Hawkins Wins Roswell Award

William Hawkins’ story “Grandma’s Sex Robot” has won the Roswell Award short story writing contest for adults hosted by Sci-Fest LA. The author will receive a cash prize of $1,000.00.

Hawkins lives in Irvine, CA, where he currently pursues an MFA in creative writing. He’s been published in the Blue Lyra Review and Country Roads Magazine, among others.

There was a public reading of the finalists at the ceremony on May 25. Gates McFadden read Hawkins’ entry.

Local pros John DeChancie and Steven Barnes were introduced from the audience.

Roswell Award Ceremony 5/25

Jasika Nicole (Scandal & Fringe), Simon Kassianides (Agents of SHIELD), Claudia Black (StarGate SG1), Armin Shimerman (Deep Space Nine), Gates McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation), David Blue (Stargate Universe).

Jasika Nicole (Scandal & Fringe), Simon Kassianides (Agents of SHIELD), Claudia Black (StarGate SG1), Armin Shimerman (Deep Space Nine), Gates McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation), David Blue (Stargate Universe).

The finalists for the Roswell Award short story writing contest for adults will have their stories read aloud at Sci-Fest during an awards ceremony on Sunday, May 25, 2015.

The readers will be Claudia Black (“Stargate”), David Blue (“Star Gate”), Simon Kassianides (“Agents of Shield”), Gates McFadden (“Star Trek: TNG”), Jasika Nicole (“Fringe”) and Armin Shimerman (“Deep Space Nine”).

The finalists are “Grandma’s Sex Robot” by William Hawkins, “Saving Seeds” by Donna Glee Williams, “Cardiopulmonary Arrest” by Melissa Yuan-Innes, “RN2399 / 2037” by Liam Hogan, “Inside” by T. Lucas Earle and “Heaven Scent” by John McCollum.

Honorable mentions are “Robbie Is Not a Robot Name” by Catherine W. Cheresh and “Dead Lanes” by John Paul Davies.

The judges are Jack Kenny (Executive producer, Warehouse 13, Falling Skies), Jordan Roberts (Screenwriter, Big Hero 6), and Mike Werb (Screenwriter, Face Off, The Mask)

The author of the winning entry will receive a cash prize of $1,000.00. Complete details here.

Sci-Fest Adds Gaiman Adaptation

Barker Gaiman scifest COMP

Neil Gaiman’s The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, adapted by Michael Bernard, will be performed in May at Sci-Fest LA, the Los Angeles science fiction one-act play festival. So will an adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story The Departed.

And Sci-Fest’s Indiegogo crowdfunding appeal continues, hoping to raise $100,000 by March 18 to qualify for a matching grant. So far $8,565 has been pledged.

The second season of Sci-Fest will run from May 5 to May 31 at The Acme Theater in Hollywood. The full list of programs follows the jump.

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A Bigger Better Sci-Fest LA

The cast of Sci-Fest's one-night-only production of "War of the Worlds", performed January 17. Included actors from all five Star Trek series, and others: Wil Wheaton & Michael Dorn (“Star Trek: TNG”), Walter Koenig (“Star Trek"), René Auberjonois & Armin Shimerman (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), Tim Russ (“Star Trek: Voyager”) Linda Park ("Star Trek: Enterprise"), Jason Ritter ("The Event”) and Dean Haglund (“The X-Files”).

Sci-Fest’s production of “War of the Worlds”, January 17, cast actors from all five Star Trek series, plus others: Wil Wheaton & Michael Dorn (ST:TNG), Walter Koenig (Star Trek), René Auberjonois & Armin Shimerman (DS9), Tim Russ (ST:Voyager) Linda Park (ST:Enterprise), Jason Ritter (The Event) and Dean Haglund (The X-Files).

Sci-Fest, the annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival has started an Indiegogo crowdfunding appeal to raise $100,000 by March 18.

Last year, we raised an impressive $81,000.00 on Kickstarter and produced a groundbreaking month-long Festival.   Luckily, our major donors believe (as we do) that this opportunity to take Sci-Fest LA to the next level is too amazing to pass up. These incredible people have made us a very generous offer.  If we can raise $100,000.00 via this IndieGoGo campaign, our major donors will contribute an additional 30% MATCHING GRANT!  This would be a real game changer for us. 

Sci-Fest will soon be announcing its 2015 slate of shows, which will include an adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story “The Departed.”

Sci-Fest also sponsors The Tomorrow Prize, an sf short fiction contest for LA County High School Students and the submission deadline is looming — February 15.  See the website for details.

Trek Actors Cast In Classic Radio Play at Sci-Fest LA

Star Trek meets War of the Worlds at Sci-Fest LA on January 17. Actors from five different Trek series will perform Orson Welles’ iconic radio drama written by Howard Koch. One night only!

René Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Michael Dorn (Star Trek: TNG)
Dean Haglund (The X-File”)
Walter Koenig (Star Trek Original Series)
Linda Park (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Jason Ritter (The Event)
Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager)
Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG) as “Orson Welles”

Wheaton as Welles? Where have the years gone?

Only 30 tickets are left – to be awarded to people who donate $125 to Sci-Fest LA’s 2015 fundraising campaign. Admission includes a post-show reception with the performers.

Sci-Fest LA Creates Two Awards

Sci-Fest LA,The Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, has launched two awards to recognize the winners of its new writing contests.

The Roswell Award will go to the winner of its short story writing contest for adults. Entries must be original science fiction short stories (not plays) no longer than 1500 words, written by an adult over the age of 18. The deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2015. 

Five finalists will have their stories read aloud at Sci-Fest during an awards ceremony on May 23, 2015. The author of the winning entry will receive a cash prize of $1,000.00. Complete details here.

The Tomorrow Award will be given to the winner of a short story writing contest for high school students in Los Angeles County. The requirements parallel those for the first contest – entries must be original science fiction short stories no longer than 1500 words. The deadline for submissions is February 15th, 2015. 

Five finalists for the Tomorrow Award will have their stories read aloud in an awards ceremony at the Acme Theatre in Hollywood on May 16, 2015. The winning author will receive a cash award of $250.00. Plus, all box office proceeds from the awards ceremony will be donated to the science department of the winner’s high school. Full information about the student contest is here.

Nerd Rush Tix For Sci-Fest

Sci-Fest posterSCI-FEST, the 1st Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, is now offering $15.00 “NERD RUSH” tickets. Show up at the box office and if there are seats available, you can get in for $15. Early arrival is highly recommended.

SCI-FEST’s performance schedule is Tuesday thru Saturday at 8 p.m., Sundays at 3 p.m. Complete info at the website.

The festival presents two rotating evenings of 15-minute sci-fi plays “performed LIVE ON STAGE and featuring actors from your favorite Iconic Sci-Fi shows!”

The shows have gotten great reviews – check them out .

ACTORS CURRENTLY APPEARING IN LIVE ON STAGE at SCI-FEST: Nelson Ascencio (The Hunger Games), David Blue (Stargate: Universe), David Dean Bottrell (True Blood), L. Scott Caldwell (Lost), Dean Haglund (The X-Files), James Kyson (Heroes), David H. Lawrence, XVII (Heroes), Madison McLaughlin (Supernatural), Julie McNiven (Stargate: Universe), Jasika Nicole (Fringe), Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Grimm), Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5). Pre-recorded appearance by Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena: Warrior Princess). Audio performance by Pauley Perrette (The Ring & NCIS).

Seating is limited.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

Eyewitness To Sci-Fest

Stage set for first act.

Stage set for first act.

By John King Tarpinian: Last night I attended Sci-Fest at the Acme Theater in Hollywood, billed as the 1st Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival. The main reason for my going was to see what they billed as their Festival Centerpiece, Kaleidoscope by Ray Bradbury.

One of the three producers is David Dean Dottrell. In talking to him the goal of this festival is creating a venue for theatrical performances of a science fiction nature. This year they received about 400 submissions, worldwide, of never before seen one act plays. The plays can last from as little as five minutes to as long as twenty minutes.

As a draw they stage one play from a well known person in Sci-Fi. This year was Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope for Track A and Ursula LeGuin’s The Wife’s Story staged for Track B. Tracks appear on different evenings. I just attended Track A yesterday but plan to attend Track B before the festival is over.

After the tracks have played there is a brief rest and then the audience is treated to some comedy. One evening there will be Laugh Trek with such titles as A Special Message from President Ronald Reagan or Improv Theatre’s Twilight Zone Unscripted. Alien Abduction stands alone as a one-man X-Files Episode.

An evening of Sci-Fi entertainment to which I look forward to many future years of enjoyment. If you are in the So. Cal. area I suggest you attend.

Outside back and front of playbill.

Outside back and front of playbill.

Inside of playbill showing acts.

Inside of playbill showing acts.

2014 Sci-Fest Begins in Hollywood

SCI-FEST, the 1st Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, is in progress through June 1. Funded by a successful Kickstarter appeal, the goal is “to produce a beautifully realized, visually compelling festival of terrific new work featuring many well-known actors from your favorite Sci-Fi franchises.” (Link: http://www.sci-fest.com/)

Some of those actors who are participating in the inaugural festival are:

  • TIM RUSS (Star Trek: Voyager) plays “General Lackluster” in “A-LI-EN THE FAMILY”
  • DAVID BLUE (series regular on Stargate:Universe) as “David” in “Forwarding Address”
  • Tony-Winner, L. SCOTT CALDWELL (Lost) takes the role of “She” in “THE WIFE’S STORY.”
  • DEAN HAGLUND (The X-File”) is “Hollis” in “KALEIDOSCOPE”
  • DAVID H. LAWRENCE, XVII (“Heroes”) is “The Announcer” in “A-LI-EN THE FAMILY”
  • MADISON McLAUGHLIN (recurring on Supernatural) plays “The Messenger”) in “Forwarding Address”

Two of the one-act plays are by sf stalwarts. The festival offers the first-ever stage adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s tale of transformation, “The Wife’s Story.” There is also a new revival of Ray Bradbury’s chilling “Kaleidoscope.”

