Correction: Elinor Busby Was the First Woman To Win A Hugo

Elinor Busby. Photo by Earl Kemp, Corflu, Las Vegas, April 2008.

Elinor Busby made history as the first woman Hugo winner when Cry of the Nameless, which she co-edited, topped the Best Fanzine category in 1960.

  • Cry of the Nameless ed. by F. M. Busby, Elinor Busby, Burnett Toskey and Wally Weber

I’ve corrected my obituary for Pat Lupoff to reflect that she was second, as co-editor of the Best Amateur Magazine winner in 1963. (The category title varied as the rules changed in the early years of the Hugo.)

  • Xero ed. by Richard A. Lupoff and Pat Lupoff

Evidently this wasn’t the first time I’ve made this mistake either – see the note at the end of “Dark Carnival, a Science Fiction Landmark” from 2013.

Four women won fan Hugos – all in the Best Fanzine / Amateur Magazine category – before a woman won in any other category.

The third woman to win was Juanita Coulson, in 1965, co-editor of the fanzine Yandro.

  • Yandro ed. by Robert Coulson and Juanita Coulson

The fourth woman was Felice Rolfe, in 1967, co-editor of the fanzine Niekas.

  • Niekas ed. by Edmund R. Meskys and Felice Rolfe

The first woman to win a Hugo in a fiction category was Anne McCaffrey, whose Weyr Search tied with Philip Jose Farmer’s Riders of the Purple Wage for Best Novella in 1968.

Hertz: Gillespie Treasures Coulson

By John Hertz: Much as I try to avoid noun chains (noun chain hatred! noun chain hatred surfeit!) I confess I just slipped close.

Maybe I don’t mention Vladimir Nabokov as often as File 770 mentions Ray Bradbury, but I can’t help telling you Nabokov said the difference between the comic side of things, and their cosmic side, depends upon a single sibilant.

Nor could I help this one. Well, maybe I could, but I didn’t. Migly and I have been exchanging remarks about the orthography of referring to book and magazine titles. (He: “an equally valid argument is that you refuse”. I: “With all courtesy I shave your ill-formed eyebrows.”)

Anyway, Bruce Gillespie in Treasure 2 reports on Continuum X (53rd Australia national science fiction convention, Melbourne 6-9 Jun 14), which this year’s Down Under Fan Fund delegate Juanita Coulson duly attended.

Gillespie knew the great fanzine Yandro she and her late husband Buck had published, but in person Gillespie hadn’t seen her for a while, nor was he about to miss this chance. Australia – New Zealand DUFF Administrator Bill Wright arranged for her to attend a special meeting of the Nova Mob as well as taking part in the rest of the con. Gillespie tells us about it and has a fine Cat Sparks photo of Coulson on p. 7.

My real-mail copy of Treasure 2 (and T3, gosh!) just arrived. Don’t bury yours, or I suppose you can look at now or real soon.

N. Am. DUFF Adm’r (outgoing)John Hertz

236 S. Coronado St., No. 409

Los Angeles, CA 90057   U.S.A.

Phone (213) 384-6622

ANZ Adm’rBill Wright

Unit 4, 1 Park St

St Kilda West, VIC 3182   Australia

Phone (61-3) 9534 -0163

E-mail bilw (at) iprimus (dot) com (dot) au


DUFF Delegate Goes to London

By John Hertz: At Los Angeles International Airport on June 13th, next to the arrivals’ door, Jerome Scott and I awaited the 2014 Down Under Fan Fund delegate.

Scott with his renowned graphics power had made a yard-long sign Juanita Coulson. She had never met him. I was along to help.

People emerged and time passed. Scott and I were cheerful and made remarks. Finally a voice that can outsing steamboats said mildly “Hello, John,” and there she came the other way. She had her luggage, so we took it and her to the garage.

When I’d told Coulson who’d meet her in L.A. she didn’t place his name for a moment, so I said “Remember that exhibit of Diane & Leo Dillon’s art at Chicon VII? Jerome Scott’s wife Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink worked with me on it and did those wonderful banners.”

