Hugo Award Rocket T-Shirt

Coxon tshirt designJohn Coxon’s Hugo-inspired t-shirt design is available in a limited edition from Teespring until through June 30.

The famous Hugo Award rocket, filled with the name of each Best Novel winner since the first awards were given. An elegant window into the history of our genre, in T-shirt form!

Shirts available in men and women’s cuts: be sure to click the drop down menu if you want the latter.

“Worldcon”, “Hugo Award”, the Hugo Award Logo, and the distinctive design of the Hugo Award Trophy Rocket are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society. They are used by permission of Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention.

Cost: $20.

Hugo Multiplication Tabled

An impassioned march on the Worldcon Business Meeting is expected Friday morning to make sure no Hugos are subtracted. Then, depending on how much of the agenda survives the preliminary meeting, members may get a chance on Saturday to play Santa by adding two new Hugos and radically expanding eligibility for another.

For the third consecutive year voters will be asked to create a YA Hugo category. This time called Best Youth Book, the Hugo would be given to “a science fiction or fantasy book published in the previous calendar year for young adults, middle readers, or children.”

The 2012 motion to create a Best Young Adult Fiction Hugo failed 51-67, however, losing a relatively close vote represented an improvement from the year before when the YA Hugo motion never made it to the floor, being disposed of by a vote to object to consideration.

Attendees of this year’s Business Meeting will also be invited to further subdivide the Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo by adding a category for short length works.

Proposed by Eemeli Aro and seconded by James Bacon, John Coxon, and Jesi Pershing, this new Hugo would be given to a “video, audio recording or other production, with a complete running time of less than 15 minutes, in any medium of dramatized science fiction, fantasy or related subjects.”

They say an extra category will “provide a more even ground for the promotion and popularization of both more and less professional short films, filk songs, commercials, and even acceptance speeches” which are now being overwhelmed by episodes of TV shows.

The existing Long Form category would continue to cover work more than 90 minutes in length, but be renamed “Best Dramatic Presentation, Feature Length Long Form.” The Short Form category would become “Best Dramatic Presentation, Mid-Length Short Form” and cover works 15 to 90 minutes in length.

Lastly, Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol want to transform the Best Fan Artist Hugo into something that can also be won by “musical, dance, jewelry and costuming artists.”

The new eligibility definition would be — “An artist or cartoonist working in any visual or performance medium whose work has appeared through publication in semiprozines or fanzines or through other public, non-professional, display (including at a convention or conventions) during the previous calendar year.”

Illustrators and cartoonists appearing in fanzines and semiprozines would remain eligible. Kronengold and Padol, in a commentary, say animators and artists working in special effects would also be eligible. But the motion’s fate could depend on wooing votes from costumers and filkers onsite at LSC3. Saturday is also the day of the masquerade, so costumers might need to juggle the demands on their schedules if they want to vote for the change.

2013 TAFF Voting

John Coxon released the 2013 Trans Atlantic Fan Fund voting statistics in Taffline #6 [PDF file].   


N. Am.




Theresa Derwin





Jim Mowatt





Hold Over Funds





No Preference










Jim Mowatt won with a first-round majority. He also passed TAFF’s “20% rule” which, explains John Coxon, “meant that each candidate needed to get 10 votes in North America and 11 votes in Europe (‘no preference’ was not included when calculating these numbers).”

Coxon says 58 votes were cast in North America and 60 votes in Europe, and 3 more from the rest of the world — the latter reported in the North America column so it would not become too easy to deduce who they voted for. All voters’ names are listed in Taffline #6. Voter donations totaled $533.23 in North America and £349.68 in Europe.

Mowatt Wins TAFF

Jim Mowatt will be the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate to LoneStarCon 3.

Here is TAFF co-administrator John Coxon’s press release —

It is the pleasure of the TAFF administrators to announce the end of voting in the westbound TAFF race for 2013. Theresa Derwin and Jim Mowatt have both been excellent candidates who have kept TAFFing through some tough patches, but unfortunately there can be only one delegate.

Jim Mowatt is the winner of this year’s Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and will represent European fandom in a trip that takes him throughout North America. He will be appearing at LoneStarCon 3, in San Antonio, Texas, USA, amongst other fannish destinations yet to be confirmed.