Sci-Fest is on stage at The Acme Theater, 135 N. La Brea Ave, Hollywood. There are two slates of one-act plays, plus miscellaneous comedy events.

EVENING A: Tuesday May 6-11; Tuesday May 20-25

FORWARDING ADDRESS by John-Paul Nickel.  Four friends receive a disturbing message from an even more disturbing messenger.  Directed by Jack Kenny (Warehouse 13). Cast — Carmen: Angeline Rose Troy; David: David Blue; Tina: Julie McNiven; Mike: Greg Duke; The Messenger: Madison McLaughlin.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH by Adam Esquenazi Douglas.  A political prisoner and his automated captor struggle for ultimate control.  Directed by Jon Kroll (Amanda & the Alien). Cast — The Patient: James Kyson; The Voice: Pauley Perrette.

THE RINGER by Minnesota Plates.  The survivors of an alien invasion strike a horrifying bargain to stay alive.  Directed by Jim Fall (Trick). Cast — Edward: David Dean Bottrell; Max: Jakob Wedel.

KALEIDOSCOPE. Sci-Fest presents an innovative revival of Ray Bradbury’s visionary and timeless classic.  Seven astronauts’ routine mission turns deadly when their craft is destroyed, leaving them adrift in space.  A terrifying, poignant masterpiece by one of the Grand Masters of Sci-Fi.  Directed by Pat Towne (Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage). Cast — Hollis: Dean Haglund; Stone: Rico E. Anderson; Stimson: Frederik Hamel; Applegate: Philip Anthony-Rodriguez; Lespere: Patricia Tallman; Barkley: Sheetal Gandhi; Woode: Alex Rapport; 1st Boy: Zachary Haven; 2nd Boy: Murphy Towne

EVENING B: May 13 -May 18; May 27- June 1

FOR THE LIVING by Chie-Hoon Lee.  A young woman awakens after a terrible accident to discover she’s not quite the person she was before.  Directed by Rob Hollocks (The Watcher). Cast — Kara: Sarah-Jane Dalby; Ethan: Tyler Vickers; Varley: Alan Polonski.

THE WIFE’S STORY by Ursula K. Le Guin.  A distrustful wife follows her mate into the woods only to discover a far darker secret than she ever imagined. Directed by Philippe Mora (The Howling II & III). Cast — She: L. Scott Caldwell.

TELL ME WHO YOU SEE by Scott T. Barsotti.  A young widow finds that her grief has opened a portal through which something resembling her dead husband is trying to return.  Directed by Jeff Liu (Yellowface). Cast — Anne: Angela Lin; Lily: Camille Mana; The Mass: West Liang.

SMOOTH LANDINGS by Soren Kisiel.  An office meeting is called to determine what direction the company should take now that the entire world has been destroyed.  Directed by Jane Morris (Behind the Candelabra). Cast — The Boss: Bruno Oliver; Smith: Matt Doherty; Evie: Lilly Holleman; Adams: Jeff Gum.

A-LI-EN THE FAMILY by Michael Bernard.  A pair of star-crossed lovers (from different planets) create havoc in a small town in this hilarious “live” radio play.  Directed by Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons). Cast — Narrator: David H. Lawrence, XVII; Bobby / Gleep / Pettigrew: Ron Morehouse; Marilyn: Jasika Nicole; General Lackluster: Tim Russ; Spitznerggle: Erich Lane; Splaka: Armin Shimerman; Bizamzibot: Nelson Ascencio.

COMEDY EVENTS: May 9-11; May 16-18




 MAY 23 -25


 MAY 30 – 31


The  Sci-Fest Advisory Board members are: René Auberjonois, Actor, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dean Haglund, Actor, The X-Files, Jack Kenny, Exec. Producer, Warehouse 13, Eddie McClintock, Actor, Warehouse 13, Philippe Mora, Film Director, Communion, The Howling II & III, Nichelle Nichols, Actor & Icon, Star Trek, Jaime Paglia, Series Creator, Eureka, Mitch Peleggi, Actor, The X-Files, Allison Scagliotti, Actor, Warehouse 13, Mark Stern, Independent Producer, Jason Weisberger, Publisher, Boing Boing, Wil Wheaton, Actor, Icon, Star Trek: TNG, Adrienne Wilkinson, Actor, Xena, Warrior Princess.