The E&J house is in El Segundo about ten minutes south of the airport. E&J and I thought it would be friendlier for Coulson than a hotel room somewhere. Scott drove Coulson in his car so they really would take ten minutes. I following in mine (this is L.A., folks) made only a few wrong turns.

E&J are active with s-f con Art Shows. The inside walls are full of art. Not just the walls. The books and toys and games go without saying – oops, sorry.

Coulson had tales of Australian Pride (that’s Marilyn Pride, 1986 delegate with Lewis Morley and Nick Stathopoulos) and things Beyond the Norm (that’s Norm Cates, 2004 delegate). She did not meet kangaroos in Australia but she did meet a tuatara in New Zealand. She didn’t see many zoos but she did attend the 53rd Australia national convention Continuum X. The fan-funds auctioneers there were Justin Ackroyd and Norm Cates, next to whom I am only an egg.

There were twenty-three hours until Coulson’s next plane. Only guessing what she’d want, and having alternatives ready, I asked her. I’d guessed right; the answer was sleep. Seeing all was well, and hearing Scott was working at home that afternoon (why “from” home?), I left.

Lunch, the Proud Bird restaurant on Aviation Bl. Twenty historic aircraft both original and full-size replica outside, hundreds of photos of Neil Armstrong and Dick Bong and Bessie Colman and B.O. Davis and Amelia Earhart – just to start the alphabet – inside.

Several hours later I heard life was lively again at E&J’s so I phoned a few filksingers and went back myself. Singer-dealer Mary Creasey came by. She was armed with a guitar and songbooks but we sat around chatting of filk and fans and fanzines. Creasey works nights on machine maintenance for the Postal Service so her personal time wasn’t far off.

Saturday morning Scott and I (in one car) took Coulson to the airport for the next leg of her trip home to London – Ohio.

North America DUFF Adm’r (outgoing)John Hertz

236 S. Coronado St., No. 409

Los Angeles, CA 90057  U.S.A.

Phone  (213) 384-6622

Australia – New Zealand Adm’rBill Wright

Unit 4, 1 Park St

St Kilda West, VIC 3182  Australia

Phone  (61-3) 9534 -0163

E-mail  bilw (at) iprimus (dot) com (dot) au

Juanita Coulson’s DUFF Trip

By John Hertz: With the help of my counterpart, the Australia–New Zealand DUFF Administrator Bill Wright, plus travel wizard Robin Johnson, electronic liaison Jeanne Bowman, and a host of others, an itinerary for the 2014 Down Under Fan Fund delegate Juanita Coulson has been arranged.

Coulson lives in London — Ohio. Therefore she goes not east, but west; and, as 1985 DUFF delegate Marty Cantor fears none will know if not said, also south.

She visits Auckland (New Zealand), Melbourne and Sydney (Australia).

Uncertain of guitar chances, she brings a thumb-piano. In any event she is reputed to have outsung a steamboat.

She crosses the International Date Line as well as time zones. I give local hours and days.

Saturday, 31 May 14

leave Columbus by United Airlines 4 p.m.

Chicago – 2 1/2 hrs to change planes: leave 8:30 p.m.

Los Angeles – 2 hrs to change airlines, Air New Zealand: leave 10:30 p.m.

Monday, 2 Jun 14

arrive Auckland 6:30 a.m.

connecting person, Jan Butterworth <jan.butterworth01 (at) gmail (dot) com>.

Thursday, 5 Jun 14

leave by Air New Zealand 8:30 a.m.

arrive Melbourne 10:30 a.m.

connecting persons, Murray & Natalie Maclachlan <mizpeh (at) optusnet (dot) com (dot) au>

Friday, 6 Jun 14

53rd Australia national science fiction convention Continuum X, Rialto Hotel

Natcon chair, Julia Saganovich

Tuesday, 10 Jun 14

leave Melbourne by Jetstar Airways 1 p.m.

arrive Sydney 2:30 p.m.

connecting persons, Marilyn Pride and Lewis Morley <lewisandmarilyn (at) aol (dot) com>

Friday, 13 Jun 14

leave Sydney by Air New Zealand 11:30 a.m.

Auckland – 3 hrs to change planes: leave 7:30 p.m.

