2011 FAAn Award Voting Stats

Spike has provided an initial report about voting for the top finishers in this year’s Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards (FAAns). She adds, “I expect to post a fuller report to Corflu.org in the next couple of days.”

BEST FAN WRITER (53 nominees) 
*Roy Kettle* 72 
Claire Brialey 61 
Mark Plummer 56 
James Bacon 51 
Taral Wayne 38 
BEST FAN ARTIST (31 nominees) 
*Steve Stiles* 115 
Dan Steffan 100 
D West 74 
Brad Foster 52 
Harry Bell 31 
BEST FANZINE (40 nominees) 
*Trapdoor (Robert Lichtman)* 100 
Banana Wings (Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer) 87 
Chunga (Randy Byers, Andy Hooper, carl juarez) 54 
Challenger (Guy Lillian III) 37 
Sense of Wonder Stories (Rich Coad) 37 
BEST FAN WEBSITE (22 nominees) 
*eFanzines.com* 140 
Ansible – www.ansible.co.uk 32 
file770.com 29 
Fanac Fanhistory Project – www.fanac.org 26 
fiawol.org.uk/FanStuff/ 25 
Harry Warner, Jr., Memorial Award for 
(46 nominees) 
*Robert Lichtman* 78 
Lloyd Penney 43 
Jerry Kaufman 40 
Mike Meara 39 
Claire Brialey 31 
47 people voted: Andy Hooper, Audrey Trend, Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Bill Burns, Bob Sabella, Bruce Townley, Chris Garcia, Claire Brialey, Colin Hinz, Curt Phillips, Dave Hicks, Dave Locke, Eric Mayer, G T Trend, Greg Benford, Guy Lillian, Ian Maule, Jack Calvert, James Bacon, Jay Kinney, Jim Linwood, John Hertz, John Nielsen Hall, Katrina Templeton, Kim Huett, Lenny Bailes, Lloyd Penney, Mark Plummer, Mike Deckinger, Mike McInerney, Mike Meara, Murray Moore, Nic Farey, Pamela Boal, Pat Charnock, Randy Byers, Rich Coad, Rob Jackson, Robert Lichtman, Roy Kettle, Sandra Bond, Spike, Steve Stiles, Taral Wayne, Ulrika O’Brien, William Wright, Yvonne Penney.

[Thanks to Spike, Past President, fwa for the story.]

Update 02/21/2011: Spike’s full report is now available here [PDF file].