CUFF Race Begins Soon

The Canadian Unity Fan Fund has a contested race for the first time since 2003, reports Diane Lacey, one of the fans who’ll be on the ballot. She helped administer the Hugos for last year’s Worldcon in Montreal.

Her rival for CUFF is Rob Uhrig, a member of the Klingon Assault Group (KAG/Kanada).

Voting takes place from February 5 to February 25. The winner will attend Keycon in Winnipeg over the May 22-24 weekend.

Diane’s nominators from the West are Fran Skene, Dave Clement, Richard Graeme Cameron and Tim Hogue. From the East they are Murray Moore, Rene Walling, Lance Sibley and Colin Hinz.

Rob’s nominators are: Dayna Dickens, Tourism Coordinator for the town of Vulcan; Margie Welsh, Thought Admiral Klingon Strike Force (KSF); Dana Dean, Minister and retired Admiral Starfleet Canada; Lori Lightfoot, KAG Kanada; David James, KAG Kanada; Paul Carreau, Thought Admiral (Retired) KAG Kanada.

[Thanks to Diane Lacey for the story.]

Update 2/5/2010: Added Rob Uhrig’s nominators per the comment below.

Hugo Nomination Deadline: February 28

Hugo nominating ballots must be cast by the end of the day on February 28 reminds Diane Lacey of Anticipation’s Hugo Administration Committee. Printable ballots and online voting are both available through the Montreal Worldcon’s web page.

To vote, one must either have joined Anticipation by January 31, or have been a member of last year’s Worldcon, Denvention 3. A PIN issued by Anticipation is required for online voting – see details at their website.

The specific deadline is 23:59 Pacific Standard Time on February 28.

Diane hopes you won’t wait ’til the last minute because “computers have, occasionally, been known to fail.” A word to the wise…