Los Angeles – 23 hrs to change airlines

arrive 1 p.m. (5 hrs before her departure time), staying overnight

connecting person, Jerome Scott <Jerome (at) greatscottvisuals (dot) com>

Saturday, 14 Jun 14

leave Los Angeles by United Airlines 5 p.m.

Chicago – 1 hr to change planes: leave 6 p.m.

arrive Columbus 8:30 p.m.

NA Adm’rJohn Hertz

236 S. Coronado St., No. 409

Los Angeles, CA 90057  U.S.A.

Phone  (213) 384-6622

ANZ Adm’rBill Wright

Unit 4, 1 Park St

St Kilda West, VIC 3182  Australia

Phone  (61-3) 9534 0163


Juanita Coulson Wins DUFF

By John Hertz: Juanita Coulson won the election of a 2014 Down Under Fan Fund delegate. DUFF will send her to Continuum X, the 53rd Australia national convention, Melbourne, 6-9 June (and, as is apparently needful to say, bring her home too), with such further fannish travel as can be managed.

Conclave II, the 35th New Zealand natcon, Auckland, was 24-27 April. No candidates said they could attend both the Australia and New Zealand natcons. We hope to arrange a New Zealand visit on this trip.

Founded in 1972, and supported by contributions from all over the world, DUFF sends a delegate from North America to Australia – New Zealand, or the other way, in alternating years.  If the World Science Fiction Convention is on the receiving side, the delegate goes there. The 2014 Worldcon is in the United Kingdom, Loncon 3. Coulson lives in London, Ohio.

Nominations were accepted until midnight 6 Jan 14 Pacific Standard Time, votes until midnight 31 Mar Pacific Daylight Time. Votes could be cast on paper or by electronic mail. Anyone could vote who was active in fandom on or before 1 Jan 14, i.e. a natural person involved in fannish pursuits in our community, such as participation in clubs or conventions or fanzines, singing, costuming, social life, physically, electronically, or otherwise. Votes had to be accompanied by a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States, or $7 New Zealand.

DUFF uses the preferential system of balloting, which yields an automatic runoff if needed and assures a majority win. The voter ranks choices in order of preference, e.g. 1, 2, 3. If there is no absolute majority for one choice after a first count of votes, first-place votes for the lowest-ranking choice are dropped and the second-place votes on those ballots are assigned to the choices named. This goes on until one choice has a majority. It can therefore be important to vote preferences other than first place, although this is not required.

Coulson beat Aurora Celeste, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, 42-24 on first-place preferences. There were 6 No Preference votes.

                           NA                                        ANZ                             Total

Celeste                    18                                              6                                24

Coulson                   25                                            17                                42

Sixteen NA and ten ANZ votes were cast electronically, about 1/3.

Celeste’s nominators were Warren Buff, Chris Garcia, Jesi Pershing (NA); Norm Cates, Rose Mitchell (ANZ).

Coulson’s were Sue & Steve Francis, Joyce & Arnie Katz, Murray Moore (NA); Bruce Gillespie, Paula McGrath (ANZ).

Celeste’s platform: “Costumer and con runner. Currently Vice-President, International Costumers Guild. Involved in running conventions from the second one attended, acting as head of guest relations, ops, treasurer, and chair in various years for NaNaKon (4000+ people animé con in Kansas City), programming for Costume-Cons and Worldcons. Kansas City for 2016 Worldcon bid committee. Regretfully Conclave II conflicts with duty as Program Head for Costume-Con XXXII. In copious spare time reading a lot of YA SF/F.”

To this I as NA Administrator added: “Best in Show at last two Worldcon Masquerades (Chicon VII, Lonestarcon III); judges’ clerk at Renovation; Director at Costume-Con XXVIII & XXXI, judge too (no small task that) at XXVIII, MC at XXV; awards at Archon, Arisia, Animé St. Louis. Costume programming for Lonestarcon III. Upon hearing of fanzines promptly contributed to The Drink Tank 358.”

