Top 10 Posts for September 2021

Especially with the Hugos pushed off until December, fans approached the Dragon Awards announcement with the eagerness of kids awaiting a visit from Santa Claus. Santa was especially good to the T. Kingfisher household this year, leaving two Dragons.   

And high on the Scroll-Free Top 10 was Chris Barkley’s column about his many adventures running Worldcon Press Offices.

Here are the ten most-read posts for September 2021 according to Google Analytics.

  1. 2021 Dragon Awards
  2. Pixel Scroll 9/21/21 I Wish They All Could Be California Scrolls
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/1/21 Pixel At The Well Of Scrolls
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/3/21 If It Doesn’t Scroll Naturally, File It
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/15/21 You Load Fifteen Pixels, What Do You Get?
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/4/21 I Have Become Pixel, Scroller Of Worlds
  7. Pixel Scroll 9/22/21 Or I Will Scroll Thee In The Gobberfiles With My Pixelcruncheon, See If I Don’t!
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/8/21 HR Pixeling Stuff! Whose Your File When Things Get Rough
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/13/21 Headcanon: The Universe Will Come To An End Following The Generation Of Nine Billion Pixel Scroll Titles
  10. Pixel Scroll 9/12/21 The Old File-Hidden-In-The-Pixel-Scroll Trick


  1. 2021 Dragon Awards
  2. Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #62
  3. Vox Day’s Blog Offline
  4. British Fantasy Awards 2021
  5. Celebrating The Wonderful Nehemiah Persoff At 102
  6. Carol Carr (1938-2021)
  7. Russell T Davies Returning as Doctor Who Showrunner
  8. Rondon Murder Trial Begins
  9. Jon Del Arroz Permabanned from Twitter
  10. N.K. Jemisin on TIME100 List

[Illustration by Teddy Harvia.]

Top 10 Stories for August 2021

Jon Del Arroz banned by Twitter. Vox Day ousted from Blogger. Any doubt why these were last month’s two most-read posts?

And here are the rest of the top 10 posts for August 2021 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Jon Del Arroz Permabanned from Twitter
  2. Vox Day’s Blog Offline
  3. DisCon III Team Announces Covid-19 Policy for December Convention
  4. 2021 Dragon Awards Ballot
  5. Celebrating The Wonderful Nehemiah Persoff At 102
  6. Pixel Scroll 8/14/21 WandangerousVisions
  7. Pixel Scroll 8/18/21 Science Fiction Grand Pixel Banned From Scroll
  8. RWA Rescinds One of the Inaugural Vivian Awards
  9. Pixel Scroll 8/7/21 Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Scroll
  10. Pixel Scroll 8/9/21 The Wards Are All In Place, But The Junes Are Busting Out All Over

Top 10 Stories for July 2021

An 18-month-old reaction roundup from January 2020 — “Clarkesworld Removes Isabel Fall’s Story” – returned as July’s most-read post after Vox linked to it in Emily VanDer Werff’s “How Twitter can ruin a life: Isabel Fall’s complicated story”, an interview with author Fall.

Among the month’s new posts, Jason Brock’s obituary for the late William F. Nolan had the most readers.

Here are the top 10 posts – with and without Scrolls – for July 2021 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Clarkesworld Removes Isabel Fall’s Story
  2. William F. Nolan (1928-2021)
  3. BasedCon Planning for Dozens of Attendees
  4. Pixel Scroll 7/28/21 So Put Another File In The Jukebox, Baby
  5. Pixel Scroll 7/16/21 All Scrollnanas Make A Pixel, And So Do Many More
  6. Pixel Scroll 7/21/21 No Gods Were Stalked In the Making Of This Scroll Title
  7. Pixel Scroll 7/6/21 And Why Are There So Many Files About Pixels?
  8. Pixel Scroll 7/18/21 Please Pixel Carefully As Our Menu Scrolls Have Recently Changed
  9. Pixel Scroll 7/15/21 This Pixel Will Self-Destruct In Five Parsecs
  10. Pixel Scroll 7/14/21 Still Crazy After All These Light-Years


[Art credit: Teddy Harvia.]

Top 10 Posts for May 2021

Some red/blue politics leaked into the May 18 Scroll, firing up the commenters and making that the post with the most hits for the month; saying it was “most read” probably would put the spotlight in the wrong place.

Outside of the daily Scroll, the updates about Jon Del Arroz’ lawsuit against Worldcon 76 were the most closely-followed posts — in May, the court rejected the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. A mandatory settlement conference is set for June 9, and the jury trial is calendared for June 14. Del Arroz continues to milk publicity from the suit, taunting the defendants in a YouTube video with his absurd settlement demands.

