2012 FFANZ Open for Nominations

David Cake announces that nominations are being taken for the 2012 Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ) race. FFANZ will send one Australian fan to attend the 2012 New Zealand Natcon, unCONventional, in Auckland from June 1-4.

The full announcement follows the jump.

[Thanks to John Coxon for the story.]

FFANZ 2012

Nominations are now open for the 2012 Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ). FFANZ in 2012 will send one Australian science fiction fan from Australia to the 2012 New Zealand Natcon, unCONventional, in Auckland from 1-4 June.

Prospective candidates will have until March 1st 2012 to file the
documents required to have one’s name placed in nomination and added to the ballot. The ballots will be published and distributed in early March, and voting will run from  March 12-April 9th.

Candidates should file the following documents:

       • A brief letter stating one’s intent to run for FFANZ 2012.
       • A nominator and a seconder, preferably a nominator from
Australia and a seconder from New Zealand.
       • A 100 word or less platform statement specifying the
candidate’s reasons for running and qualifications for becoming the 2012 FFANZ delegate.

The duties of the winning candidate will be as follows:

       • Travel to New Zealand and attend unCONventional, the 33rd New Zealand Natcon, in Auckland from 1-4 June 2012 .
       • Visit and get to know as many New Zealand Science Fiction
fans as time will permit.
       • Become the Australian FFANZ administrator until a replacement administrator is found, normally this happens when the administrator role is handed over to the succeeding eastbound delegate (in 2014 if a race is run every year).
       • Raise funds and maintain an account to be used by the next
eastbound delegate(s) in 2012.
       • Promote connections between Australian and New Zealand fandom by a trip report or other means.