Tadao A Flat-Out Success at ConQuest 45

Tadao at ConQuest 45. Photo by Jon Mohning. #whereistadao

Tadao at ConQuest 45. Photo by Jon Mohning. #whereistadao

The skinny on Tadao's appearance at the ConQuest 45 benefit auction. Photo by Ruth Lichtwardt.

The real skinny on Tadao’s appearance at the ConQuest 45 benefit auction. Photo by Ruth Lichtwardt.

They couldn’t bear to hold ConQuest 45 without Tadao Tomomatsu. The con’s original choice for toastmaster was forced to cancel early this year because of family needs. Fans have found a way to let him preside over the weekend’s events anyway. Now that’s true love.

(Comparable tributes have been paid to popular fans from time to time. I remember friends of Vin¢ Clarke made a life-sized icon of him and took it to conventions in 1986.)

To Arms!

Elston Gunn’s favorable review of the mystery web series Looking for Grace for Ain’t It Cool News is of extra interest to local fans — because the arm in the photo at the beginning of the article belongs to LASFSian Ed Green.

Ed has a recurring role in Looking for Grace, a series created by Nathaniel Halpern (who’s also the lead actor) and directed by Aaron Rabin.

As Elston Gunn describes the show:

LOOKING FOR GRACE centers on the story of a young man who discovers his memories have been replaced by those of a mysterious woman named Grace and his search to find her. Working with a small crew and tight budget, the resourcefulness with which they tell their story will hopefully capture the attention of producers and financiers in the future. If you’re looking for something to fill the void since THE WALKING DEAD wrapped up its season, check it out at www.lookingforgrace.com and see what you think. The final installment was posted last week.

P.S. I’m thinking I could use this photo to start a scrapbook for media-appearances-by-part-of-a-LASFSian. The next thing on my want list is a still photo of Tadao getting eaten by Godzilla (in the 1998 version). 

Loscon Blinked

During Loscon 37’s “Delphic Oracle” game show Todd McCaffrey posed questions and the panelists built answers, each contributing one word in turn.

David Gerrold had just added the word “illuminate” when the hotel power failed. Everyone was plunged into darkness for a few seconds til the emergency lights came on.

Fellow panelist Tadao Tomomatsu, impressed by this special effect, immediately stood, bowed and salaamed David with outstretched hands.

Regular power was soon restored.

LASFS Cuts the Birthday Cake

The Los Angeles chapter of the Science Fiction League (No. 4) began meeting in 14-year-old Roy Test Jr.’s family garage in 1934. On October 28, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society celebrated 70 years of friendship and fanac. Founding member Forrest J Ackerman performed the duty of gaveling the 3,507th meeting to order with President Van Wagner’s pink plastic lobster.

For Ackerman, Len and June Moffatt, this was their second consecutive day of celebration. A group of eofans gathered on October 27, the real anniversary, at their old stomping grounds, Clifton’s Cafeteria in downtown LA. Local TV news covered the get-together because it also included those teenaged fans who grew up to have stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen.

The October 28 club meeting drew around a hundred fans, about evenly divided between the usual crowd of active members and old-timers from bygone decades. The more widely-known regulars included John Hertz, Joe Minne (who introduced me to LASFS), Rick Foss, Matthew Tepper, Elayne Pelz, Drew Sanders, Charles Lee Jackson 2, Marc Schirmeister, Marty Massoglia, Christian McGuire (L.A.con IV chair), Francis Hamit, Leigh Strother-Vien, Ed Green, Liz Mortensen, John DeChancie, Marty Cantor, Tadao Tomomatsu (“Mr. Shake Hands Man”) and Mike Donahue. Some of the graybeards present were notables in national fandom back in the day, like Arthur J. Cox, and others remain well-known, like Fred Patten, John Trimble, William Ellern, Dwain Kaiser and Don Fitch.