Spectrum 26 Awards Recipients

The Spectrum 26 Awards were presented at the historic Folly Theater in Kansas City, MO on Saturday, March 30.

Spectrum 2019 Grand Master
Donato Giancola

Spectrum 2018 Rising Star


Greg Ruth

Valentin Kopetzki


Francis Vallejo

Chase Stone


Alex Alice

Jeffrey Alan Love


Abe Taraky

Danny Moll


Patrick Masson

Paul Komoda


Qiuxin Mao

Leonardo Santamaria


Jesper Ejsing

John Jude Palencar


Konstantin Kostadinov

Annie Stegg Gerard

Best Professional Artist Hugo: Eligible Works from 2018

By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, this post provides information on the artists and designers of more than 560 works which appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy for the first time in 2018.

These credits have been accumulated during the course of the year, from copyright pages, Acknowledgments sections, and public posts by artists, authors, and publishers, as well as other sources on the internet.

Because it is difficult to provide a list ordered by name when artwork is frequently credited to two or more artists and/or designers, I have uploaded my main spreadsheet with all accumulated data here.

In this post I will display up to 12 images of artworks for each artist for whom I have identified 4 or more works which appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy for the first time in 2018.

Please note carefully the eligibility criteria according to the WSFS Constitution:

Professional Artist

3.3.12: Best Professional Artist. An illustrator whose work has appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy during the previous calendar year.

3.2.11: A Professional Publication is one which meets at least one of the following two criteria:
(1) it provided at least a quarter the income of any one person or,
(2) was owned or published by any entity which provided at least a quarter the income of any of its staff and/or owner.

3.10.2: In the Best Professional Artist category, the acceptance should include citations of at least three (3) works first published in the eligible year.

Under the current rules, artwork for semiprozines and fanzines is not eligible in this category. You can check whether a publication is a prozine or a semiprozine in this directory (the semiprozine list is at the top of the page, and the prozine directory is at the bottom).

Please be sure to check the spreadsheet first; but then, if you are able to confirm credits missing 2018-original works and the names of their artists from Acknowledgments sections, copyright pages, or by contacting authors and/or artists, go ahead and add them in comments, and I will get them included in the spreadsheet, and if the artist is credited with at least 4 works, in this post. If you have questions or corrections, please add those also. Please note that works may or may not be added to the list at my discretion.


Artists, Authors, Editors and Publishers are welcome to post in comments here, or to send their lists to jjfile770 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Mythcon 49 Guests of Honor

Conference theme: On the Shoulders of Giants

Mythcon 49 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, July 20-23. Congratulations to Filer Dr. Reid for being named one of the headliners —

Our Scholar Guest of Honor for 2018 is Dr. Robin Anne Reid. She is a Professor in the Department of Literature and Languages at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Her teaching areas are creative writing, critical theory, and marginalized literatures. Please see her full bio on the Mythcon 49 site for publishing credits. Perhaps most notably for Mythies, she wrote an outstanding bibliographic essay on the history of scholarship surrounding female characters in Tolkien’s legendarium in Perilous and Fair, published by the Mythopoeic Press.

Our Artist Guest of Honor is Donato Giancola. He balances modern concepts with realism in his paintings to bridge the worlds of contemporary and historical figurative arts. He also teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, the Illustration Master Class in Amherst, Massachusetts and online through the SmArt School, and appears at various institutions, seminars, and conventions, from San Diego to Rome to Moscow, where he performs demonstrations in oil paint and lectures on his aesthetics. Please see his full bio on his donatoart.com for influences, awards, and credits.

Visit www.mythcon.org for more information and to register for the con.

[Thanks to Lynn Maudlin for the story.]

Giancola Art Featured on Two New Space Stamps

The U.S. Postal service has released two commemorative stamps illustrated by Hugo-winning artist Donato Giancola. One celebrates the 50th anniversary of Mercury Project astronaut Alan Shepard’s 1961 flight. The other honors NASA’s unmanned MESSENGER spacecraft, which has made two flybys of Venus and three of Mercury since it was launched in 2004.  

Giancola described how the work was done to a reporter for the New York Daily News:

Giancola created small oil paintings for each of them, which were scanned and transformed into stamps by post office designers.

The whole process took about nine months.

“When you’re creating art that’s going to be a historical record like these stamps, there’s no room for mistakes,” said Giancola.

“You’ve got to make sure you get the details right. It’s a lot of work – but totally worth it,” he said.

Giancola’s website is here.

Donato Giancola with his painting of Alan Shepard.

[Thanks to Michael J Walsh for the story.]