eFanzines Status Report

Bill and Mary Burns came through Hurricane Sandy with no damage, but they lost electricity for almost a week, and it went down again when the nor’easter came through November 7. Bill says he’s powering essential home electrical equipment from his Prius and they have gas for hot water and cooking.

Bill’s eFanzines site is unaffected because its server is in the cloud, but until power is restored he can’t bring up his main PC to do updates.

Worldcon Sunday Funnies

Chicon 7 achieved Fan Guest of Honor Peggy Rae Sapienza’s vision of giving Worldcon members a special Sunday morning edition of the daily newzine.  “The Sunday Funnies”  is now available at eFanzines.

Edited by Kurt Erichsen, the four-pages of color comics were created by Randy B. Cleary, Phil Foglio, delphyne woods, Richard Chwedyk, Alan F. Beck, Sheryl Birkhead, Kurt Erichsen, Steven Vincent Johnson, Howard Tayler, Anne Trotter, Kurt Erichsen, Taral Wayne and Spring Schoenhuth.

Corflu Cobalt Videos

Peter Sullivan has posted links to videos of Corflu Cobalt’s online webcasts of two major program items:

Earl Kemp interview at Corflu Cobalt – Bill Burns interviews Earl Kemp about his life, his work and his time in Science Fiction Fandom. (Lighting is very dark due to slide show, but audio is listenable)

Radio Play: The Adventures of Pat and the Electric Motorman – A ‘radio play’ performed live at Corflu Cobalt, 20th March 2010. Written by the InTheBar mailing list.

Corflu is happening in Winchester, England this weekend.

Digging for Pixels

That internet archeologist Bill Burns has discovered it’s still possible to view Michael Bernstein’s old Rotsler.com dedication site on Archive.org, with images.

Rotsler’s drawings on restaurant dishes are most nostaligic. They remind me of the 1974 Westercon where Bill impersonated AWOL guest of honor Phil Dick at the start of the banquet, and later entertained fans at nearby tables by drawing on their bread plates. (So far as I know, the committee was never billed for all the disappearing dishes.)  

I assume the examples on Rotsler.com were drawn in later years because Ken Forman is listed as the owner. But it isn’t as if Rotsler didn’t do this performance more than once…

[Thanks to Lee Gold and Andrew Porter for the links.]