2013 FAAn Awards Voting Now Open

Ballots will be accepted for the 2013 Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAns) through April 6. Anyone with an interest in science fiction fanzines is invited to vote.

FAAns will be presented in eight categories: Best Genzine, Best Personal Fanzine, Best Single Issue, Best Web­site, Best Fanzine Cover, Best Fan Artist, Best Fan Writer and the Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award for Best Letterhack.

A Genzine (General Interest Fanzine) is any fanzine with a significant amount of material by authors other than the editor, or with a multiplicity of editors.

A Personal Fanzine is any fanzine in which the editor produces all or nearly all its content.

Fan Writing is presented in a fannish context, e.g. fanzines, apas, fannish blogs, fan websites and social media.

Fan Art is likewise presented in a fannish context, in fanzines and other forms of publication created by science fiction fans, in any media.

Voters will be invited to register their top three choices in each category. The first choice will receive five points, the sec­ond choice three points and the third choice will receive one point. After all ballots are counted, the highest point total in each category will determine the winner.

Click on the link for the 2013 FAAns ballot [PDF file].

Votes may be submitted via e-mail or in paper form – see instructions on the ballot.

CORFLU XXX will also give a Lifetime Achieve­ment Award. The winner will be selected by a jury composed of the 2013 and 2012 Corflu chairs and the past recipients of the award. Nominations and comments received by the administrator will be passed on to the jury. (Contact information is on the ballot.)

Award winners will be announced at the Corflu XXX banquet on May 5.