2012 CUFF Winner

Debra Yeung is the winner of the 2012 Canadian Unity Fan Fund. She will be CUFF’s delegate to When Words Collide/Canvention in Calgary Aug 10-12.

CUFF Administrator Kent Pollard reports there were 42 selectors this year. The vote totals were: Debra Yeung, 29; Jane Garthson, 12; No Preference, 1.

Yeung scored a first-round majority (70% of those expressing a preference) to avoid a runoff.

Donations from this year’s selectors added $302.48 to the available funds for the delegate’s trip. Pollard plans a financial report later.

The text of the full press release [PDF file] follows the jump.

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CUFF Stuff

They’re off and running – for the Canadian Unity Fan Fund. Jane Garthson and Debra Yeung are competing to be named the CUFF delegate and represent fandom at When Words Collide (combined with the 2012 Canvention) in Calgary from August 10-12.  

Votes for CUFF race must be submitted by 12 midnight PST, April 17, 2012 to either the current Delegate, Kent Pollard, or the Eastern administrator, Diane Lacey.

Eligible to vote are Canadian fans who have been active for at least two years as of April 17, or are paid, attending members of this year’s When Words Collide convention. Voters are asked to make a donation to CUFF — $5.00 is the suggested amount. Either use Paypal and e-mail — kentpollard@gmail.com — or paper mail (with checks payable) to Kent Pollard at 1222 Junor Ave., Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K1, Canada.

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2012 CUFF Race Probable Starters

Looks like there will be a real horse race for the Canadian Unity Fan Fund again in 2012. That’s become the usual thing in recent years after a long dry spell where CUFF typically was challenged to find even one potential delegate. Congratulations to fund administrator Kent Pollard if he pulls it off.

Pollard told Facebook friends that he expects Jane Garthson and Debra Yeung to run. He intends to post the information here on March 5.

New CUFF Logo

Canadian Unity Fan Fund delegate Kent Pollard has picked the winner of his logo design contest:

I’m pleased to announce that I have selected a design by Canadian Artist Craig Norris to represent my CUFF delegacy. As my gift to CUFF, the logo will be available to future delegates if they care to use it. Craig also provided a number of variations and has indicated that they are freely available for use in promoting CUFF. Craig won the $50.00 price for my logo design contest.

Other variations of the logo are here [PDF file].

Update 09/23/2011: It took some time, but Kent eventually realized that the karate champion TV actor Chuck Norris wasn’t the creator of his logo, it’s Craig Norris. Thanks to Lloyd Penney for passing along the correction.

CUFF Website

Kent Pollard, the latest winner of the Canadian Unity Fan Fund, is assembling a new CUFF website. And he’s looking for an artist to design a logo for CUFF. He’s by no means against getting the artwork free, but has also said:

I am offering a prize (out of my own pocket) of $50.00 if CUFF is permitted to use the design in perpetuity (non-exclusive) online and in printed materials for the fund.

Art submissions and queries can be sent to Kent at: cuff (at) cometdust.ca

2011 CUFF Results

Kent Pollard has won the 2011 Canadian Unity Fan Fund race. Diane Lacey reported online that the final vote was Kent Pollard, 20, Danielle Stephens, 18, and no preference, 2.

Pollard will attend CanVention, being held in conjunction with SFContario 2 in Toronto November 18-20.

2011 CUFF Voting Open

The 2011 Canadian Unity Fan Fund candidates are Kent Pollard of Saskatoon and Danielle Stephens of Vancouver.

Voting is open to any Canadian (resident or citizen) fan who was active in fandom prior to April 2008, and who contributes at least CDN$5. Votes via snailmail or submitted electronically as part of a Paypal payment of the voting fee are both acceptable. The voting deadline is May 31.

[Via R. Graeme Cameron.]

2011 CUFF Nominations Open

The Canadian Unity Fan Fund (CUFF) is looking for a fan from western Canada to send to CanVention, being held in conjunction with SFContario 2 in Toronto November 18-20.

CUFF alternates sending a fan from eastern and western Canada to CanVention, the annual convention of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. This is a “western” year, so the CUFF delegate must come from nominees residing in Manitoba and the provinces farther west.  

Diane Lacey, last year’s Canadian Unity Fan Fund (CUFF) winner, writes, “The delegate is welcome, even encouraged, to stay longer than just the convention and hang out with the local [Toronto] fans. In fact our Third Monday pubnight, a regular gathering of local fans happens to fall on the Monday immediately following the convention.”

Any fan wanting to be nominated for CUFF must apply by March 31, 2011. The application should contain a letter from the fan with a self-description, plus a statement about why selection as the CUFF delegate would be beneficial for the fan and his/her community. And it must have at least three references from people in eastern and western Canada. Send the application to to d dot lacey at gmail dot com.

Once one or more nominees have been identified, voting will run from April 5 through May 31. This long lead time allows the successful candidate to work with SFContario’s program organizers and plan the trip.

[Thanks to Diane Lacey for the story.]

Lacey Wins CUFF

Diane Lacey has won the 2010 Canadian Unity Fan Fund race. She’ll be going to Keycon 27 in May.

LeAmber Raven Kensley, last year’s CUFF delegate and the fund administrator, wrote online that she received 40 votes. She said it was a close race but hasn’t posted the voting totals.

Online CUFF Voting

The CUFF ballot is now online. The Canadian Unity Fan Fund (CUFF) invites any Canadian (resident or citizen) fan who was active in fandom prior to April 2008 to contribute CDN$5 (or more) and vote to select Diane Lacey or Rob Uhrig as Eastern Canada’s delegate to Canvention 30/Keycon 27.

Due to a delay in getting the ballot out, the voting deadline has been extended to March 13.

[Thanks to Diane Lacey for the story.]