Wright Quits SFWA, Torgersen To Follow

John C. Wright has publicly resigned from SFWA. Wright has a dozen published novels, one a past Nebula nominee (2006). His work has been discussed in flattering terms by John Clute in the Science Fiction Encyclopedia and is frequently praised on Vox Day’s blog.

Wright’s announcement begins, “It is with no regret whatsoever that I rescind and renounce my membership in SFWA. I wish nothing more to do with the organization and no more contact with it.”

His reasons for leaving included the following complaints:

Instead of enhancing the prestige of the genre, the leadership seems bent on holding us up to the jeers of all fair-minded men by behaving as gossips, whiners, and petty totalitarians, and by supporting a political agenda irrelevant to science fiction.

Instead of men who treat each other with professionalism and respect, I find a mob of perpetually outraged gray-haired juveniles.

Instead of receiving aid to my writing career, I find organized attempts to harass my readers and hurt my sales figures.

Instead of finding an organization for the mutual support of Science Fiction writers, I find an organization for the support of Political Correctness.

Instead of friends, I find ideologues bent on jihad against all who do not meekly conform to their Orwellian and hellish philosophy.

Wright’s resignation prompted Brad R. Torgersen, a Hugo nominee in 2012 and a double-nominee in 2014 with an assist from Larry Coreia’s “Sad Puppies” campaign, to declare that he will be leaving SFWA too:

I’ve seen a mentor slandered, attacked, and thrown out of the Bulletin, and I’ve seen my editor straw-manned and maligned by one of SFWA’s darlings and former top officers. This is supposedly “my” professional organization, but in four years “my” organization has done just about all it could to make it clear to me that my participation in “my” organization was neither desired, nor necessary.

So, I won’t be sending them a check this year. I will instead focus my time on growing my career and entertaining my readers.

Former SFWA President Michael Capobianco answered Wright’s post with a bizarre comment absolving SFWA and blaming fandom for his complaints —

I just want to note that the recent Hugo-related kerfluffles have nothing to do with SFWA. SFWA does not have anything to do with WSFS or Worldcon, aside from hosting a SFWA Suite at the Worldcon. There’s a tendency to conflate SFWA with the SF community and/or SF fandom, and it’s unfortunate, in my opinion.

Wright immediately answered that the Hugo controversy had nothing to do with the timing of his resignation. And Capobianco should know the “recent Hugo-related kerfluffles [sic]” are a reaction to something done by a pro writer — Larry Correia – who orchestrated a bloc vote to get himself and his slate on the Hugo ballot.

SFWA Creates Estates Page

The SFWA Estates Page has been added to the professional organization’s website. It’s the place for editors and publishers who want to reprint material by a deceased writer and need help seeking permissions.

Bud Webster, SFWA Estates Liaison, credits the new page to the “significantly hard work” of Michael Capobianco.

 [Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]