This Is Horror Awards 2017

The winners of the This Is Horror Awards 2017 were announced April 19.  They were chosen by a vote of the UK website’s readers.

Novel of the Year

  • Winner: I Wish I Was Like You by S.P. Miskowski
  • Runner-up: In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson

Novella of the Year

  • Winner: Mapping The Interior by Stephen Graham Jones
  • Runner-up: Agents of Dreamland by Caitlin R. Kiernan

Short Story Collection of the Year

  • Winner: “Behold the Void” by Philip Fracassi
  • Runner-up: “Everything That’s Underneath” by Kristi DeMeester

Anthology of the Year

  • Winner: Looming Low Volume I, edited by Justin Steele and Sam Cowan
  • Runner-up: Black Feathers: Dark Avian Tales: An Anthology, edited by Ellen Datlow

Fiction Magazine of the Year

  • Winner: Black Static
  • Runner-up: Apex Magazine

Publisher of the Year

  • Winner: Crystal Lake Publishing
  • Runner-up: Journalstone

Fiction Podcast of the Year

  • Winner: Pseudopod
  • Runner-up: Nightmare Magazine Podcast

Nonfiction Podcast of the Year

  • Winner: The Horror Show with Brian Keene
  • Runner-up: Lovecraft eZine Podcast

[Via Locus Online.]

5 thoughts on “This Is Horror Awards 2017

  1. I’m not a big horror fan, but I quite liked Mapping the Interior. It was the first Jones I’ve read — now I’ve got his novel Mongrels on Mt. TBR.

  2. These are good choices. There was a lot of first-rate horror last year; I’d have hated to have to make the picks.

  3. Contrarius-He’s terrific! Mongrels was one of my favorite horror novels the year it came out. I love his short fiction, but if you’re not a horror reader, you may be put off by them.

  4. @Ellen —

    Hey, gotta say that I love your anthologies. 🙂

    “if you’re not a horror reader, you may be put off by them.”

    Well, I’m slowly changing my mind about what I count as “oo icky horror”. I have no trouble with dark fantasy, and I had no trouble with Jones’s novella. I also liked Changeling by LaValle, which I’ve seen classified as horror, I absolutely love books like The Devourers by Indra Das and The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins, and these days I even see darkish UF listed as horror sometimes. I mostly just don’t like stories that: 1. are scary for scaryness’s sake; 2. are hopeless for hopelessness’s sake; 3. torture porn; and similar.

    So, yeah, it’s really not a hard line.

  5. Nice to see The Horror Show with Brian Keene getting some award attention. They have done a ton of work over the last year highlighting abuse within the industry as well as publishers that have not been honoring their contractual obligations.

    My random tagline generator.

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