Vegas Tributes For Joyce Worley Katz

By Jacq Monahan & John Wesley Hardin: Joyce Worley Katz , High Priestess of fandom, fanzine fan, beloved wife and friend, died peacefully on July 30, 2016 after complications from a stroke. The co-chair of 1969’s St. Louiscon was a pioneer in video game journalism and educational software. She was once accused of destroying science fiction, which charge she wore with pride. She was also proud of her Native American heritage; she loved sparkly, oversized rings, a succession of indoor and outdoor cats, her vast amount of friends, and fellow fan and husband of 46 years, Arnie Katz. Known for her warmth, hospitality and welcoming spirit, Joyce Katz was the heart of Las Vegas fandom. She will be sorely missed.

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By Jacq Monahan: She was generous, warm, witty, and welcoming, hostess to the Vegrants, a bi-monthly fannish gathering, and to many a TAFF delegate.  She was gracious and wise, supportive and caring, at home in the kitchen or at the keyboard.  For her friends, home was wherever she was at the moment.  She was Joyce Katz, one of fandom’s finest (and Earth’s).  A brilliant star has had its supernova.  Now she belongs to the galaxy, which, even in its great expanse, is not nearly large enough to contain her heart, nor the love we had for her.     –Jacq Monahan (who speaks here for many others)

Joyce Katz (1939-2016)

Joyce [Worley Fisher] Katz died July 30, succumbing to an array of serious medical problems that followed a stroke in May. She’s survived by her husband of 45 years, Arnie Katz.

She spent the past 25 years, after she and Arnie moved to Las Vegas, helping organize and host fan groups and conventions.

They published numerous fanzines, and participated in Corflu, an annual con for fanzine fans. Joyce chaired Corflu 29 and was on the committee for Corflu 25, as well as several local conventions, Silvercon 1-4.

Joyce was named “past president of fwa (fan writers of america)” for 2003 at the 2004 Corflu, an affectionate honorific. Her fan memoirs were published in Hard Science Tales, and her fanwriting was collected in The Sweetheart of Fanac Falls.

Joyce was born in Poplar Bluff, Missouri (according to Arnie, also the birthplace of Claude Degler). She discovered sf after marrying Ray Fisher in 1956. Fisher had been active as a fanzine publisher but became alienated from the scene and, as a result, it was not until the mid-1960s that Joyce connected with other fans. Once having done so they immediately co-founded the Ozark Science Fiction Association.

She worked on five Ozarkons. Ray Fisher resumed publishing Odd, which was nominated for a Hugo in 1968. And with plenty of prodding from New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis fandoms, Joyce found herself spearheading a St. Louis Worldcon bid after only three years as an actifan.

She and Ray split up the year after they co-chaired St. Louiscon. Joyce moved to New York. In 1971 she and Arnie married. She was a member of New York’s two faannish groups, the Fanoclasts and the Brooklyn Insurgents.

After moving to Las Vegas in 1989, Joyce and Arnie eventually resumed fan activity, helped found two fan groups — the Southern Nevada Area Fantasy Fiction Union (SNAFFU) and the Vegrants – and once again became prolific fanzine publishers. Joyce and Arnie were Fan GoH’s at the 1996 Westercon in El Paso.

[Thanks to Deb Geisler for the story.]

Worldcon Site Selection Vote Count in 1966

Site selection at Tricon. Photo taken by and (c) Andrew Porter.

Site selection at Tricon. Photo taken by and (c) Andrew Porter.

‘Tis the season to count ballots, inspiring Andrew Porter to send along a photo of site selection votes being counted on stage at Tricon, the 1966 Worldcon.

Fans had to choose between four competitive bids seeking to host the 1967 Worldcon. New York won, defeating rivals from Boston, Baltimore, Syracuse (and a comic relief bid for Highmore, SD).

The New York committee were Fanoclasts — Ted White, rich brown, Mike McInerney, Dave Van Arnam, and Arnie Katz.

The Syracuse bid was co-chaired by Jay K. Klein and Dave Kyle. Ruth Kyle was Secretary, George Heap was Treasurer and the rest of the committee included James Ashe, Ann Ashe, and Jack Smith.

Two of the losing bids had invited Fred Pohl as their Guest of Honor — he would finally get the nod in 1972 (L.A.Con).

GalaxyCon, Toner 2 Cancelled

GalaxyCon logoHere’s proof that you have to read fanzines if you want all the news. I learned from Arnie Katz’ latest issue of Claptrap that GalaxyCon, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas this November, has been cancelled — and taken Toner 2 with it.

Toner 2 was to have been Arnie’s con-within-a-con for “those who love to write, draw, publish and post for Fandom.”

The GalaxyCon website holds hope for the future, saying, “We are considering our options and will be working toward the goal of getting our Con rescheduled in 2015.”

Toner 2 Is Coming

Toner 2 will be a con for “those who love to write, draw, publish and post for Fandom” announces Arnie Katz. It will be a convention-within-a convention sponsored by GalaxyCon, and take place at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino Friday, October 31-November 2.

Toner 2 has its own facilities, program and events, its own Sunday brunch banquet, and special publications. But members have admission to both cons, and can partake of as much, or as little, of GalaxyCon as they please.

