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Randy Byers sends along even more reasons to attend Corflu Zed in Seattle, March 13-15:

The Eaton Collection, in the form of Rob Latham, will be attending Corflu as part of the outreach to fandom that has been written about recently in Earl Kemp’s eI and Chris Garcia’s Drink Tank. Chris and Rob will be on a panel at the convention to explain the Eaton Collection’s mission vis-a-vis science fiction, fanzines, and fandom. The Eaton Collection is also hosting a pizza party in the consuite on Saturday at 6 p.m.

We are organizing a couple of different tours for Friday. Jack William Bell is leading a tour of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, which is pretty much a no-brainer attraction to any hardcore science fiction fan. For those who have already seen the museum we are also talking to the Seattle Architectural Foundation about arranging a guided walking tour of the University District (where the Hotel Deca is located) with a special focus on the imprint left by the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909, which exactly a century ago played a key part in Seattle’s development. Anybody who is interested in either of these tours should contact us at so we can get an idea of the headcount.

Byers also promises there are going to be some interesting characters at this year’s Corflu, including the rare and legendary Tobes Valois.

Meanwhile, you have until March 5 to e-mail in your FAAn Awards votes to  

2009 FAAn Awards Voting Begins

Corflu ZedJust about two months from now someone will come to the podium at Corflu Zed and announce the winners of the Fanzine Activity Achievement (FAAn) Awards. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first you’ll need to do your part. Vote!

The 2009 FAAn Awards Ballot is now on the Corflu Zed page at

Voting deadlines: Votes sent by postal mail must be postmarked February 26, 2009. Votes sent via e-mail are due by Midnight, March 5, 2009.

There will be no on-site voting during Corflu. Submission of an actual ballot is not required to cast a vote by e-mail, just the list of preferences. See the instructions on the ballot form for further details.

The winners will be revealed at the Corflu Zed banquet on March 15.

None have said it better than Arnie Katz: “The Fan achievement Awards are probably the best way to distribute deserved egoboo among the fans who have done so much to make our Fandom so enjoyable.”

If you’re curious about last year’s top voter-getters, after the jump I have the list Arnie enclosed with his e-mail distribution of the ballot.

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Corflu Zed Posts PR #2 Online

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Randy Byers writes: “The second issue of the Corflu Zed progress report, AmaZed and CorfluZed, is now available at <>. Corflu Zed, the 26th Corflu, will be held the weekend of 13-15 March 2009 in Seattle.

“This edition of the progress report contains plenty of news and information about the convention, and it also includes reminiscences, Dickian dreams, and faan fiction by Earl Kemp, Jerry Kaufman, Terry Floyd, Lucy Huntzinger, and Otto Pfeifer, plus cartoons by Steve Stiles, Brad Foster, and D West. We also have a lettercol this time, and we hope you’ll write us with your comments and questions for the third and final issue, which we’ll publish in February. Send letters to”

Update 12/11/2008: Added Jerry Kaufman to credits.

Corflu Zed Auctions Continuing

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Andy Hooper has dozens of fannish treasures up for auction on eBay to help raise money for Corflu Zed. Suzle told the Smofs list today: “Right now, there are 51 fanzines and other items currently up for auction — listed with [Corflu Zed] in the title line.  The auctions have been ongoing, so please take a look from time to time.

“Items up now include many issues of Pulp by Carol, Hansen, Clarke and Harvey, Quinsy by Chuck Harris, Masque #2 by Bill Rotsler, Janus 39, Retribution #10, Out of the Blue #3 & #4 by Harry Bell and Kev Williams…all closing on Saturday and Sunday of this week so hurry if you are interested.”

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Corflu Zed Auction Is On!

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Andy Hooper is running an auction on eBay to raise money for Corflu Zed. “He has many rare and fascinating items for sale, including books, fanzines, and magazines,” writes Randy Byers. At this moment, several Harry Warner FAPAzines are on the block. “Search for the character string ‘[Corflu Zed]’ on eBay to find these items. Any support would be greatly appreciated!”

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