Coulson’s platform: “Have done fanzines, filksinging, pro writing. Happy to make friends and break stereotypes. Now in London, ready for Melbourne. Love to bring back opal. May illustrate own trip report. Taught Devra Langsam to hand-cut mimeo stencils, kept my styli which make nice kitchen tools. Sang at Old Ship Inn after Regency Dancing at Brighton Worldcon; lucky some Scots who’d heard Filthy Pierre in hotel bar sing unwise verse of ‘God Save the Queen’ arrived then and realized no murder needed. Very fond of rum-pots, crack-pots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?”

To this I added: “Big Heart Award. Fan Guest of Honor at Reconstruction. Co-edited Yandro 33 years with late husband Buck; 1 Hugo, 10 nominations. With him Fan GoH at L.A.con I. Brighton trip report in Yandro 250. Filk Hall of Fame; 1 Pegasus, 17 nominations; known as a Den Mother. Helped Bjo Trimble invent Art Shows. Eighteen books, 10 shorter stories.”

NA Adm’rJohn Hertz

236 S. Coronado St., No. 409

Los Angeles, CA 90057  U.S.A.

Phone  (213) 384-6622

ANZ Adm’rBill Wright

Unit 4, 1 Park St

St Kilda West, VIC 3182  Australia

Phone  (61-3) 9534 0163


Birthday Greetings for 2/12

Born: February 12, 1933 – Juanita Coulson

Juanita Coulson at GAFilk in 2009.

Juanita Coulson at GAFilk in 2009.

For three decades Juanita Coulson and her husband Buck co-edited Yandro, which won the Best Fanzine Hugo in 1965 and in the process made her just the second woman to win a fan Hugo. (The first was Elinor Busby, co-editor of Cry of the Nameless.)

Also a renowned filker, Juanita was inducted to the Filk Hall of Fame in 1996.

She has 18 published novels. The first, Crisis on Cheiron, came out in 1967.

Juanita was named winner of the Big Heart Award at Chicon 7 in 2012.

Hertz: DUFF Voting Opens

By John Hertz: Nominations have closed and voting is open for the 2014 Down Under Fan Fund delegate.

DUFF annually sends fans between North America and Australia – New Zealand, alternating directions each time. This year’s delegate goes west. Nominations were accepted until midnight Pacific Standard Time January 6. Three NA nominators and two ANZ nominators were required for each candidate, also a written platform of about 100 words and a donation of at least US$25 or C$ equivalent.

No candidates said they could attend both the 53rd Australia national convention Continuum X, Melbourne, June 6-9, and the 35th New Zealand natcon Conclave II, Auckland 24-27 April. The 2014 delegate will be sent to Continuum X. Candidates hoped to visit NZ also if elected, as DUFF will attempt.

The ballot has our two candidates Aurora Celeste and Juanita Coulson, each interesting in different ways, nominators and platforms likewise. Look them over.

Votes will be accepted until midnight Pacific Standard Time March 31, 2014, and must be accompanied by a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States, or $7 New Zealand.

As the ballot explains, it may be sent by paper mail or PayPal, and must include the voter’s name, paper-mail address, and any further needed contact information. Paper ballots must be signed. Voters who think they may not be known to an Administrator should include the name and contact information of someone who knows them and who will be known.

Anyone active in fandom on or before January 1, 2014 may vote. “Active in fandom” means a natural person involved in fannish pursuits in our community, such as participation in clubs or conventions or fanzines, singing, costuming, social life, physically, electronically, or otherwise.

DUFF is supported by donations. If you can’t or don’t care to choose between the candidates you can always vote “No Preference”.

My counterpart the ANZ Administrator is Bill Wright, Unit 4, 1 Park St, St Kilda West, VIC 3182, phone (61-3) 9534  0163, E-mail <>.

I’m the NA Administrator, 236 S. Coronado St., No. 409, Los Angeles, CA 90057, U.S.A., phone (213) 384-6622.

Duff2014 ballot [PDF file]

Upload 02/11/2014: Replaced ballot file with revision containing voting directions and Bill Wright’s correct e-mail address, courtesy Dave Langford.

DUFF Will Hold Over Funds

By John Hertz and David Cake: This year’s Down Under Fan Fun voting was counted on June 1, 2012 by John Hertz the North American Administrator and David Cake the Australia – New Zealand Administrator.

