2013 Faned Award Certificate Unveiled

Hall_of_Fame_2013 COMPCreator of the Faned Award certificate Taral Wayne says, “For the third year in a row, one small detail of the certificate has been altered… look for it!”

I can see several changes from the 2011 edition. Can readers spot all of them?

I do¬†wonder why the current certificate lists the award year as 2013. Maybe that’s one change that still needs to be made…

Fanac_Awards_2011_-_Unknown_Faned resized

6 thoughts on “2013 Faned Award Certificate Unveiled

  1. The year is 2013 because it’s for fanac in the previous year. I don’t know if that’s how I’d do it, if these were my awards, but they’re Graeme’s awards, and I just follow his script…

  2. Rich has spotted two of the changes … but since there have only been three award-years, there’s one more to be found.

  3. I don’t mind whichever way Graeme wants to do it. I just figured he’d have told me if he wanted it that way. Or maybe he’s seen me crab about awards that come out in 2014 but call themselves, say, the “2013 Etaoin Shrdlu Awards,” and decided to skip it…

  4. Well, the 2013 certificate is no longer Canadian-centric. But that’s not part of the illustration.

  5. Although you have the item under the rubric 2014 Faned Awards, here’s what Graeame said, as reprinted in F770. It’s what I had to go on, so I did it verbatim.

    BEST WRITER (in a Canadian SF&F fanzine circa 2013)
    Winner: Taral Wayne (97 points)
    1st runner-up: Dale Speirs (51 points)
    2nd runner-up: Garth Spencer (48 points)

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