2019 Neffy Nominations

The National Fantasy Fan Federation has published the nominations for the 2019 Neffy Awards, honoring works appearing in 2018.

Best Novel (over 100,000 words)

  • Against Three Lands—George Phillies
  • A Guide For Murdered Children—Sarah Sparrow
  • Legion—The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds – Brandon Sanderson
  • The Princess in the Tower—Chris Nuttall
  • Uncompromising Honor—David Weber
  • We Sold Our Souls – Grady Hendrix

Best Shorter Work (under 100,000 words)

  • Shadowdrop – Chris Willrich—Beneath Ceaseless Skies issue 261
  • The Black God’s Drums – P. Djèlí Clark – Tor Publishing
  • Joyride – Kristine Kathryn Rusch – Asimov’s Science Fiction 11-12/2018
  • What Is Eve? – Will McIntosh – Lightspeed Magazine issue 95
  • Intervention – Kelly Robson – Infinity’s End, Solaris
  • Bloom – Kate Elliott – The Book of Magic, Bantam Books
  • When We Were Starless – Simone Heller—Clarkesworld issue 145
  • Prophet of the Roads – Naomi Kritzer – Infinity’s End, Solaris
  • A Song of Home, the Organ Grinds – James Beamon – Lightspeed Magazine issue 98
  • Meat And Salt And Sparks – Rich Larson – Tor.com
  • The City of Lost Desire – Phyllis Eisenstein – Jan-Feb F&SF

Best Book Editor

  • Toni Weisskopf

Best Fanzine (electronic publication is allowed)

  • Ionisphere from John Thiel
  • Opuntia from Dale Speirs
  • Origin from John Thiel
  • Spartacus, published by Guy H. Lillian III
  • Tightbeam from the N3F

Best Blog

  • Gary Labowitz
  • Mad Genius Club—the Mad Genii

Best TV Show

  • Game of Thrones
  • Supergirl

Best SF Movie/Video

  • A Quiet Place

Best Anime

  • Devilman Crybaby
  • Planet With
  • Revue Starlight
  • A Place Further Than the Universe
  • Aggretsuko

Best Graphic Art Publication

  • Lady Mechanika – M. M. Chen and Joe Benetez
  • Monstress – Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
  • Raven Daughter of Darkness – Marv Wolfman

Best Cover Art

  • Kent Bash – the March-April 2019 F&SF
  • Brad Fraunfelter – The Broken Throne (novel by Chris Nuttall)

Best Magazine

  • Amazing

N3F Award Winners for 2018

The National Fantasy Fan Federation announced several awards and honors in the latest issue of the organization’s newsletter Tightbeam.


The National Fantasy Fan Federation Speculative Fiction Awards, called the Neffy Awards, have been given annually since 2005.

Best Novel

  • Princess Holy Aura by Ryk Spoor

Best Shorter Work

  • “And Then There Were (N-One)” by Sarah Pinsker

Best Book Editor

  • Toni Weisskopf

Best Film

  • Thor: Ragnarok

Best Fanzine

  • Tightbeam

Best Blog

  • Mad Genius Club

Best TV Show

  • Supergirl

Best Anime

  • The Ancient Magus Bride

Best Graphic Art Publication

  • Jean Grey


  • Jon Swartz

By vote of the Directorate, N3F Historian Jon Swartz has been elected as a Life Member of the N3F. He joins long-time Life Member Jacqueline Lichtenberg in this role.


  • Cedar Sanderson

The Kaymar Award is given for work for the benefit of the club and its members. The recipient is decided by a vote of prior winners. The award, which may only be won once, is a memorial to long-time Neffer K. Martin Carlson (1904-1986) who originated, maintained, and financed it for 25 years.

Update: Corrected title of Spoor novel — which was wrong in the Tightbeam announcement.


N3F Franson Award Winner Named

George Phillies has won the Franson Award for 2015, given by the current president of the National Fantasy Fan Federation to a member who has shown outstanding service to the organization. The award is named for former N3F President Donald Franson (1916-2002). Outgoing President David Speakman selected Phillies “for vigorously encouraging David when it seemed needed.”

The announcement was carried in the April 2015 issue of The Fantasy Fan. The same issue called on members to submit nominations for the Neffy, which honors achievements in speculative fiction in the news or traditional media, and for the Kaymar, given for work on behalf of the club.