Founded in 1972, and supported by donations from all over the world, DUFF each year votes for a delegate from NA to ANZ,or the other direction in alternate years. Anyone active in fandom may vote.

The 2012 candidates were Juanita Coulson of the United States and Murray Moore of Canada. Moore in his platform urged voters to choose Hold Over Funds and said he would not go if elected.

The decision was clear from first-choice votes. Counting lower choices was not needed.

Hold Over Funds received 38 first-choice NA votes + 19 ANZ. Coulson received 24 first-choice NA votes + 1 ANZ. Moore received 11 first-choice NA votes + 2 ANZ.

Funds will be held over. No delegate will be sent in 2012.

Each Administrator received some out-area votes (e.g. Britain) which were included in the totals above.

2012 DUFF Race Begins

Votes are now being accepted in the 2012 Down Under Fan Fund race. North American DUFF Administrator John Hertz and Australian DUFF Administrator David Cake very recently held a telephone conversation and determined to select a delegate to travel to Australia/New Zealand despite the tight scheduling — votes will be accepted until midnight May 31 (PST).

The contenders are Juanita Coulson and Murray Moore, however, while Coulson is running with the intention of making the trip, Murray Moore’s platform actually advocates no one be sent — 

“…[My] unusual position is that, if elected on this ballot, I will not attend the Australian national SF convention June 8-11 in Melbourne. Furthermore I encourage you to join me in voting for Hold Over Funds on this ballot.”

Juanita Coulson (London, Ohio, U.S.A.) — NA nominators Sue & Steve Francis, Chris Garcia, Joyce & Arnie Katz; ANZ nominators Bruce Gillespie, Marc Ortlieb.

Murray Moore (Mississaugua, Ontario, Canada) — NA nominators Hope Leibowitz, Spike, Art Widner; ANZ nominators Cath Ortlieb, Bill Wright.

Eligibility and other voting information appears on the ballot linked below:


Gene DeWeese (1931-2012)

Gene DeWeese died on March 19. “He had been in great pain (physical and mental) from Lewy body dementia,” reports Mike Lowrey, “and it finally took him pretty suddenly, after months of pain and mental suffering had traumatized [him and his wife, Bev] badly.”

Bev and Gene had been married for many years. Beverly Amers and Juanita Wellons formed the Eastern Indiana Science Fiction Association (EISFA) in the early 1950s and in time wed two other club members, Buck Coulson and Gene DeWeese.

Buck revealed in a Pixel interview:

When we first got acquainted, he wrote voluminous letters to loads of people but would barely say two words in a face-to-face contact. A friend of mine met him once, and after he’d left, asked, “Does he talk?”

The Coulsons’ fanzine Yandro won the Hugo in 1965. About the same time, Buck and Gene launched pro careers as collaborators on a couple of Man From U.N.C.L.E. novels. DeWeese remembered:

The U.N.C.L.E. books were the first sales Buck and I had made, in fact the first things either of us had written longer than a short story, so we considered them a great ‘earn-while-you-learn’ program.

The team of DeWeese and Coulson wrote several sf novels, plus two murder mysteries set at Worldcons, Now You See It/Him/Them (1975) and Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats (1977), filled with references and in-jokes. Another reference-filled short story  “Queen of the Timies,” appeared in Mike Resnick’s Alternate Worldcons (1994), in which Time Tunnel fans gather to honor Time Fleet Admiral Bjo Trimble and the show’s creator, Gene Roddenberry, presents a special cut of “The Trouble with Trimbles.”

DeWeese, writing solo, also did novels based on TV sf shows like Star Trek and Lost in Space and wrote gothics under a pen name. His YA novel The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf was made into a TV movie. His last story may have been “The World of Null-T,” published in 2010.

Before turning to fiction DeWeese was a technical writer in the Apollo program of the 1960s.

With Christopher Priest’s name being bandied about lately, it’s an interesting coincidence that DeWeese once named him as one of the authors he especially liked:

Gene: I’ve always read both sf and mysteries — PLANET STORIES and Clarke and Erle Stanley Gardner in grade and high school, Priest and Clarke, Gorman and Pronzini, etc., now.

[Thanks to Mike Lowrey, Steven H Silver and Andrew Porter for the story.]