GalaxyCon has announced a special deal for Toner 2 fans that includes GalaxyCon’s star-studded Saturday evening banquet as well as the Toner Sunday brunch. The price is $75.

GalaxyCon’s headliners are David Gerrold, Lubov, Richard Lupoff, Fan GoH Joyce Worley Katz, and Filk Guest Alexander James Adams. For Membership and Hotel Reservations visit the GalaxyCon website.

Reason Quotes Katz

You might have thought Arnie Katz, as a go-to commentator on wrestling and video games, already enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame. If so, he’s now in overtime.

Arnie was quoted by Jesse Walker in “A Short History of Game Panics”, an article in the June Reason about the controversies pinball games and video games have caused over the years.

This wasn’t the first time a game’s sexual content stirred up controversy. Way back in 1973, Atari’s Gotcha was nicknamed “the boob game” because its controls were a pair of pink orbs that the player was supposed to squeeze. But it was the video game world’s first great anti-porn campaign, and the results were similar to the results of the Death Race protests. “These were games that most people wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole,” former Electronic Games editor Arnie Katz recalled in Steven Kent’s 2001 book The Ultimate History of Video Games—but the protesters “succeeded in helping it sell twice as many copies as the other adult games.”

[Thanks to Martin Morse Wooster for the story.]

Categories Set for 2012 FAAn Awards

The Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAN Awards) categories have been tweaked in readiness for next year reports Arnie Katz in Glitter #20.

Administrator Andy Hooper has determined the 2012 categories will be: Best Genzine, Best Perzine, Best Fan Writer, Best Fan Artist, Best Fan Website, Best Letterhack (Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award) and Best Anthology or Single Issue.

The Number One Fan Face will be determined by point totals in the seven categories.

Also, Hooper is looking for faneds who will pub their ish between Thanksgiving 2011 and February 1, 2012 to distribute a paper FAAn Awards ballot as a rider. If you’re willing to help, e-mail him at this edress — fanmailaph (at) aol (dot) com.

The Cat Is Out of the Bag

You know us frowsy old fanzine fans, in love with steam-powered e-mail and devoted to making electronic graphics files look like something fresh from Edison’s mimeograph.

That’s why you simply won’t believe what’s planned for next year’s fanzine fans’ convention, Corflu Glitter.  

Arnie Katz’ latest broadside about the 2012 gathering in Las Vegas, Glitter #17, draws back the curtain on the most ambitious array of interactive audio and video planned for any Corflu to date.  

JoHn Hardin, Don Miller and Peter Sullivan intend to deliver –

The Virtual Consuite. Fans around the world will be able to interact with revelers in Corflu Glitter’s Main Consuite and tune into the speeches and presentations at the banquet on Sunday.

Video Proceedings. We plan to tape the formal program and incorporate footage into a Corflu Glitter Memory Video that will be available as a free download.

Roving Videographer. Each day, Corflu Glitter’s intrepid video journalists will circulate among the fans with a question of the day. Don Miller will edit this material for distribution.

Audio and Video Entertainment. Don Miller will present a varied program of video and audio of interest to fans on Saturday evening in a suite adjoining the Main Consuite.

Arnie, who celebrates his 65th birthday on July 2, sounds rejuvenated by these exciting plans. No wonder, even cons drawing thousands of fans can’t always command this level of technical virtuosity.

Corflu Fifty Picks Shelby Vick

Shelby Vick is the Corflu Fifty’s choice to receive the trip to next year’s Corflu in Las Vegas.

The Corflu Fifty fan fund underwrites someone’s attendance at the con each year. In contrast to other funds, the recipient incurs no obligations, such as becoming the fund administrator and having to raise money for the next trip.

Arnie Katz, announcing the news in Glitter #12 (PDF file), approved this as a joyous example of “what goes around comes around”:

It’s fitting that Shelby Vick will represent the Corflu Fifty at Corflu Glitter, because he sparked the creation of today’s fan funds with his “WAW with the Crew in ‘52” campaign that brought Walt Willis to the 1952 Worldcon in Chicago.

The name Corflu Fifty, Randy Byers once said, reflects how many contributors they want to have, versus how many they already have. Interested fans can contact fund administrator Rich Coad at richcoad [remove the extra space]. Coad explained how it all got started, in Vegas Fandom Weekly #98:

The Corflu Award is an outgrowth of the successful oneoff funds to bring Bruce Gillespie and William Breiding to Corflu Titanium in 2004 and to bring Harry Bell to Corflu Quire in 2006…. Andy Porter came up with the excellent suggestion of getting a group of fifty fans, each willing to donate 25 dollars or 15 pounds, to be the fund-raisers.

Corflu Glitter Picks Site

Corflu Glitter, the 29th in this series of conventions for fanzine fans, will be held at the Sunset Station Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chair Joyce Katz and the committee recently announced the site and the date of the con which will take place April 20-22, 2012.

Arnie Katz’ latest news release adds that Peter Sullivan has been named UK Liaison, to publicize the con to British zine fans. Peter will also help develop programming ideas and work with Bill Mills’ audio-video team which also includes Don Miller and Roc Mills. Ross Chamberlain has agreed to create the Corflu Glitter tee-shirt.