2012 Prix Aurora Nominees

The 2012 English Professional and the Fan Aurora Award finalists have been announced.

Voting will begin on April 16, 2012. All ballots must be received by July 23, 2012, 11:59pm PDT.

Professional Award Nominations

Best Novel – English
Enter Night by Michael Rowe, ChiZine Publications
Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism by David Nickle, ChiZine Publications
Napier’s Bones by Derryl Murphy, ChiZine Publications
The Pattern Scars by Caitlin Sweet, ChiZine Publications
Technicolor Ultra Mall by Ryan Oakley, EDGE
Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer, Penguin Canada

Best Short Fiction – English
The Legend of Gluck by Marie Bilodeau, When the Hero Comes Home, Dragon Moon Press
The Needle’s Eye by Suzanne Church, Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell; Lewd Did I Live, EDGE
One Horrible Day by Randy McCharles, The 2nd Circle, The 10th Circle Project
Turning It Off by Susan Forest, Analog, December
To Live and Die in Gibbontown by Derek Künsken, Asimov’s, October/November

Best Poem / Song – English
A Good Catch by Colleen Anderson, Polu Texni, April
Ode to the Mongolian Death Worm by Sandra Kasturi, ChiZine, Supergod Mega-Issue, Volume 47
Skeleton Leaves by Helen Marshall, Kelp Queen Press
Skeleton Woman” by Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps, Fairytale, CD
Zombie Bees of Winnipeg by Carolyn Clink, ChiZine, Supergod Mega-Issue, Volume 47

Best Graphic Novel – English
Goblins, webcomic, created by Tarol Hunt
Imagination Manifesto, Book 2 by GMB Chomichuk, James Rewucki and John Toone, Alchemical Press
Weregeek, webcomic, created by Alina Pete

Best Related Work – English
Fairytale, CD by Heather Dale, HeatherDale.com
The First Circle: Volume One of the Tenth Circle Project, edited by Eileen Bell and Ryan McFadden
Neo-Opsis, edited by Karl Johanson
On Spec, published by the Copper Pig Writers’ Society
Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales, edited by Julie Czerneda and Susan MacGregor, EDGE

Best Artist (Professional and Amateur Nominations)
Janice Blaine, “Cat in Space”, Cover art for Neo-Opsis, Issue 20
Costi Gurgu, cover art for Outer Diverse, Starfire
Erik Mohr, cover art for ChiZine Publications
Dan O’Driscoll, “Deep Blue Seven”, cover art for On Spec magazine, Summer issue
Martin Springett, Interior art for The Pattern Scars, ChiZine

Fan/Volunteer Award Nominations

Best Fan Publication
BCSFAzine,edited by Felicity Walker
Bourbon and Eggnog by Eileen Bell, Ryan McFadden, Billie Milholland and Randy McCharles, 10th Circle Project
In Places Between: The Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest book, edited by Reneé Bennett
Sol Rising newsmagazine, edited by Michael Matheson
Space Cadet, edited by R. Graeme Cameron

Best Fan Filk
Stone Dragons (Tom and Sue Jeffers), concert at FilKONtario
Phil Mills, Body of Song-Writing Work including FAWM and 50/90
Cindy Turner, Interfilk concert at OVFF

Best Fan Organizationa
Andrew Gurudata, chair of the Constellation Awards committee
Peter Halasz, administrator of the Sunburst Awards
Helen Marshall and Sandra Kasturi, chairs of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series (Toronto)
Randy McCharles, founder and chair of When Words Collide (Calgary)
Alex von Thorn, chair of SFContario 2 (Toronto)
Rose Wilson, for organizing the Art Show at V-Con (Vancouver)

Best Fan Other
Lloyd Penney, letters of comment
Peter Watts, “Reality: The Ultimate Mythology” lecture, Toronto SpecFic Colloquium
Taral Wayne, Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards art