2012 FAAn Award Voting Stats

Andy Hooper’s compilation of the 2012 Fan Activity Achievement Awards can be downloaded via this link: 2012-FAAN-Awards-stats.pdf [PDF file].

Fifty-six fans voted. You can find nearly all of the zines they liked at eFanzines.com, now the cornerstone of the fanzine field. Indeed, I thought it would be useful to post links to all the online sites that received more than 10 points:

Best Fan Website
eFanzines.com – Bill Burns: 179
File770.com – Mike Glyer: 48
Ansible.co.uk – Dave Langford: 27
Fanac.org – Joe Siclari/Jack Weaver: 23
Fiawol.org.uk – Rob Hansen: 20
Cartiledgeworld.co.uk – Graham Charnock – 17

P.S. True, you’re already here. You don’t need a link. But what if someone copies this list to another blog, eh?