Randy Bathurst’s Death
Reported in Newsweek

Randy Bathurst, a popular fanartist in the Seventies, died of a heart attack on January 10. Someone who knew about it from Mike Glicksohn added Randy’s name to a fannish memorial list weeks ago. I tried to Google a public death notice, unsuccessfully, and have been looking for more details.

I did not expect to discover them in the pages of Newsweek. An article in the March 16 issue on discount funerals, “Where Death Comes Cheap,” begins:

On Jan. 10, Diane and Randy Bathurst were having breakfast when Randy began to feel ill. He excused himself to lie down, and a moment later Diane heard a thud.

The rest of the sad story is in the first paragraph.

Bathurst was a prolific cartoonist who contributed to a lot of fanzines, including the first issue of File 770. Yet he is best remembered for a particular three-dimensional creation: the bheer can cranking a mimeograph on top of the original FAAn Awards.