree to disagree.

Times change. Archie Bunker got away with being an equal-opportunity-offender in 1971. That pose isn’t as widely accepted in the age of social media.

Archon will take place the first weekend in October.

A Con With No Parties?

Archon 33 didn’t want to be the guinea pig that tests whether a con can survive without any parties — they simply were given no choice.

Archon is a regional convention held in the Collinsville Gateway Center, across the Mississippi from St. Louis in Southern Illinois.

They cut ties last January with their long-time main hotel (the Hotel Collinsville, formerly the Holiday Inn) because the new management’s refusal to allow room parties was “too stringent.”

However, since January the committee hasn’t been able to convince any of the other hotels in the Center to allow parties, either. Here is the official announcement:

After months of effort, Archon regrets to report that none of the hotels in the area around the Gateway Center are wiling to allow room parties. We are deeply disappointed in this turn of events and sincerely apologize to our members for this situation. Room parties have always been a part of our rich history and one that we wish we could continue.

Surprisingly sober, Archon 33 will take place October 2-4, 2009.

John Brooks Passes Away

St. Louis fan John Brooks died on March 15 while in the hospital with a heart valve infection. Ken Keller wrote for Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol:

“I’d guesstimate he was in his mid-to-late fifties… John and I shared a mutual love and interest in aviation (he was retired from McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis), in science fiction & SF fandom, as well as in scale modeling. When Terry and I moved to St. Louis in early 1991 for nearly seven years, it was John who introduced me into the local Gateway Chapter of the International Plastic Modeler’s Society, of which he had been a founding member. He and I both worked on the 1991 IPMS National Convention (scale modeling’s Worldcon) in St. Louis that summer. But I actually first met John just prior to the very first Archon waaay back in summer of 1977. He was part of the revived and reborn (and very eager) St. Louis fandom that had emerged following its exposure to Kansas City’s 1976 Worldcon, MidAmeriCon. He was one of St. Louis fandom’s movers-and shakers in that era and during the ’80s. He was a past chair of Archon and years later served as its Fan Guest of Honor.

“Unfortunately, I lost contact with John after we moved back to Kansas City in the fall of 1997. But during the last Archon Terry and I attended back in ’98,  John and I did have a chance to get caught up on All The Latest. Those memories will now have to be my last of him, sad to say.”

David Klaus adds, “His younger brothers Michael and David Brooks were also active in the local club as well.”

[Via Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol and David Klaus.]