The administrators would like to thank both candidates for their patience and good humour throughout the voting period. We wish Jim a fantastic trip to San Antonio and other amazing locales!

TAFF is the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and has been sending sf fans across the Atlantic Ocean since 1952 or 1955, depending on who you ask. The official unofficial TAFF website is at and we can be found on Facebook at or on Twitter as @TAFFnews.

For the full race results, keep an eye on or for the next edition of the TAFF newsletter, which will contain information on the EightSquaredCon fan fund auction as well as the full voter breakdown for this race.

Don’t look for the voting totals in the official announcement. You won’t find them. Even though they must have been calculated to decide the winner. After weeks of reminders to VOTE FOR TAFF VOTE FOR TAFF VOTE FOR TAFF it’s a bit anticlimactic not to know how close the race was or how many fans participated.


The TAFF administrators have officially announced the candidates for the 2013 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, Theresa Derwin and Jim Mowatt. Each has sworn a mighty oath (well, confirmed a willingness) to attend LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio if he or she wins, and posted a £15 bond.

The ballot is available here [RTF format]. Votes and donations may also be submitted via PayPal – see the ballot for details.

Voting ends Friday, April 19 at 23:59 British Summer Time aka UTC+1.

Theresa Derwin was nominated by Anders Bellis, Steve Green and John Meaney (from Europe), as well as Christopher J. Garcia and Yvonne Penney (from North America). Here is Derwin’s campaign platform, from the ballot:

Derwin: The Natural Selection. Theresa Derwin is standing for TAFF! A regular convention attendee and panel moderator/member, Theresa has been active in fandom since her teen years. She produces fanzine Andromeda’s Offspring, which promotes the genre work of female authors. She has also previously written for Critical Wave and writes book reviews on her blog whilst writing lots of fiction in a variety of anthologies and in her first book Monsters Anonymous. Theresa wants to attend LoneStarCon3 as a positive ambassador for European/British fandom and female fans and writers in particular. She brings enthusiasm, knowledge and humour to the race!

Jim Mowatt was nominated by Fran Dowd, Rob Hansen and Mark Plummer (in Europe), as well as Randy Byers and Curt Phillips (in North America). Jim’s platform reads:

Jim Mowatt came of age in the fiery fannishness of Leeds and burst upon the scene as Jim Trash at the Sou’wester Eastercon in 1994. Few noticed. He retreated into the shadows like a bewildered ninja. Since then he has made a number of friends, produced fanzines (e.g. Pips and Beam) and decided that fandom is a wonderful place to be(eblebear). He has produced a prodigious number of podcasts, and has a great face for radio. Jim followed a woman to Cambridge in 2002. She didn’t call the police so he moved in. San Antonio needs to know why.

The winner will have approximately four months to arrange his or her TAFF trip, which customarily includes meeting various groups of fans around the country in addition to attending the anchor convention. Recent visits to North America by TAFF delegates have included trips to Las Vegas, Toronto, New York City, Seattle, the Bay Area and Reno. The trip often lasts up to a month, and sometimes longer.

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund has been facilitating the exchange of fans between Europe and North American since the 1950s. More information about TAFF can be found at the official unofficial website: TAFF also has presences on LiveJournal (, Facebook ( and Twitter (@TAFFnews).

Looking for 2013 TAFF Candidates

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is looking for candidates for the 2013 Westbound TAFF trip.

TAFF co-administrator John Coxon says candidates must:

• Be nominated by three European SF fans.
• Be nominated by two North American SF fans.
• Submit a written platform not exceeding 101 words.
• Post a bond of £15 (GBP).

The candidates must also pledge to take the 2013 TAFF trip and attend the Worldcon, LoneStarCon 3, in San Antonio, TX, USA from August 29 to September 2, 2013.

“TAFF delegates are expected to write and produce a trip report and will administer the fund for two years,” adds Coxon. “The fan fund will pay for the trip, related expenses and the publication of the completed trip report.”

Candidates will be voted on by interested fans from all over the world – voters and nominators must be active SF fans that are known to the administrators.