Here are the posts in May that had the most traffic according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 5/18/21 Manic Pixel Dreamsnake And The Scrollers Of Doom
  2. Pixel Scroll 5/9/21 Scrolled In The Pixel Was – Oh! Oh! Oh!
  3. Pixel Scroll 5/27/21 We Sell Mobius Scrolls, In Klein Bottles
  4. Pixel Scroll 5/1/21 This Scroll Is Infested With Killer Pixels
  5. Del Arroz Suit Will Go To Trial; Court Rejects Worldcon 76’s Motion for Summary Judgment
  6. Pixel Scroll 5/5/21 Soon May The Filerman Come To Bring Us Books And Cats And Rum
  7. Pixel Scroll 5/26/21 Buy Me Some Pixels And Shadowjack, I Don’t Care If I Never Loop Back
  8. Pixel Scroll 5/24/21 Pixelback Scroller
  9. Pixel Scroll 5/3/21 The 770 File Cabinets Of Dr. Credential
  10. Pixel Scroll 5/14/21 I Plan To Read All The Hugo Nominees Tonight, Said Tom Swiftly.


  1. Del Arroz Suit Will Go To Trial; Court Rejects Worldcon 76’s Motion for Summary Judgment
  2. JDA Broadcasts His Settlement Demands
  3. #DisneyMustPay Task Force Updates
  4. Where To Find The 2021 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online
  5. Worldcon 76 Files Last Round of Responses to Del Arroz Before Summary Judgment Hearing
  6. London Comic Mart Resumes
  7. Dan Simmons Criticized for Remarks About Thunberg
  8. Waiting For Online Hugo Voting And The 2021 Voter Packet
  9. DisCon III Declines to Comment on Code of Conduct Issue About Hugo Finalist
  10. DisCon III Opens Online 2021 Hugo Voting

Top 10 Stories for July 2020

An Open Letter mainly signed by UK writers and fans criticizing the eligibility of a Saudi Arabian Worldcon bid engendered fierce discussion, turning it into File 770’s most-read post in July. (The 2022 Worldcon – as expected — was voted to Chicago this week.)

An unrelated letter of concern about CoNZealand program plans and assignments was also widely read, becoming the number two post for the month.

Here are the 10 posts with the most readers for July 2020 according to Google Analytics.

  1. Writers Circulate Letter of Concern About Saudi Worldcon Bid
  2. Group Sends Letter of Concern To CoNZealand Programming
  3. Pixel Scroll 7/10/20 Definitely Worried I Had Lost The Plot
  4. Courtney Milan Comments About Mixon Report on Sriduangkaew
  5. Pixel Scroll 7/30/20 Can I Scroll There By Pixel-Light? Yes, And Back Again
  6. Pixel Scroll 7/26/20 I Feel My Temperature Rising, Higher Higher, It’s Pixelling Through To My Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 7/13/20 Pixel Number 8 Will Make You Cry. Pixel Number 2 Has Surprised Us All
  8. Pixel Scroll 7/18/20 Scrollhenge, Where The Pixels Dwell, Where The Filers Live, And We Do Live Well
  9. Pixel Scroll 7/25/20 There’s A Troublesome Gap In The Middle 11 Billion Years
  10. Open Letter Organizer Discusses Chengdu Worldcon Bid


  1. Writers Circulate Letter of Concern About Saudi Worldcon Bid
  2. Group Sends Letter of Concern To CoNZealand Programming
  3. Courtney Milan Comments About Mixon Report on Sriduangkaew
  4. Open Letter Organizer Discusses Chengdu Worldcon Bid
  5. Borderlands Books Owner Accused of Sexual Assault
  6. 1945 Retro-Hugo Winners
  7. Will Plans To Counterprogram CoNZealand Bear Fruit?
  8. Nice in 2023 Worldcon Bid Folds
  9. Book Cancelled, and So Is Publishers Weekly’s Coverage
  10. Writers Of The Purple Page: The Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein

Top 10 Posts for August 2008

Denvention 3 and Ray Bradbury attracted the most attention from File 770’s readers last month. Here is the combined list of the 10 most-viewed posts and oft-searched tags in August 2008, according to Google Analytics:

1. Denvention 3 (tag) 
2. There Will Come Soft Rains
3. Childnapper Now Suspect in Fans’ 1985 Disappearance
4. The Shrinking Worldcon
5. How Tall Is The Hugo?
6. 2008 Hugo Voting Stats Online
7. Linda Mayfield (tag)
8. Delivering Bradbury’s Poetry Award
9. Worldcon (tag)
10. Who Owns the Moon?