Nominators should send their nominations to their local administrator. The European administrator is John Coxon – his email address is john.coxon (at) and his postal address is 14 Chapel Lane, Peterborough, PE4 6RS, United Kingdom. The North American administrator is Jacqueline Monahan – her email address is jaxn8r (at) and her postal address is 2991 El Cajon Street, Las Vegas, NV 89169, United States.

The deadline for nominations is 23:59 GMT on December 31, 2012. Voting will commence shortly after the close of nominations and be completed by April 5, 2013.

Hertz: TAFF & DUFF Auction at Worldcon

By John Hertz: The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and the Down Under Fan Fund will hold a combined auction at Chicon VII on Friday, August 31, at 6:30 p.m. in the Fanzine Lounge.

Murray Moore is co-ordinating the auction.  Chris Garcia the 2008 TAFF delegate, host of the Fanzine Lounge, will be an auctioneer, which will surely be awesome.  John Coxon the 2010 TAFF delegate will be another.

This annual auction is a big fund-raiser for each fund, and fun (as Vladimir Nabokov used to say, the difference between a thing’s cosmic element, and its comic element, consists of a single sibilant).

TAFF sends a delegate across the Atlantic, DUFF across the Pacific, in alternating directions, each year (more or less).  Delegates attend the Worldcon if it is at their destination, otherwise the national convention.

Have you something suitable to donate for auctioning? If you’re attending, can you bring it along? If you’re not attending, can you send it?

Jacq’s Progress

Taffline #4 [PDF file], from TAFF administrators John Coxon, Anne and Brian Gray, promotes the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and includes a snippet of trip-in-progress news from the latest delegate, Jacq Monahan:

“I am enjoying the trip immensely and relishing all my new discoveries (Oyster Card! Free museums! Forbidden Planet bookstore! Kew Gardens!) And that’s only London. Much more to come. You’ll know precisely where I am at all times by the sound of the delighted squeal.”

After sojourning in Cambridge, Solihull and Sheffield (where hurricanes hardly happen) Jacq returns London on Thursday, April 5. Look for her at the First Thursday London Circle pub meeting, and this weekend at Olympus 2012 (Eastercon) in the Radisson Edwardian hotel at Heathrow.

SF/SF #121

A zine always worth reading, Science Fiction/San Francisco #121 [PDF file] delivers two fine Worldcon reports by España Sheriff and John Coxon. Their contagious enthusiasm brings the reader right into the moment to share all the fun they had. Added kudos for John — not many TAFF winners turn in the first installment of their trip report so quickly.

SF/SF is also known for great photos and my favorite in this issue was James Shields’ dramatic, colorful shot of four TAFF delegates – Ulrika O’Brien, James Bacon, John Coxon and Randy Byers.

Seeking TAFF Candidates

Anne Gray announces:

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is looking for candidates for the 2012 Eastbound TAFF trip.  Candidates must be nominated by 5 SF fans known to the current TAFF administrators, John Coxon, Anne Gray, and Brian Gray. Three of those nominators must be resident in North America and two resident in Europe. In addition to their nominations, prospective candidates have to submit a written platform (not exceeding 101 words), a deposit of $20, and a pledge to take the TAFF trip in 2012 if they win. TAFF will send the winning delegate(s) to attend the 2012 Eastercon, Olympus, in London April 6-9. TAFF delegates are also expected to write a trip report and administer TAFF for two years. The fan fund will pay for the trip and related expenses, as well as the publication of the completed trip report. Candidates will be voted on by interested fans from all over the world.

For more information, see  The North American TAFF administrators are Anne and Brian Gray; send nominations and other materials to them at 5006 Royene Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, USA or <akg (dot) netmouse (at) gmail (dot) com>. European nominators should send materials to John Coxon, either on <john (dot) coxon (at) gmail (dot) come> or by mail to 14 Chapel Lane, Peterborough, PE4 6RS, United Kingdom.

If you would like to take us up on this fantastic opportunity please find people to nominate you and let us know, since the deadline for nominations is September 30! If you have any questions about what’s required of you or how to acquire nominations, please feel free to get in touch with any of us and ask. We hope to see you running for TAFF soon!

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]